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Becca Moulliez: An Interview by Liv Leigh

Becca Moulliez: “I dont think the Tako will ever end..”

by Liv Leigh

The America’s Cup in SL had just ended a week before, the real life America’s Cup was won and lost yesterday. It was time for smaller boats, for something that we ordinary people could actually have fun with. Monday February 17th 2010 was a perfect day to present a new sailing engine for aspiring boat builders. Liv Leigh set out to interview it’s proud maker: Becca Mouliez. A talk with a Second Life workaholic who spends most of her time with her ‘baby’.

Liv Leigh: Becca, you are one of the newer boat builders in SL. And as such I may say, one of the rising stars. How would you regard yourself? A Sailboat builder or a scripter?
Becca Moulliez: I regard myself as a scripter. I’m not that good as a builder.

Liv Leigh: I remember when I first met you, you were rebuilding a tako from scratch, is that the kind of thing I should consider a sign of your ambition as scripter in the sailing community?

Becca Moulliez: Well… to tell the mere truth I was curious about exploring SL using a boat. I built a small powerboat first and then a Sailboat… but I could not find any good sailboat script around.Then I found those Tako 2.1 scripts in SL Wiki and found it logical to clone a boat similar to the Tako.

Liv Leigh: So you just wanted to make your own boat, to use it..

Becca Moulliez: Thats right. I had tremendous Lag problems at the time, since my laptop had poor graphics. I got a Tetra that was really beautiful… but could not afford sailing it well…
Too much load due to the attachment.

Liv Leigh: When did you first start to think about scripting your own sailing engine?
Becca Moulliez: As soon as I realized I could not sail a Tetra.
I knew the Tetra was a Tako.

Liv Leigh: And I guess you figured out pretty soon that the tako scripts were getting a bit old..
Becca Moulliez: Well I realized that they had a few bugs and I wasn’t satisfied with the load on SL. Plus most boats arounds had many more features
So I bought a Fizz 2.
And realized that there were many more features available… But once again due to my poor configuration even the Fizz was laggy.

Liv Leigh: I understand. The Fizz 2.0 used to be one of my all-time favourite boats, it could get quite heavy though, also for me.Your first boat, that you actually brought to the public, was Becky’s Baby Sloop, a small boat that got very popular within no-time. What were the ideas that brough you to creating this boat and why did you decide to release it for free?
Becca Moulliez: Well the boat I would like to release at the time was the Laser actually… but I wasn’t ready due to the tight Boat Show schedule.
So that Sloop was ready
🙂Balduin Aabye's new boat uses the BWind engine too
I released it for free because I want the sailing community to have a working platform for builders.
I could not find something comparable when I started scripting.

Liv Leigh: You think there used to be a big gap between the proprietary sailing engines of the big builders and the free scripts, like the Tako 2.1?
Becca Moulliez: Absolutely YES.
Best builders have many features we still miss.
But most of them have been working on their scripts for long… Hopefully we will reach a close-to level soon…

Liv Leigh: At some point in 2009 Mothgirl Dibou’s boat building kit, based on the Fizz scripts, was released. Have you considered to use that as a base?
Becca Moulliez: I did… and I used it ! I was really excited for a number of reasons. First Mothgirl used to build close to me at Adriatic. So, while she wasnt talking much i could see in person the Kit progressing under my eyes.

Liv Leigh: I see..
Becca Moulliez: Second: the Fizz is probably the best engine around, so I was really excited about having the opportunity to use and maybe adapt it to my own needs…
Unfortunately the Fizz Kit wasn’t an open code resource… and this came as a little desillusion actually.

Trudeau BWind Concept Boat

Liv Leigh: I understand.. So this is how you slowly got into scripting BWind, the engine you present this monday.
Can you tell me something about BWind.?
Becca Moulliez: Well Bwind is a sailing engine meant to be as low-lag as possible. Comes from months of scripting for my own use. I stripped the Tako 2.1 scripts a lot to reduce lag.

Liv Leigh: This explains why your boats became an instant hit with the touring community…
Becca Moulliez: Well, the Sloop came as a direct request from Manul Rotaru and Tory Micheline at Mowry Bay Crusing Club. They wanted to have a low-lag cruising boat.

Liv Leigh: Great. I understand that the Schiffsratten Yacht Club has already organised a race series in one of your boats. How do you see the development of BWind when it comes to racing classes?
Becca Moulliez: Well, to race effectively we need a rewrite of current WWC Receiver… I’m not satisfied about the current one. At this point probably the BWind boats could be comparable to a Tako 3 for racing.

Liv Leigh: Few people know that you have a prototype ready with a number of other functions in it, one that I happen to posess now 😛 How would you describe that one.. Or is it classified? 😉
Becca Moulliez: I have a work in progress prototype including independent sails, a spinnaker and a wing/jib function. Plus I’m testing boat dynamics to have a more realistic feeling… And no, it’s not classified 😉 Only in alpha stage 🙂
Liv Leigh: I think there are quite some people around who see the potential of the BWind engine. There is talk about Trudeau Classic Yachts testing a BWind-powered boat, I have heard about others who contacted you for scripting boats for OSGrid. How do you see this yourself? Will we see a whole legion of new sailboat builders? Will this be ‘the end of the tako’, as some people have proclaimed before about new sailing engines? What do you think the future will look like?
Becca Moulliez: I dont think the Tako will ever end actually… the Tako is a nice simple boat and a lot of fun to race. I dont think any Boat or Builder will end actually…
Probably some will be using BWind as an alternative to their current releases. And probably we will see many new builders around… to what extent and quality level we will see…

Liv Leigh: That’s nice. I think we now know something about your work in SL. So how about play? What other things do you like in Second Life?
Becca Moulliez: Oh well 🙂 Apart from spending as much time as possible with my baby, I don’t have much time left to do many things I would like to. When I have time I still love exploring the seas of SL 🙂
On a BWind obviously 🙂

Liv Leigh: Hehe, do I hear the SL-Workaholic here?
Becca Moulliez: hahaha

Liv Leigh: Do you sail in RL?
Becca Moulliez: I have been sailing in RL for a while on small boats… Optimist when a girl and the Lasers and 470.

Liv Leigh: Did you sail competitively? Or as recreation?
Becca Moulliez: Just recreation mostly… I had some sailing experiences on bigger boats (more or less like a Tetra) and I know a number of good RL sailors. One of them won 2 AC and 2 Louis Vuitton Cups 🙂

Liv Leigh: That’s impressive.
Becca Moulliez: (he’s lost yesterday… he’s not happy 🙂 )

Liv Leigh: You mentioned exploring, is there a specific place you found that you like a lot?
Becca Moulliez: Windlass in Blake Sea 🙂 But they are more places. Once there were some wonderful sims called Nanogunk where you could sail. And there are also those Pirates Sims I like so much.

Liv Leigh: Ok, thanks for the interview. I will simply end with my usual question now: what would you advice sailors in SL? (and for you an additional one: and sailboat builders?)
Becca Moulliez: Sail Light ! drop your AO’s and scripts first and your own glamorous flexies ! I know someone who raced at 54 knots and won, wearing a cool greenish outfit ! 🙂
Liv Leigh: That sounds strange, who would that have been…

Arianti with a BWind engine

Interview with Hay ah

Interview with Hay Ah

by Liv Leigh

Imagine an avatar with a wild, wild haircut, imagine complex calculations. Imagine someone with a passion for mathematics who tries to solve the big questions of our little virtual universe. There’s a name that goes with this picture and it’s not ‘Albert’… Liv Leigh interviewed Hay Ah, the startline lady. A story about the ongoing battle against lag, about new features to come. A story about beach, Beach Cats and how Bittersweet Lime may have saved the J-Classic’s port-to-port races.

“I never knew about lag before I started scripting the racelines, I was innocent and happy.”

Liv Leigh: Most of us know you as the startline woman… But there must be a way you got into sailing and into scripting for it. How did it start?
Hay Ah: Well, I wanted to start scripting immediately when I was in sl, but it was way too hard for a newbee scripter to start.
Hay Ah: So I ended up partying and shopping for 3 months.
Hay Ah: Later i started with changing little scripts and eventually progressed.
Liv Leigh: I see, do you have a background in RL programming?
Hay Ah: Not really, I liked mathemathics in school, those problems were like puzzles to me.
Hay Ah: I knew how to edit some php scripts and java but that was it.
Hay Ah: I learnt everything from the lsl wiki.
Liv Leigh: That’s pretty impressive, considering the impact your items have made in the community so far. Especially in the relatively short period you’ve been providing them. Why did you choose for sailing as a platform to script for?
Hay Ah: Well, I was present in the sailing community since about summer ’08. I always liked beach living. I liked the openness of the community and off course I liked learn to sail in SL.

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Interview with Claudia Debruyere

Interview with Claudia Debruyere

Claudia Debruyere is probably one of the prettiest competitors in the 2009 Fizz Cup. While she called herself  ‘The Queen of Capsizes‘ before, she must have caused a number of swimming excursions for her distracted sailing friends as well. Despite all the pressure on her person to do so, she did not enter the ‘Miss Fizz’ competition. Liv Leigh was in for a few surprises in this interview, as she followed Claudia into a seaside villa with paintings of late-nineteenth century masters. The conversation became a story about Claudia’s love for the sea, her sailing family… and her grandchildren.

Toujours jeune

 Claudia at home

Liv Leigh: This weekend we will have the finals of the Fizz Cup 2009, you have sailed in all 6 events so far, but for now the race is done for you. How do you look back on it?
claudia Debruyere: I had a wonderful time with all these events ! before i didn’t sail in races it was the first time for me!! I was stressed but very excited too! lol

Liv Leigh: So it was your first tournament really. And you were thrown into the deep with all those sharks..
claudia Debruyere: Ah lol I am a beginner with the fizz and all the other sailors are wonderful! and had many trainings before !! Not me !lol But they helped me very much with kindness ! They are not sharks, but friends for me!

Liv Leigh: Ah yes, how long before the cup started did you buy your fizz?
claudia Debruyere: I received the fizz with the Glenans group on 23 march! The new fizz ! before I had a simple fizz and I used it only two trainings with Bea.

Liv Leigh: Ah.. so Bea Woodget taught you to sail in it… Have you been sailing a lot before in SL?
claudia Debruyere: I met Bea at Les Glenans club to have a sailing teacher , I used my first fizz with fun mode ! She learned me how to use it in novice mode. I began with competition mode on 23th of march.

Liv Leigh: So you just started to sail in SL in 2009?
claudia Debruyere: Only yes ! but I am a sea woman!! lol I love the sea and RL sailing !

Liv Leigh: You sail in RL… What kind of boats?
claudia Debruyere: Less now, but in my youth very much: I cruised with my parents and all the family in mediterranée at Cannes ! After we went to Bretagne and we spent the summer at an island: houat ! there i sailed with friends on a 420!
claudia Debruyere: Just for the fun, not for races!

Liv Leigh: Ow.. that makes you a much more experienced sailor RL than I am lol And it’s really a thing that’s in the family..
claudia Debruyere: Yes, my father, my sisters and brothers and now one of my sons race in competitons at la rochelle. My two brothers were French champions in the 470. My father sails today to Spain with a big boat !!

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Interview with Silber Sands

through the looking glass-silber sands

by Liv Leigh

Don’t forget that behind each avatar
there is a real person with real feelings…

Silber Sands’ profile does not come with light and easy words. As new as she may be for some people in the community, she shows her character and personality, from her love for dogs and Leetle Cats to the way she mastered sailing a Fizz in the Cup. Liv Leigh interviewed her: a story about new beginnings, unknown courses, a fascination by the sea and her ideas to pick up sailing in real life.

I don’t want to race like a robot… so, unknown courses would be fun.

Silber reading in front of her tent at Martinique

 You: I was reading your profile a bit. I was attracted to the poem in it, by Hermann Hesse.
Silber Sands: Yes.. I adore him since my teenage and this special poem means a lot to me.
You: I see.. may I ask a bit more on it, or is it too private?
Silber Sands: Well.. no, it’s not 😉 every time when something ended in life.. I read it.. and it helps me to overcome things and start new.
You: I was wondering if it has a special meaning to you in SL as well..


Silber Sands: hmm.. yes, it has..
Silber Sands: I started in SL in February 2007.. and one year later, I had my first and only relationship here, it ended in December2008 after 10 months.
You: That is a long time in SL.
Silber Sands: It was a weird time.. but it brought me something new: sailing in SL 🙂

You: Did it also bring you together with the ‘Schiffsratten’?
Silber Sands: Yes, in some way.. there was no relation, but I was searching for something new. I know that if I would be still in this relationship, I would have never found the SRYC. Let’s say: I was free for what I really love: sun, sea, community 🙂 Before, all was dark, it was a dark relationship..
You: So sailing.. gives a sense of freedom to you?
Silber Sands: Yes, I like it a lot, and I am thinking about making a sailing-licence in RL as well. There are special offers for students where I live.
You: You are no RL sailor yet then I suppose.
Silber Sands: I am no RL-sailor, and I had to learn a lot about the rules, I am always afraid that someone shouts “protest” to me. That actually happens a lot in the trainings. 😉
You: Quite fanatic trainings then. Maybe other clubs could learn from it. Would you have anything special in mind, if you start to sail in RL? A boat, a place..
Silber Sands: Hmm.. I’d love to sail in the meditteranean sea. But I think, I’ll have to start on the “Alster” in Hamburg 😉
You: A city with a seafaring history.
Silber Sands: yes, that is true, our harbour just had its 820th birthday.

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Interview with Kei Cioc

 kei cioc header

by Liv Leigh

In Dutch, my native language, ‘Kei’ means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. If a person is a ‘kei’ at something, we mean that he is very good at it. Kei Cioc, 2008 Fizz Cup finalist, has a house full of trophies. His photo wall shows numerous portraits of him and his girlfriend, posing in front of yet another victorious boat on display at ‘Winner’s Row’. After well over a year of racing in more than a dozen of boat classes, Kei’s tenacity is well-known by his opponents. He’s that old fox, always ready to snatch the victory off your plate.

Talent? I have no talent. I am just lucky to be able to start faster than others. And I have a little bit more experience.



Kei and his girlfriend posing in front of Kei’s Fizz 2.0 3

You: In Dutch the name Kei means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’. If we say someone is a ‘kei’ in something, we mean he is very good at it. What does Kei mean in Japanese?
Kei Cioc: It’s a little different. Kei, 恵  in Japanese Kanji, means ‘blessing’. It’s from a part of my RL name.
Kei Cioc: We pronounce it like: “K”, “k-e-i”
You: Okay, so very different than I would.
Kei Cioc: Yes… Not English, like “key”

Kei steps over the line

Kei steps over the line

You: Looking at your profile, I see mostly one thing:
You: sailing..
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: Everyone who reads it knows, Kei Cioc is a sailor. Do you sail in RL or did you ever do so?
Kei Cioc: never :))
Kei cioc: I m not good at all kind of sports.
You: I see. So sailing in SL is a way to do something you would not do in real life?
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: How did you end up in SL Sailing. Were you looking for a sport or was it something else?
Kei Cioc: Ahhh…
Kei Cioc: First of all: I live at the Hayama resort in SL, where the owner loves sailing. This man is also a friend of Taku, Taku Raymaker.
Kei Cioc: He is my teacher. He made me start sailing.

You: What were the first boats you sailed?
Kei Cioc: I bought a Tako first, then the Fizz.
Kei Cioc: The Fizz was the first boat I learned to sail correctly.
You: That was the Fizz 2? or the Fizz 1 still?
Kei Cioc: Still Fizz 1, maybe 1.03
You: One of the very first versions.
Kei Cioc: Yes, very few Japanese have it. Taku tought me to sail one on one.
You: You had private lessons from an old master lol
Kei Cioc: Yes, I was very lucky.

You: That is funny, as many Europeans and Americans learn to sail in the Tako. Or at least they think they should start in a Tako. What do you think of that: you learned sail the Fizz well before you mastered the tako. Do you recommend this to others?
Kei Cioc: Ahh… it’s a difficult question…:))
You: Or is it just that you were lucky with a good teacher and plenty talent of your own?
Kei Cioc: Talent? I have no talent lol
Kei Cioc: I am just lucky to be able to start faster than others. And I have a little bit more experience.

Kei Cioc: I like other Tako-based boat very much, they are rather different from Fizz.
You: You seem to like almost all boats..
Kei Cioc: Yes.
You: Can you tell me in which boats you never won a race?
Kei Cioc: In a Tako! lol

header syc- 3 -3-L2-_037 copy

You: I didn’t know that. It seems you win races in almost all other boats every week.. Yet, you say you have no talent.. You must be very competitive then, as you won a number of prices in big race events.
Kei Cioc: I do not like competition so much in reality.
You: Ok.. so in reality you are more calm?
Kei Cioc: I think so :))
Kei Cioc: And I like just cruising, more than racing.
You: Is that your secret? Cruising?

Kei Cioc: I like to cruise alone. The races make my skills increase. For me, a high skill level is nice to enjoy cruising with ease of mind.
You: You must see a lot of nice places cruising. Do you have any favourites?
Kei Cioc: I like my home town Hayama.
Kei Cioc: You know Masa,Ody,Takeshi… (Masahisa Greenwood, Odysseus Yiyuan, Takeshi Shnyder. Red.)
Kei Cioc: They all live there, next to my house.
You: All top sailors… and you are all neighbours..
Kei Cioc: Yep, but it’s an unknown resort. Always empty. I do a secret training there lol

You: Not everyone knows that besides the Fizz Cup finals 2008, you have won the DG470 cup and also now lead the big cat cup, in which you have competed before. How do those boats compare to you?
Kei Cioc: I like the Big Cat very much, the fastest cat in SL.
Kei Cioc: I like all of these boats, but I love Fizz much more than others.
You: I see. So, for the next big tournament, Kei will be there to challenge the others, regardless of the boat?
Kei Cioc: Not challenge, just play together.
Kei Cioc: I dont have to win, but I want to try hard.

You: You have a number of fans in SL Sailing, I know Jane Fossett is one of them. What do you think they will expect from their hero?
Kei Cioc: really ? :)))
You: She mentions you a lot in her sail reports…
Kei Cioc: Jane is my grand teacher I think, She is a teacher of Taku, I have heard. And of course I’m a big fan of Jane’s articles.
Kei Cioc: I’m not a hero, but I’m happy when people have fun to watch me and others in competition.
Kei Cioc: often people who I dont know IM me ‘Good Job’, after the finish. I enjoy that.
You: Do those people also ask you for advice sometimes?
Kei Cioc: Hmm, in few cases, but rarely.
You: What would you recommend those people… or the ones who want to start sail in SL?
Kei Cioc: Do not practice alone.



Kei Cioc at his homeport in the Hayama Estate

 You: What other things you like to do in SL?
Kei Cioc: I like to build on my house…
Kei Cioc: And to watch car racing…
Kei Cioc: My partner in SL is a TOP car racer in the Japanese GrandPrix circuit. She is a very good driver, she won many more races than me.
You: I see, did you ever race cars yourself in SL.
Kei Cioc: Never lol It’s very difficult and requires hard training.

You: There is a lot of discussion in SL Sailing, on high wind speed versus low. Some say we need slower and more realistic boats, others like to race fast and far. How do you think about this?
Kei Cioc: I like both. Fast long races are very intersting of course. But so are realistic boats to me.
Kei Cioc: We need to know about rules or tactics.

You: So far you won all 3 heats in your groups in the 2009 Fizz Cup. What do you expect from yourself now?
Kei Cioc: First of all, I want to enter the GOLD series. :))
You: Let me thank you for the interview.
Kei Cioc: Thank you. 🙂

Kei Cioc: Pronouce ‘K’
Liv Leigh: Hehe yes.
Kei Cioc: I want to tell Mark, (MarkTwain White, Red.)  he called me “key chuck” in the last cup.


Interview with joro Aya

[Note: With this post, Liv Leigh begins a series of interviews that will highlight the sailors competing in World Fizz Cup 2009. Although Liv is on the Cup Organizing Committee, any and all of her comments here reflect her personal views, not those of World Fizz 2009.

Welcome aboard, Liv!!!!]

Liv header

 The dark green Pixie next to me on the couch comes across modest, almost shy. Until two weeks ago the sailing world mostly knew her because of her humoristic nature. And a Flying Fizz mod that she made and raced in: a clog.
Flying Clogs were not allowed in the Fizz Cup 2009, but Joro’s star rose nevertheless: She swept the first two World Cup events, winning all 8 of her races. This weekend Joro might write history with the longest winning streak in Fizz Cup history. Liv spoke one of SL Sailing’s new heroes.

joro Aya: I love the sea, from a distance

Joro leads the pack in Fizz Round 2

Joro leads the pack in Fizz Round 2

Liv Leigh: I was kind of intrigued by the shop in your profile and went over for a look. Can you tell me something about it?
joro Aya: Not much to tell, it tiny little shop that sells some furniture. Fantasy inspired furniture.
joro Aya: I started making furniture, mostly beds, some four years ago with another alt. Had a big shop back then.

Liv Leigh: I see. so you go a long way back in sl.
joro Aya: Heh, not as long as some.
Liv Leigh: I know. but 4 years is a long time. did you already sail by then?
joro Aya: No.
Liv Leigh: how did you get into sailing
joro Aya: A few months ago Miss Bunnie took me sailing. Was an ACA race. After that i was hooked and bought an ACA too.
Liv Leigh: Bunnie Mills..
joro Aya: Yes. She’s good friend. we make things together.

Liv Leigh: Yes, I remember you being around a couple of months in sl sailing. I mostly noted the fizz mods you made. Especially the clogs.
joro Aya: Heh, that’s the only fizz mod me made so far. So… what others did You see? 🙂
Liv Leigh: The flying flubbers.
joro Aya (giggles): Oh, that thing. That was never completed, was only a little experiment.
Liv Leigh: It is rather characteristic. Have you made more clogs?
joro Aya: Working on one, to replace the one I made.
Liv Leigh: Ahh I see, another boat. That is the only clog-shaped item you made?
joro Aya: No, I was sailing the clog one day and thought, “Why not use the sculptie to make boots?”
joro Aya: So me maked clogs for wearing too
Liv Leigh: For yourself or also to be sold?
joro Aya: Also to be sold, but haven’t sold a single pair yet 🙂 Could use the money, SL is expencive. but I don’t really care much. I make things because it’s fun to make them.

joro Aya in her own habitat

Liv Leigh: Back to sailing.. you entered the flying fizz cup 2009 as one of 75 subscribers, now you have won the first 2 events, sweeping all 8 races. You must be aware that it is one of the longest winning streaks in Fizz Cup history, and after this weekend it might even be called historical. What does that do to you?
cup 2 134joro Aya: Makes me feel nervous and uneasy. I entered the cup not expecting much and now… Now Ikinda feel Ihave to do good. It’s still fun though
Liv Leigh: I see. Does it also mean you are adjusting your ambitions for the cup now?
joro Aya: Would be a hoot if i reached the finals 🙂 Would like that.

Liv Leigh: What does sailing in sl now do to you. Did you ever sail in real life or would you have plans for that now?
joro Aya: Any body of water bigger then a bathtub I stay far away from 🙂 Unless it’s on a really really big boat like the ferry to England. I’m terrified of water IRL.
Liv Leigh: I see. You do not live near the sea yourself?
joro Aya: Ehm… I live on the bottom of the sea, kinda. Where I live used to be sea and the people made it land.
Liv Leigh: I see.. a polder
joro Aya: Yes.
joro Aya: I love the sea, from a distance

joro Aya: Heh, I remember the 1st time I accidently fell into SL water. I totally freaked out.
Liv Leigh: You thought your avatar would drown?
joro Aya: Didn’t think anything. I just freaked. Am over that now, I even dare to swim in SL water 🙂
Liv Leigh: And sail in one of the most notorious boats for capsizing.
joro Aya: Yes. Is one of the things I love most about SL. Being able to do things that I would never do IRL.

Joro widens her lead on leg two at Waypoint

Joro widens her lead on leg two at Waypoint

Liv Leigh: For a final question: What would you recommend any starting sailor in sl?
joro Aya: Would recommend not to sail in front of me 🙂
Liv Leigh: Haha great
joro Aya: But seriously…
joro Aya: I would recommend to not take things to seriously and have loads of fun.
joro Aya: And beware of pink boats.

Liv Leigh: Thanks for the interview.
joro Aya: YW.

joro Aya: Me wonder how big the cup is.
joro Aya: Me wonder how much coffee will fit in it.

joro Aya goes undefeated in Round Two for EIGHT STRAIGHT WINS in Fizz 2009
joro Aya goes undefeated in Round Two for EIGHT STRAIGHT WINS in Fizz 2009