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Three Weeks to Second Sol!

Sec Sol Poster 5a

The Second Sol Regatta is only three weeks away!

Second Sol is a Sail4Life fundraising regatta that will cover two weekends, from June 15-June 23; you can read all about it here and here. A few days ago the race version of the boat was released, and delivered to fifteen race teams that are already signed up :-). Here are Team Coordinators for the fleet so far, followed by their assigned race number for the event:

Arrekusu Muromachi 001
pensive missionPhill Plasma 002
lesbo charisma 003
SerenityAeon Resident 004
VitorCr Resident 005
ariel gallais 006
Allie Tomsen 007
EmmanuelMara 008
Ronin Zane 009
Chaos Mandelbrot 010
Sarah Solo 011
Pensive Mission 012
JoyofRLC Acker 013
erickson 014
Alain Gloster 015
moontears vought 016

Please note:

1. Only one race boat goes to each team, but we’ll deploy a demo vendor so all team sailors can practice on the boat.
2. The boats are eached numbered in the order sailors signed up to race; that number will be displayed on the team’s sails. Please use it as your race ID for this regatta!
3. The race ID for each team boat is different from the “Channel ID.” Teams are encouraged to use whatever channel is most convenient for them (other then “Channel 1,” of course).
4. The sails have fixed textures for this event. Each one is preprinted with the team’s assigned race number. When the Patchogue II officially launches, the race boats will be replaced with an official release version that is fully texturizible!

Patch II trials

Please also note:

1. Although we initially planned for a total of only 16 raceboats in four qualifying timeslots on Saturday, June 15 and June 22, the response was impressive and several sailors have asked for an additional Friday time slot. If enough sailors sign up, that time slot will be 12:30 on Friday, June 14 and June 21.
2. That means right now we still have five more slots for race teams that want to sign up! You can join the fleet by signing up here, or you can contact Jane Fossett for more information in Second Life. 🙂

SecSol2013 poster 02b