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Fossett 2500

Fossett 2500

Although my regards are a few weeks’ tardy, I’d like to give a big THANKS to Chaos, Benny and Rona for their efforts organizing the August  20 Leeward Cruise. The theme was:  Jane Fossett’s 2,500th day in Second Life. 🙂 It was loads of fun, and gave me this opportunity to chime-in with praise for SL cruisers once again.

Chaos, Tory, Manul

The Cruising Club has been around for over five years, and it’s easily the largest and longest-running sailing event in all SL. 

Manul Rotaru and Tory Micheline initiated the concept. With strong support from Saxxon Domela and Elisha Paklena, Manul and Tory began Mowry Bay Cruising Club. It was an instant, huge success, and the MBCC fleet quickly grew in both membership and cruising options. After many months of regular events, MBCC was recognized by pretty much everyone  as a staple of sailing in Second Life. 🙂

At that point, Tory and Manul did an truly unexpected and somewhat amazing thing: They resigned. They had proven their point about the importance of cruising. They were not interested in SL politics, and they certainly did not want to form some sort of “Cruising Monopoly.” (Note: This is just my understanding of conversations from years ago. Please chat with Tory and Manul to get the real info.)

At their request, the cruising group reorganized and became the Leeward Cruising ClubSaxxon again hosted several meetings, and both Blackbird Latte and Cait played important roles, keeping the cruising group alive during a serious transitional phase.

Leeward Cruising

Chaos at helm; Jane, Fran and somebody crewing.

The mantle was then formally passed to Chaos Mandelbrot and Kittensusie Lander. That dynamic duo instantly went into high gear, establishing a regular schedule of challenging cruises and apres sail parties that won the admiration and participation of sailors, grid-wide.

In this context, don’t let me forget BennyThe Boozehound; he’s coordinated the music for over half the cruises since Chaos and Kitten took charge. Benny’s playlists have always been cruise-appropriate, and frequently sailor-specific; he’s set the theme for a litany of sailing adventures in SL. It’s no easy matter to set up the media at a new dock each week, and Benny deserves heartfelt thanks for his dedication to all the SL sailors over so many years. 🙂

The cruises have been successful for so long that Hannelore Ballenger recently posted (with some frustration) that the SL Sailing Association should be

LCC June 21


renamed the SL Cruisers, since cruising was ostensibly more popular than racing! However, of course the issue is not so black-and-white; the truth lies somewhere in-between.

In Real Life, yacht clubs are made up of both cruisers and racers. The cruisers usually strongly outnumber the racers although there is often considerable overlap, and even occasional friction. It’s no surprise that similar community patterns develop in Second Life’s sailing clubs too. Sailing is a highly diverse endeavor.

Well, having said all that, let me add that the August 20 Fossett Anniversary Cruise at DYC/ Knaptrackicon turned out pretty great, with the usual flash mob of sailors and boats in attendance. It also gave me a chance to show off the wonderful, (in fact, rather incredible) recent rebuild of DYC by Elbag Gable and RJ Kikuchiyo.


DYC’s Northwest corner has a permanent deck designed to host LCC visitors and events. 🙂 Benny put it to good use on August 20!

Leeward Cruisers at DYC

Leeward Cruise September 17

Well anyway, that was a few weeks ago. As you read this, you’re prolly muttering to yourself: “So what? What has Leeward Cruising Club done for me lately?

I’m glad you asked! 🙂

LCC 17 Sep 2013

Leeward Cruise September 17

The September 17 05:00pm SLT cruise will revisit Sansara. The fleet will take off from the rez point dock in Valda sim, and move West through the Northern Coastal corridor until it merges with the waters of Bay City. The fleet will then move South to the opposite side of the continent to pick up the Southern Coastal passage heading East.

At the old site of Abbott’s Aerodrome, the hardy group of sailors will turn Northeast again, cutting into the legendary Bay of Space Pigs. An octave of sims later, the group will make landfall at the Sailing Center in Fudo, where Benny will be spinning tunes, and Rona will be waiting with hot chocolate and cookies for everybody. 🙂

See you at 5:00 in Valda!

testing new course

Test driving the route on Monday nite


Danshire Yacht Club Gets a Makeover

DYC April 16_024a

I wanted to take a moment to give a huge shout-out to Elbag Gable and RJ Kikuchiyo for their wonderful help expanding and remodeling Danshire Yacht Club in Knaptrackicon.

knaptrack channelKnaptrackicon

Knaptrakicon sits in the middle of Nautilus between Bingo Strait and Dire Strait, and it includes the major channel that connects the North and South waterways for the linked continents of Nautilus, Gaeta, Satori, and Corsica. That makes Knaptrackicon a rather critical gateway for many who sail there. Click on the map above, and you’ll see what I mean.


Click to enlarge: Knaptrackicon in 2009

may 10 2010  knaptrackicon

Knaptrackicon in 2010


In an effort to keep at least a narrow channel open, in early 2010 Tig Spijkers and I moved Danshire Yacht Club down to Knaptrackicon. When several more parcels went on sale there soon after, Elbag Gable joined in and picked them up, widening the waterway for all sailors to use.

The image to the right shows the channel and builds as of May 2010. The waterway is open and easily navigable, but there are still small builds on either side of the canal that make it difficult for more than one boat to pass at a time.

Well, that’s changing pretty quickly now! A few months ago, Elbag made another wonderful gesture, buying up several of the remaining parcels in the sim and deeding them through DYC to improve sailing. It was now possible to widen the channel, re-terraform the western half of the sim, and give the DYC builds a “fashion makeover.” 🙂 

That’s where RJ Kikuchiyo stepped in and took over, completely redesigning the space to give it a consistent, classic Northern European theme. RJ is a truly legendary maestro of maritime architecture in Second Life. Although the work is not yet complete, the new additions are strikingly beautiful, detailed and true, reflecting both RJ’s artistic vision and his knowledge of maritime history. Please stop by and take a look, and ask RJ about it!

DYC April 16 2013

Mandelbrot exp(7)

Quite a few sailors did stop by DYC this past Tuesday; the Leeward Cruisers celebrated  Chaos Mandelbrot’s Seventh Rez Day!

LCC April 16 map

click to enlarge

The cruise route for the day left DYC  and swung up through Dire Strait to Fedallah, before turning Southeast to cut back into Bingo Strait.

If you click on the map to the right, the green dots will give you a sense of  the size of the fleet. Early in the sail, boats were strung out all the way from DYC to the ends of Dire Strait! 🙂

Leeward April 16

As usual, the cruise was full of fun sailing and flat jokes, and Bennythe Boozehound’s music selection kept everyone pretty excited all evening. It was a great way to break in the new dockside dancefloor at DYC!

Chaos RezDay 7 Party at DYC

Atanua Marina

Over the past two years, the Linden Department of Public Works has greatly expanded the opportunities for mainland sailors. In Sansara, they upgraded Sea of Fables with new racelines and content, and then added roughly three dozen new coastal waterway sims to provide Bay City with both North and South passages to sailing areas in East Sansara and Heterocera.

The efforts in Nautilus have been equally impressive, with the development of Dire Strait, a new passage to Corsica, and the addition of many coastal waterway sims at strategic points to make extensive cruising possible.

Leeward Cruise July 10 2012

Satori (aka the Southern Continent,  the Japanese Continent, or Mãebaleia) is now getting attention as well. Satori, like Gaeta (and I suppose like Australia too) has few inland waterways, and it’s coastal routes were cluttered with impassable builds. Well, that’s slowly changing as new water sims are added on both the East and West coasts.


Leeward Cruisers applauded this change and made several excursions to Satori in recent months. Well, on Tuesday July 9 LCC’s at it again with a cruise that will start from the Atanua Marina and end at DYC in Knaptrackicon.

Kudos go to Abnor Mole for his very nice Atanua Marina build that will be LCC’s Tuesday launch point. It’s located in the Northwest corner of the sim, and it’s horseshoe-shaped, with a large, protected dock area facing south.

The rez point is thoughtfully done as well. It encloses the entire marina area, but then extends a good distance south over open water. Even a large flotilla should find ample space to stage a start there.

One of the nicest things about the Atanua Marina is the long rez time; autoreturn is set for 30 minutes there, so there’s no need to rush if you need to make last-minute repairs to your boat before you get underway. 🙂

Come cruising with Leeward on Tuesday at 5:00pm SLT, and see if you agree Atanua’s a nice addition for sailors. If you like it, be sure to say thanks to Abnor Mole and Michael Linden next time you see them! 🙂

S4L Scores a Winning Poker Run

Kudos to Uber Race Director Kentrock Messmer  and Fisher Island/ Sailors Cove co-owners Parick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe for hosting the May 20 Poker Run event for Sail 4 Life. It was a super success!

Leeward Cruisers Join In

While I’m at it, let me also give a big shout-out to Kittensusie Lander; she coordinated the Leeward Club cruise that day, bringing a flotilla of friends all fit for fundraising!

Kitten arranged an ambitious itinerary that got everyone excited for the event to follow. Here’s the chart LCC sailed:

As you can see from the above map, the Leeward gang set out from from Crows Nest next to Fastnet Light in the middle of Blake Sea. Well over two dozen sailors showed up at the rez point by launch time. You can see them all tacking Northwest in the map image just after raising sail. (below)

Click to enlarge

The cruise fleet then ran a remarkably ambitious route that included an upwind-downwind sprint through the narrow channel in Nautilus City followed by a tour of the northern USS sims. That LCC Poseidon-pack then turned South into Sailors Cove where they cruised around a bit, finally making landfall at the FIYC clubhouse. They were just in time to begin the S4L Poker Run!

Poker Run

So what’s a Poker Run? Good question! I didn’t know either, although I admit Kentrock’s tried to explain it to me since way back in 2008. 🙂

Sunday’s Poker Run was adapted from a real-life club sailing game, where skippers sail to five different waypoints. At each stop they collect one playing card, until they finally have a poker hand. The sailor with the best hand wins! It sounds a bit complicated, but Kentrock had Quirky Torok and Chad Sawson along to help explain it all and keep the juices flowing. 🙂

You might also think this event would end when somebody came back with the best five-card hand… but you’d be wrong. After all, sailors are a pretty competitive lot, and S4L was just warming up. Under Sunday’s poker rules, if you didn’t like the first five cards you received, you could turn some in and buy up to three replacement cards.

It wasn’t hard to imagine the S4L cash register going “ga-ching!” as every single sailor jockeyed to upgrade their cards and buy a better chance to win. It reminded me of Mitt Romney trying to buy the US Presidency, but wow, S4L is a much better investment. 🙂

There were even more rules-twists to Sunday’s Poker. 🙂 There were an additional two wild-card Jokers you could buy to supplement your hand, and those Joker auctions proved pretty exciting! SL-sailors revealed their competitive spirit and showed how incredibly generous — and even rather wonderful — they all could be.

Well, at this point enter Amanda Bananza from Stage Left (I guess I mean from the Port Side 🙂 ).

Amanda Bananza bid fast and furious, winning the first Joker at auction for a high bid of $5,050. Woots! At one point the crowd enthusiasm was so intense that Amanda and Chad got confused, and Amanda ended up bidding against herself!

After the clamor died down, Master of Ceremonies Chad Sawson wisely called a thirty-minute break, so the rest of us sailors could go home and ask mommy for a loan so we could bid too… 🙂

As the clock ticked down for the second Joker auction, one way or another everyone came back. Here’s the transcript for the second-round wildcard bidding:

[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Ok, here we go! Minimum bid for last Joker is $1000L
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): shouts: 1000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: we have a bid!
[2012/05/20 16:31] Rowan Aurbierre: 2000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Jane Fossett: no you can’t pick the facecards… I’m bidding on them!
[2012/05/20 16:31] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 3000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Rowna 2 2000
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 3k
[2012/05/20 16:31] Aislin Keynes: shouts: 3500
[2012/05/20 16:31] Chad Sawson: shouts: Ais @ 3500
[2012/05/20 16:32] Rowan Aurbierre: 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Rowan Aurbierre: shouts: 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Jane Fossett: $4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: Rowan @ 4k
[2012/05/20 16:32] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: The bid is 4000
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: jane @ 4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: now 4129
[2012/05/20 16:32] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias?
[2012/05/20 16:33] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 4500
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Bid is now 4129 to Jane
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 4500
[2012/05/20 16:33] Jane Fossett: <–glares at Mathias
[2012/05/20 16:33] Jane Fossett: 🙂
[2012/05/20 16:33] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Aislin Keynes: haha
[2012/05/20 16:33] Kentrock Messmer: LOL
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 4500 three mins to go
[2012/05/20 16:34] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 4600
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda @ 4600
[2012/05/20 16:34] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 5000
[2012/05/20 16:34] Chad Sawson: shouts: 2 minutes to go
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 5000
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5000 going once
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5000 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:35] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 5050
[2012/05/20 16:35] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[2012/05/20 16:35] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shout 5100
[2012/05/20 16:35] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda @ 5050
[2012/05/20 16:35] Jane Fossett: haha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 5100
[2012/05/20 16:36] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 5150
[2012/05/20 16:36] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 5500
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5150 to Amanda
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat at 5500
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): humms playing with the queen of hearts
[2012/05/20 16:36] Jane Fossett: hahaha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:36] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5500 Going once
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 5500 Going twice
[2012/05/20 16:37] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6150
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6150 to Amanda
[2012/05/20 16:37] Kentrock Messmer: Yeee Haww
[2012/05/20 16:37] Jane Fossett: gasp
[2012/05/20 16:37] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6500
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): omg she has 2 aces
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): 2 jokers I mean
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mat @ 6500
[2012/05/20 16:37] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6500 going once
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6500 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:38] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6600
[2012/05/20 16:38] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6800
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 to Amanda! Dang! Im sweatin over here
[2012/05/20 16:38] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): rofl
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: Mathias @ 6600
[2012/05/20 16:38] kittensusie Landar: we’re all freakin sweating 😀
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: shouts: all to a good cause
[2012/05/20 16:38] Jane Fossett: sweat costs more!
[2012/05/20 16:38] Chad Sawson: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 going once
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6600 going twice
[2012/05/20 16:39] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6650
[2012/05/20 16:39] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6800
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: 6800 surely?
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chaos (chaos.mandelbrot): was that a bid kitten?
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: Now 6800 to Mat
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: shouts: NOOOOO
[2012/05/20 16:39] Jane Fossett: don’t call her Shirley
[2012/05/20 16:39] Chad Sawson: shouts: y’all are makin me type too much
[2012/05/20 16:39] kittensusie Landar: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:39] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): haha… kitten is my financier
[2012/05/20 16:39] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): lol
[2012/05/20 16:39] Rowan Aurbierre: lol
[2012/05/20 16:40] Aislin Keynes: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6800 going 1
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6800 going 2
[2012/05/20 16:40] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): kitten is my gardian angel
[2012/05/20 16:40] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 6810
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: SOLD!
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 to amanda
[2012/05/20 16:40] Jane Fossett: WOOOOOT!!!!
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: unsold
[2012/05/20 16:40] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): man… cheap shot…
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: she got it in
[2012/05/20 16:40] Jane Fossett: cough cough
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: hahahaha
[2012/05/20 16:40] -Q- (quirky.torok): jeeeze i got to get to bed soon
[2012/05/20 16:40] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 once
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6810 twice
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): shouts: 6900
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): i meant to hit it earlier but my glasses fell off

[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: dang! this is fun!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: 6900 to mat
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: once
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: twice
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): 8000
[2012/05/20 16:41] Chad Sawson: shouts: OMG!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): better… lol
[2012/05/20 16:41] Mathias (mattaio.rossini): all hers
[2012/05/20 16:41] Jane Fossett: inflation!
[2012/05/20 16:41] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): goddess
[2012/05/20 16:41] Kentrock Messmer: Holy Cows
[2012/05/20 16:41] -Q- (quirky.torok): i think she wants this BAD
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Sold to Amanda @ 8000 L$
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: wonderful!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Aislin Keynes: I think so too Q
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): XC
[2012/05/20 16:42] kittensusie Landar: WHOOOOOTTT!!!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): ~*~ OMG ~*~
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): ~*~ FAINTS ~*~
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Thanks Amanda and mathias!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Jane Fossett: haha
[2012/05/20 16:42] Kentrock Messmer: shouts: YAY
[2012/05/20 16:42] Rowan Aurbierre: so much for the tier this month huh Amanda?
[2012/05/20 16:42] Aislin Keynes: LOL
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): again
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: thjis was great and helps a great cause!
[2012/05/20 16:42] Amanda Bananza (amandabananza): umm wait til I tell Gordon, rofl
[2012/05/20 16:42] Rowan Aurbierre: AMANDA will meet you at the kiosk
[2012/05/20 16:42] Chad Sawson: shouts: Amanda get the Chad Joker #2
[2012/05/20 16:42] kittensusie Landar: Amanda, about that loan you asked for, i’ve got bad news……..

OMG, Amanda held her course and bought both wildcards, ensuring she’d win the whole poker event! Wow! And mega-kudos also go to Mattaio Rossini, who went bid-for-bid with Amanda over both auctions, building the total for the final donation. Nice work you two!

Although I don’t have any fundraising totals (you’ll have to ask Kentrock or Fanci for that), I’m quite sure the Poker Run went way over expectations, and that Amanda’s generosity was reflected and shared by the spirit of the entire sailing community.

Bottom line, Sunday’s LCC cruise and Poker Run were a colossal hit. They were great fun,bringing sailors and residents together in a common cause. Did I mention it raised a boatload of $Lindens for cancer research? 🙂

Not a bad day on the water in Second Life, I think. 🙂

Kent? Next year, do it again!

Kudos to October 25 Cruisers

Thanks to Fruit Islands, Eden Resort, and the new North Sea Region for hosting last tuesday’s Leeward Cruising Club cruise!

LCC is a rather huge group of bodacious boaters, and it keeps getting bigger and better. The excursions are coordinated by Kittensusie Lander, Cate Foulsbane, and Chaos Mandelbrot, a truly terrific troika of seasoned skippers.

The LCC Tues-Cruise is usually orchestrated by Chaos. In fact he’s done a nonstop great job at it each and every week, pretty much forever… or at least since that asteroid ruined Caribbean cruising back during the Cretaceous period.

(Editor comment: Please note, the Cretaceous Epoch should not be confused with SL’s legendary Cetaceous Racecrew.)

Anyway, on October 25 Chaos was detained by RL stuff and he asked for some stand-in assistance until he could arrive on-deck. Well, in short order a bunch of great Fruit Islands sailors with curiously familiar names all chimed in to help.

So please give mega-kudos to Equinox, Hawk, Elbag, Samlara, Xi, Benny, and Lizzo for their combo-super-assist backing up Chaos, LCC’s Penguinus in Absentia.

LDewell Hawker designed the course for October 25, making it a Grand Tour of Elbag Gable’s new North Sea sailing water:

Hawk's Oct25 LCC Cruise Route

The Cruising Crowd on Tuesday is often pretty big and takes some planning. Elbag, Hawk, and Lizzo knew this, and decided LCC needed a full sim for both the cruise Launch and Finish. Luckily, Mango Yacht Club was available… 🙂

MYC has a beautiful marina and a great, multipurpose club designed by Equinox Pinion and Dennis Lagan, the co-owners of Fruit Islands Estate. RJ Kikuchiyo had a big input there too!

Tuesday’s launch from MYC was a good chance to remind sailors that Mango sim has recently changed it’s Fruit location. When the North Sea project rolled out, Mango moved to the far West edge of Fruit Islands, as shown on Hawk’s map above. It’s protected harbor now opens on North Sea, and woots, that’s a pretty nice spot!

I guess the LCC fleet got a chance to decide that for themselves on Tuesday. By cruise time, Hawk announced that over twenty sailors were already heading out from the Mango dock into the surrounding sims. Actually, the fleet quickly grew to nearly twice that size; and I have personal evidence! 🙂

Once the flotilla took off and stragglers on the dock were cared for, I launched a boat to sail ‘clean-up’ behind the fleet. Well, within a minute from the time I hit the water, I was joined by two new sailors who were a bit late but wanted to come cruise. Right behind them came LCC’s Antarctic Admiral, Chaos Mandelbrot. Without warning he fell from the sky, his tiller in hand.  I stepped aside so he landed on the helm!

Four on the Floor (click to enlarge)

So in less than sixty seconds, my solo fleet addition turned into a commuter bus carrying a full crew. 🙂 We actually rezzed a new Trudeau Twelve to make room for everybody, and I’m guessing a lot of similar stuff was going on in the cockpits of other skippers, as the number of cruisers ramped up across North Sea. 🙂

I also think this is one of the hidden strengths of Leeward Cruising. People can just show up as their schedule permits; it’s all about fun, and there’s no stress.

Hey, you don’t have a boat?
Well, a LCC skipper has space for you.

Are you working late and can’t make the cruise?
Well, come in the middle, or just join the party after!

It’s hard not to love LCC’s attitude. The fleet keeps growing, the courses get more diverse, and the LCC organizers take it all in stride. Thank you to Tory and Manul for getting the cruising ball rolling in SL, and for setting the strong foundation that started it all. As I mentioned above, please also give a loud woot to Kitten, Cate, and Chaos. They continued the LCC legacy, and grew it into a legend. 🙂

Thanks to North Sea and Fruit too! The North Sea sims had good grid weather for the Tuesday cruise, and there were fairly stable sim crossings. In no small measure that resulted from Hawk and Fruit Island’s vigilance restarting recalcitrant regions prior to the LCC take-off.

There were four of us sailing a small boat Tuesday in the cruise.  Given the recent SL troubles, fraught with server issues and failed server hand-offs, I thought our vessel was doomed. However, Trudeau Twelve is a pretty rugged build, and North Sea kept a watchful eye. We actually made it the whole way with only a single mishap. 🙂 Cough… Our Admiral-Penguin-Skipper fell overboard briefly… Apparently, the sailing conditions were good enough that he decided to upgrade his graphics drivers while we were crossing dozens of ocean sims… 🙂

Anyway, after Chaos fell overboard, the rest of us drifted… telling jokes, eating crudite, and discussing Lindsay Lohan’s career. Chaos was back after a quick reboot however, and we forged ahead.

I admit North Sea is pretty interesting. I had my draw distance set to around 480m and we were cruising with a sizable flotilla. Despite that, for much of the time I could only see open water, with a sprinkling of distant sails on the horizon. It was a lot like RL offshore cruising!

North Sea, Eden, and Fruit Islands together present new options for sailing events, providing a combination of open water and narrow channel passages that will meet the needs of many skippers and event planners.

Although lots of good water is critical, let me also add that cruising is mostly about Friends. You may cover a long distance confined to your boat and close crew-mates, but the whole inspiration comes as a joint venture coupled with many other audacious captains. Your boat is just one part of a whole fleet, and you’re all heading to a far-off destination.

On Tuesday, that destination landfall was back at Mango, where Bennythe Boozehound was spinning his playlist. It was a great prize to strive for. 🙂

Yikes, it was a pretty great cruise overall, and I hope there are many more to come! GO LCC!!

Go Benny!

October 11 Leeward Cruise

click to enlarge

I’ve posted about Leeward Cruising Club on many occasions, but let me give LCC another shout-out today. Their mixed fleet cruises are loads of fun, and usually draw a truly huge crowd of sailors. Months ago I wrote about  a regular Sunday LCC cruise from Danshire that seemed nothing special… but wow, fifty-two boats rezzed! Yikes! 🙂

Oct 11 LCC chart; click to enlarge

Probably the best thing about Leeward is the attitude. It’s is all about sailing together. It’s true that SL’s best racers often show up, but the cruises are about fun sailing, and there’s no competition involved. Each cruise strongly welcomes any new sailor who wants to take part; you don’t need a boat, and you don’t even need to know anything about sailing.

As Woody Allen said: “Eighty percent of success is showing up.” That comment surely applies to LCC’s cruises; if you can make it to the launch point, a skipper will gladly make room for you aboard their boat. LCC’s motto is “No one left on the dock!” 🙂

Sailors en route from Scar; click image!

Cate Foulesbane, Kittensusie Landar, and Chaos Mandelbrot are the Holy Trinity in charge of Leeward Cruising, continuing the great legacy of the group’s original founders, Tory Micheline and Manul Rotaru.

Yesterday’s cruise kept the faith and stuck to LCC’s tradition. It was particularly great, since the sim conditions were the best in a very long time.

Chaos Mandelbot serves as Admiral-on-deck for most Tuesday cruises. Yesterday he charted a course that sailed the newly opened coastal waters of Northwest Satori, bringing the fleet to landfall at Diamond Marchant‘s marina in Poob (26, 37, 21).

The cruise began at the Coastal Waterway rez point in Scar (22, 230, 21), a small island dock in Linden waters on Satori’s West edge (see the picture at the top of this post). The fleet then progressed along the continental rim of Satori to enter Bingo Strait, the body of water that separates Satori from Nautilus.

I posted a close-up view of the map below. As you can see, once the cruise fleet entered Bingo Strait, they sailed Northeast, cutting through “Brenda’s Channel” (blue arrow below) to reach the destination dock in Poob. Brenda’s Channel was created by Elbag Gable several months ago to give sailors more cruising options; it’s absolutely great. Thank you Elbag and Brenda!

The destination in Poob (yellow arrow below) is Diamond Marchant’s marina. As most SL skippers know, Diamond’s a great sailor, and she was one of the original marina developers in Bingo Strait. Big thanks to Diamond for hosting the cruise finish!

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about yesterday’s cruise was the sim stability. Despite a very large fleet and a long voyage, nearly every boat arrived at the destination in Poob intact.

Click me!

Francois Jacques and I crewed for Admiral Chaos, who sailed the new Razor. I thought three of us aboard a new vessel in the middle of a large flotilla would spell disaster… but not last night! The new Razor held true, and so did the several Trudeau Epicurus that joined in… as well as the numerous Quest, BBK, Rotaru and Balduin builds!

For at least one evening sail, the grid had game, and functioned perfectly. It was pretty wondrous, and it’s how sailing should always be… 🙂

To celebrate the point, the the post-cruise party at Diamond’s place was DJ’d by Jakespeed Northman; his playlist was, as usual, pretty super!

So thank you LCC, Chaos, Cate, Kitten… and Diamond, Jake, and Elbag too; it was a great cruise! And omg, thanks to LL for… at least once… lifting the fog so cruisers could see what SL Sailing is really capable of. 🙂

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Outreach and Outposts

Second Wind Kudos

Sailing in Second Life can be pretty confusing and intimidating for new skippers. If you’ve never sailed in real life, it’s easy to get bogged down and totally lost in all the sailor jargon,  variable boat features, and multiple wind physics algorithms. Actually, my guess is it takes a few weeks for most people just to figure out that “sheeting” refers to sail adjustment, not what’s on top of a sex bed! 🙂

I suspect many SL users shy away from Sailing because it appears to have a steep learning curve. It often seems hard to find quick, unbiased, and fun resources where you can get answers to embarrassingly simple questions.

Many sailing groups reach out to help new sailors. Starboards holds “Learn to Sail” classes every Sunday, Bea Woodget has the Sailing Academy, and there are many other classes and resources to help new and old sailors gain more confidence on the water. Even while I was writing this post, I received notices that Elbag Gable was teaching Beginner Instruction at Fruit Islands, and LDeWell Hawker was following Elbag’s act with a Racing Class! 🙂

Today however, I want to give a special shout-out to three people who recently took a few additional steps that may make sailing more accessible to everyone. Well-deserved kudos go to Francois Jacques, Charlz Price and Fiona Haworth, who  together launched a Second Wind initiative that promotes sailing to the large SL community.

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’ve already seen the video they produced with Surfwidow’s creative skills; it’s pretty fantastic and deserves a replay:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The goal of the video is simple; to let SL users know a well-kept secret: Sailing is the most fun, the least expensive… and yes, the most addictive thing anyone can do in Second Life. 🙂 

Building on that simple, obvious message, the Second Wind Troika is setting up outposts on the grid that serve multiple purposes, including:

– Rez points, where SL users can learn about sailing and get a flood of free information.
– access to free boats and time-limited boat trials, so new users may get a wealth of  unbiased options to choose from.
– lists of yacht clubs, marinas, and yacht yards where sailors can get more info, and the latest updates.

So far there are two Second Wind stations, both in Sansara.  The first is located in Fudo near the new expanded Sansara sailing waters. It’s dedicated to Epicurus Emmons, and I’m pretty sure someplace dear Epi has a big grin… it’s exactly what he always believed in. Please go stop by, and see if you agree:

Epi Sailing Resource Center, Fudo (19, 35, 22)

The other Resource Center is located on the East shore of Sea of Fables, near where Suzanne Zeluco, Extreme Riders Japan, and Far East Yacht Club all had outposts in past years.

Three Pines Sailing Resource Center, Owasco (46, 247, 22)

Three Pines - click to enlarge

It’s a really great spot that stands in tribute to both SL Sailing history and the current fleet of wondrous, global skippers. It’s location also celebrates the great new sailing opportunities that Lindens helped build in Sansara waters this past year.

Go stop by; I guarantee you’ll get a lot of free stuff, as well as a ton of propaganda about how great sailing is. 🙂 You’ll also get exhaustive lists of places to cruise, to race, and to get more info, or maybe to just tie up and dance, grid-wide. 🙂

(Note: if you have a place to add to the info lists, please contact Francois, Charlz or Fiona!)


As I said in my opening comments, there are a variety of initiatives to expand Sailing in Second Life, started by many great people. The Second Wind / Come Sail With Us idea is notable because it emphasizes the wide extent of sailing resources in SL, and it works closely with many others to support the diversity of SLSailing opportunities. As just one example, Second Wind’s two Resource Center are also Leeward Cruising Club Outposts.

As most sailors know, Leeward Cruising Club is a pretty wonderful group originally started by Tory Micheline and Manul Rotaru. They were trying to encourage organized, open-water cruises for fun. Their focus was on group sailing, and it was never linked to any club or ‘race competition.’ They left nobody on the dock. 🙂

After all, in real life the vast majority of sailors spend their time cruising, not racing. In RL and SL, they want to enjoy the company of so many global skippers they count as friends. They can’t do that if they are always competing on a race line.

Over considerable time and with much persistence Tory and Manul’s goal proved valid. Their fleet grew and the fun was contagious. It expanded to pretty-much every new spot a fleet could rez in SL!

Last year, Kittensusie Lander, Cate Foulsbane, and Chaos Mandelbrot took over, and woots! LCC expanded and grew even faster! I recall hosting one of their events where… no kidding… Fifty-two boats rezzed.

(Thank god Debelox sim had over 12,000 free prim!)

As I said, that was just last year; this year it’s even better. There are several cruises each week, and they follow fun courses that link great new ports many sailors might not know about. LCC fixes that, and conjoins a whole flotilla of newbies and old salts that laugh the evening away together.

Since Second Wind’s Resource Centers are also Leeward Cruising Rez sites and sailing docks, let me take this chance to add the current list of LCC spots below!

Here is a somewhat modified version of the notecard list provided by Kitten and Cate inworld this past week. Any errors are mine, transcribing their info; the text and all the hard work is theirs!

From Kitten and Cate, 11 April 2011

These areas are open for anyone to rezz their boats and explore the surrounding waters. This document will be updated when new Outposts are made available.


click to enlarge

Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club , Ghloogums (58, 180, 25)

Pendelton Resort – Marina I – CH, Charleville (163, 142, 21)

SLCG Baitoushan Airport Station, Baitoushan (164, 9, 21)

Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club , Skyridge (217, 27, 21)

St Exupery Airport and Club, Gorgonzola (82, 200, 22)

Telling Marine Queck 120,16,21

Leeward CC, Twisster (24, 187, 20)

Peachy Beach, Plumpton (146, 36, 21)

LCC Outpost, Sheershank, Gaeta V, Sheershank (134, 240, 21)

Nautilus and the Islands to the east

Thistle Cove, Tsurington (117, 55, 21)

LCC Outpost @ The OrCafe, Devilbrook (37, 189, 22)

Club Palladium @Beach Pad , Nuclear (2, 177, 21)

Yacht Club Annex, Thorkell (243, 230, 21)

DomusLand – Twice Bitten (25, 41, 21)

Emillie Designs Marine Store/MOU, Raimondo (200, 124, 21)

Abi’s Wharf, Tails (52, 30, 21)

EVES Light house and Gallery, Dooknock (172, 154, 21)

Fran’s 512 – Chaos house , Oleg (17, 178, 21)

Abi’s Wharf 2, Tordangle (218, 11, 21)

Wicked Good, Nantucket Yacht Club (242, 117, 21)

Martinique, Martinique (209, 158, 20)


Bitterend & Threesheets Cruising, Marunogere (83, 39, 21)
Wicked Good Too, Marunogere (66, 26, 21)
(these two Outposts are situated adjacent to each other)

Rydal Outpost, Rydal (231, 15, 24)

LCC Outpost Kaminari/Sansara, Kaminari (241, 81, 22)

Yacht Club Annex, Horseshoe (31, 179, 87)

Yacht Club Annex, Wingo (134, 178, 28)

Foulsbane’s Folly, Miller (96, 233, 81)

Svan (208,208) Moderate 2048m Wa, Svan (224, 212, 22)

Companion’s Point, Snout (205, 27, 21)


Telling Marine, Caragana (226, 236, 20)


SLCG Station Ursula Bay

In addition, LCC also has a Group Joiner at the Freebie Mall in Droomeiland.
Droomeiland – houses for rent, p, Droomeiland (226, 183, 21)

It is our hope to eventually have LCC Outposts on all the major continents. If anyone is willing to let us use their land as an Outpost (especially in the Gaeta V and Heterocera Atoll continents), please contact Kittensusie Landar, Cate Foulsbane or Chaos Mandelbrot.

All we require is a rezzable area for our boats, and a stream that can be changed to our DJ for when we party there. If you would allow us to plant an LCC flag and a group joiner there too, that would be even betterer….. Thank you 🙂

Kittensusie Landar