Sail4Life Weekend

S4L 2013 campRelay For Life will top off this year’s fundraiser effort with the Annual Relay Weekend on July 13-14. The RFL sims will open at 10:00 am SLT on Saturday, and there’s a huge program of events planned by all the different SL teams.

RFL sims  You can get a copy of the event schedule here.

The sim map for RFL weekend is shown on the right. A continuous walking track winds its way through the campsite exhibits, and visitors can dedicate luminaria to loved ones along the way. The Sail4Life team is camped in the Northwest corner of RFL SPIRIT sim, extending into RFL REFLECTION sim.

The theme and centerpiece for the build is RJ Kikuchiyo’s Fire Island Lighthouse (see the header image above). It’s a truly wondrous build with a beacon that dominates the RFL skyline for a great distance, and it reflects the spirit of the whole SL Sailing community. The Fire Island build is accurate, detailed and unique, and RJ’s donated it to Sail4Life as part of this year’s silent auction.

S4L 2013 auction

Speaking of the auction, you’ll find silent auction posters all over the lighthouse grounds, and a host of winable boats filling the docks too. Be sure to bring your wallet; there’s a lot of great stuff up for bid this weekend! If you want to see the list, go to the Sail4Life team page and click on the “Auctions” tab. 🙂

s4l 2013 camp 03

The auction will be over on Sunday July 14 at 11:00 AM SLT, so be sure to get your bids in early or you’ll miss out!

t12 s4l

Taku and Jane at S4L 2012

And while you are trying to decide what to bid on, don’t forget Sail4Life is also holding a marathon sail in RFL REFLECTION sim. The sail is a tribute to all the RFL participants who will be walking the length of the simset over the weekend.

If you’d like to be part of the continuous marathon sail, you can sign up for a timeslot here and then rez any boat you wish from the Sail4Life dock.

S4L 2013 camp 01

See you at the Sail4Life Camp!!


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