Bella Ciao Cup Sept 15-16

Armano Xaris and Helma Beerbaum announce the:

Bella Ciao Cup

September 15-16, 2012

Armano and Helma’s invitation reads:

Hello Leetle Cat and Shelly Fizz sailors!
We have a weekend race for you
at a brand new sailing venue
owned by  Helma “bella” Beerbaum.

There are prizes for the first 3 racers over all.
All info is below!

We’re  also planning a whooping little party with DJ Helma
after the races and ceremonies close on Sunday.



Sailors can register to compete in either the Leetle Cat II division (for experienced racers) or the Shelly Fizz division (for beginning racers). Send a notecard to Armano Xaris in Second Life to enter either event, and include your timeslot preference (see below).



Saturday, september 15
Group 1: SLT 7:00 AM (–> 1. & 2. will go to finals)
Group 2: SLT 1:00 PM (–> 1. & 2. will go to finals)

Sunday, September 16
11:00 AM SLT

Sunday, September 16
9:00 AM SLT

Racers are asked to be at the raceline
15 minutes before the start.

Sunday, september 16
1:00 PM SLT
DJ Hella Beerbaum will spin tunes :)).


[3:] BOATS

The boat used in the qualifying and finals is the Leetle Cat II boat from
Trudeau (latest version). No changes in prims are allowed from the
original. This boat can be obtained here:

The boat used in the beginners race is the Shelly Fizz.
This boat can be obtained for free here:



There are 4 races planned with 1 discard for the qualifying
races, finals and beginners race.

Race 4 for qualifying group 1 will not start after SLT 8:30 am.
Race 4 for qualifying group 2 will not start after SLT 2:30 pm.
Race 4 for beginners race will not start after SLT 10:30 am.
Race 4 for finals will not start after SLT 12:30 pm

When 3 races are sailed in qualifying groups, finals or beginners
race there is a valid series with NO discard.

Results for beginners race will not be published.



Low points (winner gets 1 point, second gets 2 points,
etc.). The contestant with the lowest point total wins.


[5:] RULES:

ISAF rules are used with the exception that in all cases a penalty turn is
360 degrees.

Full rules are here:[8222].pdf or here: .

Beginners are asked to read easy situation 1 to 10, 32 and 35 on the following
website prior to races. No need to know it by heart; just read please.



Skyplatform and party area for spectators.

Party area:


Rezz zone for racers:




(3 minutes prestart) (Wind is from west. Wind will be set about 1 hour
before start.)

(3 minutes prestart) (Wind is from west. Wind will be set about 1 hour before start.)

Beginners race: A very simple course will be announced prior
to start.


[8:] FUTURE ANNOUNCEMENTS (important!):

Future announcements about qualifying groups and beginners race will be
announced using Bella Ciao event group when racers have subscribed (see below). There will be no individual notices.



Racers and interrested public are asked to join the Bella Ciao event group to
stay updated about all events on these sims. This group will also be used for
future events.
Copy and past the following in local chat to get into the group…


[10:] STAFF:

RD: Armano Xaris
Judge: To be announced.

On announcement before races the staff can switch tasks.

One response to “Bella Ciao Cup Sept 15-16

  1. wow, I know Helmchen from old times when that little Fairy was a party guest and aspiring DJ in Mowry. I also was in Van Dyck Park sometimes to watch the quirky builds.
    Will try to be there for the Leetle races.

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