Seychelle Isles Connects to Mainland

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Last week I posted about a new simset under construction next to Nautilus’ Northeast Coastal Waterway. It looked like a great build, and it was in a location that had excellent access to several large and popular sailing regions. There were no announcements at that time, although the sims were clearly part of Irish Estates (now Seychelles Isles).

Today Irishgent Resident kindly sent me a press release announcing the new Seychelles location and the linkage to mainland water in Nautilus.



Seychelles IslesOctober 1, 2013 – It was formally announced today that the collection of sims known as Irish Estates in Second Life has moved location within Second Life and has been renamed Seychelles Isles (pronounced Say-Shellz). This new location adjacent to the Blake Sea and Linden Ocean, offers residents of the estate many more open water sailing opportunities.

It was in October of 2011 that IrishGent Resident launched Irish Estates, a residential community in Second Life. This estate includes both custom built and resident owned homes, along with extensive lush landscaping. All sims are surrounded by water with numerous amenities for the residents including: a yacht club, a dance club, regular entertainment with both live and dj music, and a sim dedicated to surfing with complimentary surfboards.

At the time founder and creator of the estate, IrishGent stated, “I am so pleased to be able to offer the residents of Second Life a home that is truly a community. From the moment I came to Second Life I dreamed of building a community. And, to see it come alive is truly a rewarding experience.” And now almost two years later, IrishGent and his management team are proud to announce a name change for the estate to the Seychelles Isles. IrishGent explains his rationale behind the name change “I, along with my management team, decided that we wanted a name that better encapsulated our vision of what the estate encompasses and the result is…. Seychelles Isles. The Seychelles out in the real world are a magnificent collection of islands, surrounded by turquoise seas, exquisite coral beds and unblemished sun kissed beaches. You will agree with me that Ericaanne Hastings, our resident landscaper and designer, has done a fine job of replicating paradise on our estate.”

Fulfill your fantasy, allow yourself to transcend pleasure in an exotic island atmosphere, come and live in exclusive luxury in harmony with nature – your private piece of paradise in Second Life.

For more information regarding availability of residential parcels, contact IrishGent Resident or Baila Palmira.

Payton Heron Marketing Director,
Seychelles Isles


If you want more info, you can check; the new website is under construction. You can also see an early list of the Seychelles residential properties for sale here.

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Although it’s somewhat buried in the press release, I think this could be a truly exciting new development for SL Sailing. As far as I am aware, this is the first major private estate/ mainland linkage agreement since the “joint community project” between United Sailing Sims and Linden lab that gave rise to Blake Sea.

Irishgent Resident is the leader of Saychelles Isles,  and he has a love for sailing in both RL and SL. Over the past few years he’s worked to build a coherent tropical island estate that’s supportive to sailing and a host of other nautical activities. As I understand it, this is part of that endeavor.

Please welcome him and all of Seychelles Isles as they make landfall on the coast of Nautilus!

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9 responses to “Seychelle Isles Connects to Mainland

  1. The United Sailing Sims owners and Blake Sea users
    welcome IrishGent and Seychelles Isles residents
    to sail on down and visit us.
    We aren’t that far away; Welcome to the area.
    Let’s party!

  2. Wonderful new and i hope more private state owners will join their regions as well!

  3. I don’t know if it was a good idea to rename the ressort to “Seychelles Isles”
    For me its a synonym for: letterbox companies, money laundering and tax evasion… but i wish you good luck .)

  4. oh – i forgot “spam”
    so sorry, but you’ve furnished me a fit occasion…

  5. Btw – I say cheers because of Denis Diderot’s 300th birthday 🙂

    • I wondered about the name Seychelles too, but for a different reason.
      If you search “Seychelles-SL” on Google,
      you get a large number of hits discussing Sri Lanka and it’s public policy with neighboring countries. 🙂
      None have much to do with sailing!

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  7. I have a home just recently here and the sailing is awesome!!!

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