FIYC Poinsettia Ball December 16

Fanci Beebe announces:

Get those ball gowns and tuxes out of storage!
Time to get all decked out in your best and dance the time away

This year’s FIYC Ball will be a

So get gorgeous and come help us make some smiles this holiday season!!
Invite your friends!!
Everyone is welcome!!
Prize for best in formal wear!

FIYC Christmas 5

Fishers Island Yacht Club
5th Annual


Sunday December 16th
1pm ~ 3pm slt

Come and join us for Magical Event for a very worthy cause

One response to “FIYC Poinsettia Ball December 16

  1. From Fanci Beebe:

    The Toys for Tots regular fund drive will end as of midnight on December 19, but this year they are going to extend it. Any donations from Dec 20-24 will go to the families affected in the Sandy Hook tragedy.
    If you would like to donate, here are landmarks where we’ve placed kiosks:

    FIYC Winter Isle Rink –

    FIYC Ballroom Tent –

    Sailors Cove Town Square –

    Thank you for all you have done, and for all you may do.

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