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Leeward Cruise for April 30!

LCC july 24 2012

Here’s the Leeward Cruise Info for Tuesday, straight from Admiral Chaos!

LCC Sail-For-Life Cruise
5pm Tuesday
April 30 2013

This week we are going to cruise to the Sail-For-Life Event, the grand opening of the Bistro on Blake — Thanks Kal and Jacqueline.The Bistro On BlakeOfficial grand opening party with DJ Benny on April 30. It’s not only a small LCC aftercrusie party but an open for all … for the benefit of S4L.

As always we there will be no charges for cruising or partying but all donations at the party will be for Sail-For-Life.

This should be a fun cruise suitable for BIG boats as well as tiny boats. Lots of deep water, lots of places to re-rez and a brand new club to break in.

Music by Bennythe Boozehound.

Here’s the Chart:

LCC 30 Apr 2013

click to enlarge

Here’s the landmark for the start:

And here’s the destination landfall:

North South at 15 – 18 knots
on a Trudeau this is /x set wind 180 10
On a bwind this is S then 15
On a Quest this is wind dir 180 and wind spd 15

No one left on the dock!