Far East Yacht Club Drops Anchor in Borden

After a long vacation, Far East Yacht Club (FYC) is back on the water! The new (old) clubhouse is in Borden sim, on the North coast of Sansara‘s Sea of Fables.

Borden is a great spot! Both GGYC and DYC had docks there two years ago, and Free Adriatic is just a short dinghy ride East.

Two years ago the Linden Department of Public Works began a major upgrade of the Sansara waterways that included several handfuls of new water sims and considerable new content designed with sailors in mind. Six new racelines were installed, including a large, updatable one in Arafura, right next to the new Far East dock! My guess is that line will get plenty of use, now that FYC is in town. 🙂

Here’s the nautical chart for Sea of Fables, Sansara’s inland sea that LL calls “a sailor’s dream.” The red marks identify a few of the Linden Points of Interest.

From FYC a sailor can also cruise the connected waterways that lead north to Mowry Bay and Mare Secundus, west to the Gulf of Lauren, and across the ANWR channel into Heterocera. There are literally endless possibilities for long cruises or distance races using the networked features of the Arafura raceline.

So OK, Far East; when’s the next Sea of Fables Regatta?

10 responses to “Far East Yacht Club Drops Anchor in Borden

  1. … and by navigating up the river east of the new FYC’s location sailors can reach the East River Community and the SLCG HQ Station Muirhead in Kirkstone.

    Ahem… I wonder why people always forget we exists… 🙂

  2. I didn’t forget, Indigo. In fact, it’s on my list of “to blog soon” (which is always never soon enough for the list to get continually longer!). I live just south of the Sea of Fables and have often traveled from and to the SOF by waterway. I’ll have to bump the East River Community up the blog list. ;-).

  3. I’m looking forward to the next ERC regatta, Indi 😉

    Oh, you don’t have any?

    So, is it really a wonder why people forget you exist? You know exactly how small the sailing community is and how territorial people are, particularly those around the Blake Sea.
    Anyway, I wish our friends of the FEYC all the best and hope they manage to bring Sansara sailing back on the map.

    • Orca, East River Community is a great place, and Indigo has been a strong advocate for SL sailing for many years. Her help was an important factor when we petitioned Lindens to upgrade Sansara’s maritime sims a while back. That effort turned out better than we ever anticipated. 🙂

      Oh, and let me give a shout-out again for Elisha Paklena from SLCG Muirhead. Orca, you will remember that Elisha was one of the key people (along with Owen Oyens and Bato Brendel) who helped keep sailboats functional when Havok 4 was introduced. 🙂

      Indigo and Caliburn are right, I should have given ERC a hi-5 in my post; I actually intended to do that when I wrote the post, but then I ran out of time… Life is like that. 😦

      But hey, Orca’s right too. We need to inform new sailors (and old salts as well) about all the great places and people that contribute to the sailing community in SL.

      So when that Penguin gets back from vacation, let’s do another Leeward Cruise from Muirhead!

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  5. Sorry for replying late, I was not aware of all the comments here until I checked today.

    Orca… no, we don’t have any scheduled regatta and we are not so part of the sailing community. I never claimed that. As Jane rightly points out, I and some of our community members have always been supportive to the sailing community. We also support leisure cruising and we have an LCC outpost in the community. Proof of all this is that I always share Jane’s posts as relevant news for the SL community at large in my work as a social media curator. ERC and the annexed SLCG HQ Station Muirhead are points of interests for visitors and leisure sailing, so a mention would make sense. Anyway, the comment in my previous post was only a gentle reminder, I had no intention to be controversial.

    Jane, thank you for your kind words. I have been considering getting in touch with the people at FYC to know if they are interested in some form of collaboration. Some of our residents may be interested in their activities and I can give a hand by sharing their club news with the many followers I have on social networks.

    Caliburn, thanks a lot for your post on ERC. I really appreciate it. Great pictures, even *I* am impressed by how much we have to see in the community. I didn’t know your blog, I have added it to my feed reader so I can pick your posts for sharing.Sorry for being late

  6. Great to see that FYC is back. I have very good memories about their round in FizzCup2009 when I was new in sailing. I loved the course and wind settings (I remember that on upwind course, we had to sail with wide open sails on port tack which was unique in the cup and very tricky).

    Wishing You a wonderful welcome back!


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