Linkous Hotlaps and Quick Update

aug17 2009

Hotlaps Heats Up

Thank you to all the skippers who are taking a few minutes to sail the Hotlaps courses; the numbers are continuing to pile up! Special kudos to Armano, Kris, Yala74, LucyInTheSky, Emilia, Yuukie, B117, and S11D for adding new laps over the past day.

Jan 4 2013 HH

click to enlarge

Here’s a quick snapshot breakdown of the new Handicaps for the Plum Gut and Breadnut courses. I’m tempted to comment on the differences, but maybe we should just let that wait until we accrue more lap scores. 🙂

By the way, special thanks go to Kris and Armano, who ran the Melges-24 laps to set the initial Index for the Breadnut course. Their scores were nearly identical, but we still need lots more laps to confirm their numbers are a good benchmark. 🙂

Linkous Laps

I’ll also add a Hotlaps Course to the new public Linkous raceline in Zindra today.

Linkous Handicap Hotlaps v102

click to enlarge

Here’s the chart for Linkous; it’s a basic, bread-and-butter ‘windward/ leeward/ reach’ setup that should be fun to sail and ought to produce consistent, useful lap data.

The Hotlaps wind will be 15kt, 270deg, no variance.(but remember, you can change the wind to whatever you want for non-hotlaps races or even drop your own wind notecard into the green buoy windsetter there). 🙂

Liv and Sammi are working on Hotlaps courses for their racelines as well. It will be interesting to see if different configurations produce changes in the performance rankings and handicap numbers, but that’s several weeks down the road, and I’ve already talked enough here. It’s time for me to sail more laps! 🙂

RJ lookout over SC

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