Sail4Life Logo Contest Ends Friday

ACS 003The Sail4Life Logo Contest ends this week! If you have an idea or concept for the logo, pull out your digital pen, paint it out in broad strokes and bright colors, and send it over to Nber Medici.

We all know the SL Sailing community is chock-full of amazing, talented, and generous people; each year S4L gets to showcase the logo design of one special artist from our group. That logo will be proudly displayed on sails, teeshirts, caps, flags, and banners. 

Yes, I know what you are thinking, and you’re right! In a thoughtless moment, someone will undoubtedly also tattoo that logo on their ass. It will show how much they love SL Sailing, and how much they believe in our common cause to cure cancer. When that happens, help them make the moment memorable. Make it your graphic! 🙂

So OK, you get the drift. Go read my earlier post to get the details, and find out how you can submit your entry for this year’s S4L Logo Graphic Contest!

sail for life mainsail


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