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Heath Elvehjem injured in MVA


Those sailors in Second Life for the past few years will all know Heath Vercher (‘Heath Elvehjem‘ in SL). He gave many great concerts in SL New England, Sailors Cove, and multiple other locations. Heath often sailed with us, and he always enriched our lives.

Tasha Kostolany today reported that  Heath was recently involved in a severe MVA. Please read her note below, and please, please keep Heath in your prayers.

“Heath Vercher (Heath Elvehjem SL) has suffered the most horrible tragedy in real life.
For those of us that are older than 4 years old in sl you may have enjoyed Heath and his music all over SL. Though he has been mostly inactive in the past couple of years, there are many in our community that know him and have known him well.
[19:20] Misty Sapphire: [19:05] Misty Sapphire: Heath needs our prayers. For all of the loyal friends and family still in this group. Please keep Heath and AJ in your prayers. Tania and AJ were in a car accident yesterday involving a semi. Tania was killed, and AJ is in critical condition. I will pass on information as it comes to me. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers as they go through this tragic time.

Misty Sapphire: Continued Prayers for Heath.
His 2 yr old son AJ died this afternoon from his injuries. May God be with our friend as he struggles with his loss.
Misty Sapphire: And if you check his rl fb, you can be sure
Tasha Kostolany: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shmoo Snook: I’m sorry, Tasha. Sorrier than you can imagine.
Tasha Kostolany: This is his real life facebook page that confirms it.

You can read more here.