Flying Fizz World Cup 2012 Begins November 17

Liv Leigh, the Chair for Fizz Cup 2012, today posted the Notice of Race for the upcoming regatta. Official announcements, updates and discussion will all be posted to .


Flying Fizz World Cup
Notice of Race 1.0.0

The Flying Fizz World Cup 2012

This notice of race consists of the following articles:

0. General Info

0.1 Communication

The official communication channels for the Flying Fizz World Cup 2012 will be this website ( and the in-world group “Fizz Fanatics”.

0.2 Fizz Cup Committee

The Fizz Cup Committee consists of Liv Leigh, noodleqt Exonar

0.3 Race Committee

The race committee consists of Liv Leigh, Armano Xaris, noodleqt Exonar, Viciously LLewellyn, Samlara Vintner, LucyInTheSky Afarensis

0.4 Additional Race Staff

When needed, the Fizz Cup Committee may recruit additional staff for race and/or security duties.

1. Format

1.1 The Flying Fizz World Cup 2012 will be held as a series of one design fleet regatta’s. There will be a qualification round, in which the competitors are spread over a number of groups. The best sailors of the qualification round will go to the finals.

2. Dates and times

1.1 The qualification rounds will take place in the weekend of November 24th/25th. The exact time of the regatta’s will depend on the number of groups and the preferred timeslots (Asian, European, American) of the respective racers.

1.2 The finals will take place in the weekend of December 1st and 2nd. The time is not given yet, but expect it to be around 6AM SLT.

3. The Boat

3.1 The boat used will be the Flying Fizz. The regular version of the latest release will be used, unless a new version comes out or technical issues force the Fizz Cup Committee to change to a different version.

3.2 In case a new model is introduced, this model change will be communicated with the racers through the Fizz Fanatics Group and this website.

3.3 The model currently designated is the ‘Flying Fizz 3.08’

4. Venues

4.1 The qualification rounds will take place at Tradewinds Yacht Club, using the raceline in the Siracusa region.

4.2 The finals will take place in the Western part of the Blake Sea area. Either the Travertine or Turnbuckle line will be used. This is a choice out of tradition and impartiality: the respective lines are not associated with any club and this area has been the area of choice of 2 Fizz Cup finals and numerous Fizz Cup events in the past.

5. Rules

5.1 We will use the Full ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, latest edition.

6. Qualification rounds
7. Finals
8. Awards and ceremonies

Appendix A: Course maps

A.1 Qualification course maps

2 Courses will be used for the qualification round. Every qualification round will use both courses. Additional wind information will be provided during the tournament trough the official channels.

These are the course maps:

Fizz Cup TYC WL2

Fizz Cup TYC WL4

Updates to this NOR will be provided in the days to come.


Please check in to
for more news on Fizz Cup 2012 !!

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