FIGAWI takes off

FIGAWI 1h10min

The FIGAWI race is a major regatta event of the East Coast sailing season. This year nearly 250 boats will take part in the races between Hyannis and Nantucket. As I write this, the fleet is over one hour into the race. I wanted to post the link for the live race tracking map for those interested in following the fleet online. 🙂

If you click here, you can then choose to see the live map that shows real-time positions of all the boats, or of any particular division. 🙂


Addendum 23:34 PST:

Here’s the rest of the first race. The first image shows the fleet emerging from Hyannisport, milling at the raceline, and starting on a SSW heading.

Much later, the second image shows the boats are now on a downwind starboard tack, and the mixed fleet is splitting into two groups, each with their own downwind angle.

The final image below confirms it. There are two mixed groups, and each use a different course to reach the same endpoint. 🙂

figawi course5

3 responses to “FIGAWI takes off

  1. fearless freenote

    Yetch! Crummy wx here on the east coast! Never did the Fugawi race, but sailed to the Gray Lady many times..
    Thanks for the news!

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