Fanci Beebe Memorial Service October 27

Fanci Beebe-Leavitt and Francois Jacques RFL Mar2012

Memorial Service

to honor the memory and
celebrate the life of

Fanci Beebe-Leavitt

Sunday, October 27 10:00am SLT
Fishers Island Theatre
Fishers Island sim (29,127)

Following the service, there will be a short cruise from Fishers Island.
The fleet will sail past FIYC in Sailors Rest and end in Fanci’s Deep,
where sailors can leave flowers and remembrances for Fanci.

Fanci Memorial Sail October 27 2013

Thank you to Joy Canadeo, David Wetherby, Chaos Mandelbrot
and many others for their efforts arranging this memorial service.


4 responses to “Fanci Beebe Memorial Service October 27

    • I went back and reviewed all the Flickr images tagged with Fanci and Sailors Cove this past week. Thank you ZZ for so many wonderful images there! 🙂

  1. Please find the program for the Memorial Service below:

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