Ernestina Sails Kingdom of DeMolay

Ernestina sailing

Almost exactly four years ago, I posted about RJ Kikuchiyo’s remarkable  recreation of the ship Ernestina, one of the last remaining Grand Banks fishing schooners from the late 19th century.

RJ’s version of Ernestina is rather majestic in size, and highly accurate in detail; it weighs in at over 1,500 prim. (Yikes!) 

Ernestina in Blake

Dispite that remarkably complex build, Jesrad Seraph was able to power Ernestina with a sail engine that worked reasonably well, as long as a skipper sailed in sims with sufficient free resources. 🙂

If you click on the figure to the right, you’ll see a rather disconcerting problem that’s fairly common in such prim-heavy vessels. With any degree of lag, the boat temporarily separates into its component parts and you get a “rubber band” effect, where pieces of the build accelerate at different rates. In the lower image to the right, you can see that the deck is traveling a full boat length ahead of the hull.

Similar problems happen with Star Bay’s Oceanis boats, and for that matter, with  old Trudeau prim schooners like the Larinda in the above picture.

Well, I’m talking about this again because all grids are not the same, and RJ recently posted a very interesting video of Ernestina sailing in Kingdom of DeMolay. There’s apparently no fragmenting on their grid, and even two schooners can sail in tandem without the typical ‘jerkiness’ that often plagues vessels on SL’s water sims.

Take a look at the ocean surface in the above video too. I’m really impressed with the realistic water textures, spray and fog effects.

Hey Leeward Cruisers? What about a ‘road trip’ some week to check out the sea conditions? It looks very sailor friendly! 🙂

ernestina 01

Oh, and if you want your own Ernestina, RJ Kikuchiyo is offering this amazing build full-perm and free on SL Marketplace. If you pick one up, be sure to say thank you to RJ!

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