Hotlaps 2013 Progress

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The Hotlaps 2013 lap entries are growing; in the first nine days, seventeen skippers logged a total of eighty-six laps that are split across the four courses.

jan 8 sailors HH The skipper’s names are listed in the box to the right, and the colors match the time-trial entries that are included on the summary spreadsheets for each Hotlaps course.

Plum Gut has the largest number of laps so far, with fifty-three lap times logged for fifteen different boats (see below).

The Melges-24 is the tentative “Index Boat” for handicap comparisons, so it deserves special comment here. The average Plum Gut lap time is 8:46, based on seven runs by Armano, Yala74, and Kris. Although the number of entries is still small, the scores are consistent and tightly grouped with a standard deviation of only 10 sec. We’ll see if this changes as more laps get added, but so far the M-24 Index looks valid and reliable. Let’s see if that holds up as sailors add more data points.

Jan8 hh

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Below is a quick ‘Summary Table’ of Handicaps for the fifteen boat classes entered so far.

HH Summary Jan8 2012Knaptrackicon still needs Index laps, so it’s handicap factors are blank at the moment. However, where the data is available, the scores of the other three lines are pretty consistent. The WildWind boats are by far the speediest, with Wildcat45, RCJ-44, and TR30 all earning handicaps of 1.10-1.15 (meaning they are 10-15% faster than M-24). In contrast, the newly reworked JG-44 looks like it’s coming in with lap times that are roughly 15% slower than M-24 on all three courses. The Mesh Shop boats and the ACA33v3 look like they fall in the middle, while the Trudeau fleet, Caf Binder’s Jangars, Manul Rotaru’s BeachTri, and Balduin Aabye’s Bolero all come in at the back of the pack with scores 30 – 40% slower than the Melges.

Of course, a slow boat is not a “bad” boat. Several builders argue that slower boats are more realistic in SL waters, but that’s a discussion for another time. 🙂 The point here is that the handicaps are generating meaningful data, and we’re on track to fill in many of the blank spaces on the above form. 🙂

Yesterday I sent out posters to advertise Hotlaps. They are full mod/copy, so please stick one up in an appropriate place (like your local gas station bathroom). The notecard embedded in the poster gives details about Hotlaps 2013, including landmarks, charts, and links. The notecard is networked, so the Info will automatically update as we add more Hotlaps locations, and as Hay Ah adds new lap features to her racelines.

Hotlaps 2013 info

You got ten minutes?
You could sail a Hotlap! 🙂

5 responses to “Hotlaps 2013 Progress

  1. Jane this is great!
    Once we have more data, we could perhpas think about setting up some broad classes (say 3, A B C) to use for grouping for mixed class races like some club races in RL from what I hear.
    FIYC will be using the Friday Fun race time slot for people to Hotlap (is that a verb … or only in certain types of seedy clubs?)

    • Hotlap” is actually a common term in many sports where a vehicle races around a track.

      Personally, I think the word “Hotlap” can be used as either a noun or a verb, and occasionally a gerund.
      “I did a Hotlap.” (n)
      “Chester hotlapped the Sulu course in record time.” (vt)
      “I spent Tuesday afternoon Hotlapping.” (g)

      Definitions of Hot Lap:

      Hot Lap: Hot lapping, or simply lapping, is a motorsport in which vehicles are driven around a race track without actually competing for a position or any other recording of performance. Multiple vehicles will typically be on the track, but no passing is allowed, nor any contact. Even though the main purpose is not competitively oriented, many clubs will record lap times, so drivers can measure improvement. Cars may be classified for different levels of performance potential, in order that similarly capable cars and drivers are on the track together. However, with no specific rules about car modifications, there is really no meaningful competition, as the cars may have significantly different potential. A competition in which time is used as a competitive element is called time trialing.

      urban dictionary
      Hot Lap:1. Doing a pass through a bar or nightclub to see if there are any fit girls worth taking home.
      Hot Lap: 2. When taking a dump your turd completes at least one full lap around the interior of the toilet bowl.

      Hot Laps: A Strip Club in Louisville, Ohio
      Hotlaps: Miniature Dirt Track Race cars.(See “Hot cars”)

  2. For handicap racing the only remark we shoud be looking for is if the fleet has windshadow interactivity, for classics shoud be division for rig type and after classified by length (C.I.M. Association has a clearly information around). After all some classes only has convergencies for O.D. comparison. But the whole recording data for VPP handicap is a beautiful work.
    I don’t like anymore OA and skippers that host for boats that has any reality performance based on real sailboats inspiration.
    The best regards and good winds!
    Emmanuel “el Megro”

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