Schiffsratten 5.0

schiffsratten 5

This weekend the Schiffsratten celebrate five years of sailing in Second Life. Drop by the SrYC clubhouse on Friday, February 15 and join in the party!

Here’s a copy of the schedule, but check the Schiffsratten Blog for all the details!


Go Rats!


3 responses to “Schiffsratten 5.0

  1. It’ll be Friday, not Saturday 😉
    I really felt in love now with the picture You added. Such a sweet rat! 😉

    • Yikes I get confused a lot like that!
      Let me fix!
      The note crossposted to, but didn’t include the day.
      I’ll send a new Tumblr tomorrow to make sure any who saw it will get it right.

  2. I already spammed SLSA with notecards, so noone should get it wrong 😉
    I hope to see many people. Let’s just meet and have a good time together, would make me happy 🙂
    (still love the pic of rattie You added;))

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