Sansara Raceline Redux

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Here’s an updated map of the major Sansara waterways showing the locations of Linden racelines across the continent, including the new Sulu line. I’ve also added a 5814×3614 version of the map here.

There are now three Linden racelines in Sea of Fables, and three more lines on Linden water in Sansara’s Mare Secundus (Margery sim), Mowry Bay (Hepurn sim) and the ANWR connector (Suduffco sim). There’s an additional, privately funded raceline operated by Free Adriatic in Grant. It’s open to the sailing community, and I need to write more about it soon.  Rikki Reichmann is in charge there; she took over from Joepie Korobase and Francois Jacques, and she’s kept the faith. Talk to Liv, or actually talk to Rikki if you want to know the story. 🙂

Anyway, two years ago there were numerous discussions, JIRAs, and open meetings with Lindens concerning Sansara sailing issues. The end result was very nice; it actually far exceeded what sailors originally asked for. In fact, all of the racelines I just mentioned above were either installed or upgraded as part of that Sansara Sailing Refurb two years ago. The racelines were only a tiny part of the many additions and content enhancements that benefited sailing.

Legacy Lines

Two years is a long time however, and the new Sulu raceline was a good opportunity to take another look at the Sansara racing hardware. 🙂 Today I just want to talk about the racelines, but I’m sure people have other issues as well. 🙂

The image sequence to the right shows three racelines I want to focus on; they date back to May 10, 2010. Two and a half years is a long time in SL, but I’m pretty sure the lines have aged gracefully. Yuu Nakamichi did the scripting and he was pretty good at it. 🙂

However, here’s the problem. When I showed up to try out each of these race lines this week, I dropped a boat on the line and had it thrown back to me. The error message said: “Parcel is full.”

Actually, this is a known raceline issue. Lines are usually placed on their own parcel so they can be endowed with unique permissions. No surprise, those parcels are pretty small and tend to be rather long and narrow. That means the default prim allotment for the raceline is meager. In principle that’s not such a bad idea, since it saves resources and limits potential for exploits and griefing.

Here’s the parcel detail for the Margery raceline in Sansara; the other two I noted above are similar. The Margery parcel can accommodate 105 prim but it turns out the line installation eats up nearly all of them, leaving only nine prim free for sailboats crossing the line! It’s no surprise I couldn’t rez a boat on that plot!

The Fix is In

There might be many solutions to this issue, but I think there’s only one obvious, best fix. Today the Adriatic and Margery lines got “update therapy” with a dose of Hay Ah’s current raceline remedy. The new installations weigh in at a mere 25 prim. In Margery that leaves eighty prim free for crossing boats. 🙂

There are more advantages, of course. For example, the two upgraded lines can now network with all the other lines in Fables and Mowry Bay; that will increase the options for a variety of distance races and point-to-point cruises. 🙂

As of the moment, ANWR‘s raceline is the only line not upgraded to the system. The parcels are more complicated there, which is, maybe, appropriate.

ANWR is where SL Sail-Racing was born; it’s the old Tako test track. The spirits of Kanker Greenacre and the Kazenojin still inhabit those waters, and it could well take a few more days of meditation to encourage those parcels to update. 🙂

In the meantime, go try out the upgraded lines in Adriatic and Margery, and then stop by and visit all the great sailing sites in Sansara! 🙂

5 responses to “Sansara Raceline Redux

  1. It’s a shame most sailors and RDs are so territorial in their thoughts and actions. They are clinging onto Blake Sea no matter what. With the demise of MBYC all organised sailing on Sansara literally stopped.
    I’m happy to see that FEYC and the TrYC outpost in Owasco (Sulu line) are on a good way to revive this exciting sailing area now.

  2. Gives me hope for something in the Gulf of Lauren again…

  3. Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur. Have fun 🙂

  4. samlara vintner

    It was the very problems in Blake that got Slanty and me to try hard to get Sansara back as a viable, and frankly better alternative and without Hay and Jane’s support and of course the “Come sail with us” legacy so wonderfully supported by Charlz Price, none of it could have happened.
    USE the facilities.

  5. which problems in BlakeSea…?

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