Bea Woodgett Leaves SL Sailing

A few days ago, Bea Woodgett announced that she is leaving the SL Sailing Community.

This is sad news. For the past half-decade, Bea was a tireless, positive force that helped nurture and shape virtual sailing on many different levels. Her focus was always on promotion of a more realistic emulation of sail racing online, and her dedication to teaching, recruiting new sailors, and applying the ISAF Racing Ruleset is well known grid-wide.

It is difficult to think of any other person who has so selflessly — and so effectively — worked to advance (and define) the ideals of SLSailing. She brought passion, commitment, and true caring to every new project.

Orca Flotta has posted a very nice tribute to Bea on Orca’s World; please take a moment to read it.

I’m sure we all will agree that Bea Woodgett deserves a huge standing ovation, and our enduring respect for everything she accomplished.

Thank you, Bea; please come sail again soon.

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