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Six Sailing Centers Change Hands


Nearly two years ago Francois Jacques, Charlz Price, and Fiona Haworth launched the Come Sail With Us intitative to tell users about sailing in SL. You’ve all seen the great video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Fiona Haworth describes it this way:

The Come Sail with Us Program was started by Francois to provide 6 sailing hot spots with self paced learning and information about the wide world of SL Sailing as well as public rezzones and great hang outs.
This was a labor of love for our team and our mission was to spread the word about the SL Sailing community in an easy to digest format for those interested in participating. We all remember times in our early days of SL where things were overwhelming or there was a lack in beautiful/friendly places to explore. We designed each of our resource centers to be self sufficient and lovely places to explore or relax. Additionally, we included free learning materials as well as free sailing vessels so there is no costs to the visitors.

With Fran’s passing, the future of the six sailing annexes was uncertain. However, this past week several wonderful people stepped up to support all six of the sites. Woots!

Charlz Price and Fiona Haworth will continue to care for four of the Come Sail With Us sites:

The Epi Sailing Center is located in Fudo, next to Sansara’s L-Shaped Lake and the Bay of Space Pigs.
The Three Pines Sailing Center is located in Owasco on the East shore of Sea of Fables.
The Mare Sailing Resource Center is in Mare, just Northwest of the Hepurn raceline in Mowry Bay. Charlz intends to rename this site in memory of Fran.
The Dancing Waters Sailing Center is in Thorkell, along the northwest corner of Nautilus’ coastal waterways.

Chaos Mandelbrot is the new owner of the fifth site.

His Aspen Sailing Center in located in Icy Bay, and it has an Artic theme.

Aquarius Paravane stepped up and took charge of the final site:

The Grandtree Sailing Center is located in Stinson, on the Sansara ‘Southern Passage’ that links Bay City to the waters lying East.

Big, big thanks also go to IrishGent, ChiliMorena, and Diamanta who all offered to take on a Center fully, as well as to Mark Choral, don Berithos, and Nber Medici who offered substantial support to keep the sites open.

Once again, I’m amazed at the kindness, thought, and generosity of so many great sailors in Second Life.

Quest M-24 Launches September 7

After several months of testing and tweaking, Quest Marine’s new M-24 is finally  ready and it’s scheduled to hit the water this Friday.  There’ll be a September 7 launch party at 12:30 SLT, hosted by Orca Flotta at the OrCafe in Devilbrook. This is a great boat, so don’t miss it!

Quest Marine

introduces the

Quest M-24 race sloop

September 7, 2012
12:30 SLT

The OrCafe

If you can’t make the launch, stop by the Quest Marina in Eden Gannet to pick one up after September 7!