DYC Hosts LCC For Chaos Rez Party April 16

LCC chart Apr 16 2013d

Kudos to Kittensusie Lander for organizing the great LCC cruise on April 14. The start sim was flooded with boats of all sorts, the fleet had great fun navigating the long voyage, and the apres-cruise party was so crowded it overloaded the sim!

That’s pretty much business-as-usual for Leeward Cruising. For a long time, the team of Kittensusie Lander and Chaos Mandelbrot have lead fun sailing events that go off like clockwork each Sunday and Tuesday. Everyone’s invited: sailors and non-sailors, racers and cruisers, newbies and old-salts, from mainland and off-islands… they all converge on some designated dock. They hope for a great time with good friends, and they are never disappointed.

On April 16, Danshire Yacht Club will host the regular Tuesday 5:00pm LCC sail. This one’s a bit special though, since it’s in honor of Chaos Mandelbrot’s Seventh Rez Day. Woots!

That’s a lot of water under the keel, as it were. In those seven years, Chaos has done much to build SLSailing, from his early days hosting Trivial Obsession for LL and racing Takos at SYC, to winning the J-Classic Regatta (with Nomad Zamani) in 2009, to his current co-leadership role in the Cruiser fleet. As if that were not enough, Chaos is this year’s Team Leader for all of Sail4Life.

So if you have the time, come sail on Tuesday to help celebrate Chaos Mandelbrots’ Seventh Rez Day.

I admit there are several other great people who have done as much to build SLSailing, and they too deserve all our praise. But… how many of them are penguins? 🙂

LCC 2012

One response to “DYC Hosts LCC For Chaos Rez Party April 16

  1. are we expected to bring some fish? 😉

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