Second Sol Round One

SecSol beginsKudos to everyone who sailed, hosted, and helped staff the five timeslot events and twenty race heats of Second Sol Round One. Next weekend we’ll do Round Two, and then combine the scores to pick the Finalists who will sail for the Second Sol Championship on June 23.

Here’s a summary of the point totals so far, using Standard, Low-Point Scoring under Appendix A of the Race Rules.

Round One

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SS RndOne1800 263

Remember, the boats will race again on June 21-22, and the final scoring will only count each team’s top four races.  In case of a tie, we’ll use Appendix A 8.1 and 8.2 to break the tie to get five Finalist boats to compete for the championship in North Sea on June 23.

SecSol Jun14 1230

image courtesy of Dil Spitz!


7 responses to “Second Sol Round One

  1. Go Aquarius!

  2. Ronin Zane asked: …So if i have 4 points and don’t sail the next race where another gets 4 points it be a tie after discards. A1 would leave it still tied but A2 would give the race to who ever scored highest in the very last race. so if i don’t sail next race and they get 4 points they win on A2. Have i got that right?

    Yes, exactly! In case of a tie, the later races are more strongly weighted. Under A2, even the discards are resurrected! 🙂

  3. bit of a flawed scoring system, going to next best discard would spread the final result over all the races rather than just the final race result.

  4. Ronin, there is never a fair way to score….
    Bea was the greatest exponent of weighting scoring and whatever else she wanted to force to happen.
    Im sure jane has her reasons for the scoring system…
    Good luck EVERYONE, May the fastest and most CONSISTENT racing Team win, regardless of when they raced.

  5. sammie said: “Im sure jane has her reasons for the scoring system…”

    🙂 Yes, a few reasons. The major one is that Appendix A 8.1-8.2 is the standard tiebreaker system used by ISAF, and it’s included in the Racing Rules.
    The unusual thing about this regatta is the large number of ‘discards.’ A team’s final point score is based on their best four finishes out of eight heats. That means a few unlucky crashes or penalty turns wont be a big factor in the outcome. A team can even skip a qualifying round and still have a chance to win.
    However (and perhaps more important for this race), a team that wins four races in Round One (1-1-1-1) can’t just sit on their laurels and confidently skip Round Two. As Ronin points out above, in case of an exact tie the boat with the most recent First Place finishes will win that tiebreaker. 🙂
    This happens fairly frequently in RL sail racing. A few sailors here will remember the 2011 ONE WORLD regatta; that race series was partly inspired by the RL International One Design Worlds Championship in 2010.
    If you go look at the IOD results, you’ll see the top two boats were tied for First Place; the winner was decided by Appendix A8. 🙂 In fact, the Third and Fourth Place boats were also decided by A8! (That was a pretty well-matched fleet. 🙂
    I agree with Ronin that the system is unfair in some respects, but as Sammie points out, that’s true for any tie-breaker you pick. We’ll use Appendix A 8.1 and 8.2 for SECOND SOL.

  6. sitting on laurels is an ancient and revered tradition stemming back to Roman Greco days

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