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Memorial Service For Fanci Beebe

in memoriam

This past Sunday, citizens from all corners of Second Life converged on the Sims surrounding Sailors Cove theater for a final tribute to Fanci Beebe.

There were no special introductions or Linden splash-screen announcements; nonetheless more than 110 serious users somehow crowded into two adjacent sims for the chance to pay tribute to Fanci’s memory.

Please join with me in great appreciation to Joy Canadeo, who assisted Fanci during her last year online; Joy was also in charge of the ceremony, and did a wonderful job considering the unprecedented crowds that attended the service.

Let me also offer great thanks to David Wetherby and Chaos Mandelbrot, who orchestrated the post-ceremony Memorial Cruise. The view of all the boats streaming together followed by the fleet in Fanci’s Deep paying their final homage proved truly extraordinary.

I’m also indebted to Anu Daviau, who let me share her copy of the Service proceedings below.

In Attendance

Aislin Keynes , Allian Resident, Ambrosous Core, Amythest Wingtips, Ansaja Guardian, Anu Daviau, Ariel Gallais, Arrwyll Barzane, Augustus Grayman, Austin Shepherd, Barbarella Bravin, BeeJee Boucher, BennyThe Boozehound, Bitterleaf Menges, Bruckner Dreddmor, Captivitas Resident, Cate Foulsbane, Chad Sawson, Chaos Mandelbrot, Charlz Price, Chatbat Resident, CherryBommb Resident, Chess Bishop, Clay Ellison, Cullen Debruyere, Darla Upshaw, Screen-2013-10-29_10-43_resultDavid Wetherby, Deanna Fang, DeyJaVue Resident, Diamond Marchant, Djneko Blackheart, Dolci Woodget, Don Berithos, Don Setzer, Dori Helstein, Driff Beardmore, Drwyndwn Tyne, eleao Resident, Eveline Catteneo, Fearless Freenote, Fiona Haworth, Foneco Zuzu, ForeverSundays Resident, Gaia Rhapsody, Gemma Vuckovic, Gisela Daniels, Gjo Bing, Goku Barbosa, GraceSWF Wrigglesworth, Greythistle Twine, Hannelore Ballinger, Hellsmut Resident, IrishGent Resident, Jane Fossett, Jaylin Wytchwood, Jdgirl1969 Resident, Jean Swashbuckler, Jennifertopgun Resident, Jerit Weiser, Jojamela Soon, Jolene Dereham, Josy Laville, Joy Canadeo, Keneth80 Whitfield, Kentrock Messmer, Kernian Sigal, Kimiko Rieko, Kittensusie Landar, Krys4sl Resident, KrystalLore Resident, LadySmack Gears, Laure Levenque, Lesbo Charisma, Llena Lilliehook, LoganWillow Resident, Lolly Lockhart, LunalindaBranwen Resident, Malate Banufong, Marco2feelgood Masala, Marina Hyandi, MarkTwain White, Mialinn Telling, Mo Xute, Mobiusonemasterchief Infinity, MoodyBlues Mougin, Moonshade Pastorelli, Moontears Vought, Mystery Huntress, Nagash Demina, Nber Medici, Orca Flotta, Patrick Leavitt, Ralfo Rossini, Reverie Boucher, Rich Randall, Rich Reynaud, Riverwelldrive Resident, RJ Kikuchiyo, Roan Blackburn, RoDen Kilian, Rowan Aurbierre, Runa McMillan, SanFroggy Resident, SerenetyAeon Resident, Shannon Oherlihy, Silber Sands, SkyeSunset Resident, Socair Foxtrot, Sommer Shepherd, SteveLL Resident, Steve Yiwama, Sudane Erato, Sundhi Joubert, Sylvi Flores, Titus Tobias, TreMeldazis Resident, TwitchyEars Resident, Twohead Janus, Vadimar Takahe, Wilma Webster, Winnie Sweetwater, Xi Larnia.

[If your name is not on the list, please contact Jane Fossett]

Memorial Ceremony for Fanci Beebe
October 27 2013


Joy Canadeo

Welcome everyone, and thank you for all being here to Honor & Celebrate Fanci.

As I was preparing for this day, I received so many notes , messages, and pictures from people Fanci has touched over her years in SL. I was truly amazed!

When I started as Estate Manager I would observe how firm she was about a hill not being removed, trees not being sent back. At first I thought this was extreme until I looked out over the beautiful estate Fanci & Patrick created and protected. That was when I GOT IT!!


There were times we would be working and she would say “can you finish up here love, I see someone just came on-line who has been ill, and I want to talk to them to she how they are”. She cared so much for everyone.

When we would be in here with our alts getting people into land groups we would laugh and call each other Sybil, because we would forget which alt we were, and the multiple personalities took over:)

The last time I spoke with Fanci on the phone she told me she loved me and finished with God Bless. I am certain she would say the same to each and everyone here. Fanci I love you, and miss you everyday.

Thank you Patrick, Rowan, Drw, Ey, and Rich, & Chaos for helping in creating this day. Shannon Oherily was one of Fanci’s favorite singers here at the theater. She will sings a few songs in her honor… she will not try to move and will sing from where she is on the sim :

(Shannon Oherily sings)

Joy Canadeo: Thank you Shannon.
I would like to introduce our first speaker Sudane Erato Owner of SL New England and Co-Captain of the Blake Sea

Sudane Erato 

Thank you
I’ve known Fanci a long time.
We were owners of supposedly “rival” estates… yes…
both members of the owners group of the United Sailing Sims.
But never with much contact. Sailors Cove went its way…
New England went its way.
We had met… but not much more.
That changed when I was asked to take on the responsibility of coordinating the USS owners group and talking on its behalf with Linden Lab. The absolute first thing that came to my mind was… I must get to know Fanci.


We set up a Skype meeting… we always talked on Skype. We hit it off immediately. That first meeting, we talked, literally, for hours. Please understand… Fanci and I were very different… but from that first conversation, we tapped into something we both shared… something that I’m sure that everyone here will recognize.

Fanci had a deep and profound common sense, and she also had a vast energy to act on her common sense. She bowled me over. Fanci had a huge passion and energy for her community of Sailors Cove. Even when we spoke, I knew she was worrying over someone’s problems that needed addressing.


We always talked for hours… both about the issues we were facing in the USS with Linden Lab (issues which sadly will never be resolved) and about issues in our real lives. About RL, she spoke about only two things. She spoke about her business, attending the craft fairs that she loved so much. And she spoke about Patrick and her love and concern for him. What came out overwhelmingly in my chats with Fanci was an incredible passion for her community here and a profound common sense about the problems the community faced. She truly loved Sailors Cove.

We recognized in each other a shared passion for our beautiful estates, and that passion and commitment caused us to chat long and frequently… we burned up the Skype airwaves. Suddenly she’s gone.

I’m sure I share everyone’s sentiment here. We’ll surely miss her.

I’m very pleased to introduce next my dear friend Nber Medici….

Nber Medici

Thank you Sudane.

Patrick, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Losing Fanci has been terrible for you, I pray that your pain will be blunted by time.

In thinking about how I was going to talk about Fanci today… I started and stopped and started and stopped. It felt like hundreds of times. How was I going to explain how I felt about Fanci?


I was finally drawn to a Bible verse, “Ye shall know them by their fruits”… which is usually translated … You shall know them by their deeds.

So what were Fanci’s deeds? I’ll focus on three.
First, was her commitment to the Relay for Life / Sail for Life effort. She didn’t seek the limelight, but she worked tirelessly and with endless good humor to further that cause. AND she was incredibly successful. She will be impossible to replace. It is SO ironic that she was taken by the very disease that she fought against.


Second, was her work with Patrick in building this wonderful community of Sailors Cove. I have been struck by how many of the residents here have expressed their admiration and affection for Fanci. She truly cared for each and every one, and it showed in her actions. Not only was she good with her residents, but she also was a true artist in designing and building the regions. She has truly built a marvelous place for the residents and I feel blessed to be able to help preserve that as part of her legacy.

Third, is the friendship that both Fanci and Patrick have always given to MarkTwain and me. One of the happiest days of my Second Life was June 28th, 2008 when Union Passage region became the connection point between the United Sailing Sims and the Sailors Cove regions.

Working with Fanci and Patrick to join their regions to those of the USS was a true joy. and our friendship only deepened over the years.

Fanci… I miss you….but I look forward to seeing you again… and hearing your infectious laughter… when I join you on that distant shore.

The next speaker needs no introduction, but he is my long-time best friend, MarkTwain White.

MarkTwain White

Thank you Nber.

My comments about Fanci are going to focus on the last year of her life, and the work that we did together in that time. I could say MANY other things about Fanci, but not many people know about this part of her life.


For almost a year before Fanci was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer Nber and I had many meetings with Fanci as we struggled together trying to solve an issue that was plaguing the Blake Sea. For over 18 months the USS, their leaders, and race directors were challenged by a number of WW2/Modern naval enthusiasts that, for the most part, ignored the peaceable purpose of the Blake Sea which was for sailing first but for the enjoyment of all.

Fanci, Nber, and I struggled on how to deal with this issue without the help of LInden Lab who had abandoned their support of those trying to administer the Blake Sea. Over the course of that time we saw Fanci begin to decline. We did not understand it at the time and we don’t think Fanci even understood, but it was clear that she felt ill and tired much of the time we struggled to find a solution to the problems in those Contested Waters of the Blake Sea.


When Patrick shared with Nber and me the shocking news that Fanci had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only had a matter of months to live we were dismayed. Both Patrick and Fanci made the decision to sell the Sailor’s Cove estates. They were hopeful that the owners of the USS would be able to purchase the sims and thereby keep Sailors Cove intact. Happily that happened.

This presented Nber and me with a unique opportunity. We were able to take four homesteads and without dislocating any residents re-purpose those four sims into an area we named Fanci’s Deep. Fanci’s Deep is a fitting tribute to a woman who stood for peace. Not only did Fanci’s Deep let us get full rezz turned off in the Contested Waters of the Blake Sea thus ending the WW2/Naval problem, it also provided a home for two other communities: the pirates and the mer community.

The Mer community has responded positively to the presence of four sims a short swim from the Blake Sea suitable to their needs.

Fanci always wanted to see a mer community developed in the Sailor’s Cove sims. Happily that is happening in Fanci’s Deep where Fanci will always have a living memorial to her and three of the things she loved: peace, community, and mers.

Fanci, if I could talk with you today.. I would thank you for your dreams and spirit. By knowing you, I am a better person.

Now I would like to introduce the next speaker: Aislin Keynes, Aislin is a USS owner and longtime leader in Sail for Life.

Aislin Keynes

Thank You Mark.

Nber, so much of what you said reflects my thoughts on Fanci’s commitment to the community and her work with Relay For Life.

I have been thinking for days how I could possibly put into words what Fanci has meant to me and to all of us here in Second Life. When I sat down last night with a box of kleenex to write this my mind was flooded with pictures of so many fun times over the years. The Halloween parties, Mardi Gras, shopping. the days, no… months!, spent working on Relay For Life and the Sail For Life events.

It reminded me of how dedicated she was to others, to the community.

Fanci cared so much about community. Look around at what she and Patrick have created. Sailors Cove is truly a special corner of Second Life. For me, I miss my friend. I miss our late night chats about anything and everything and nothing at all. I know that I’ll think of her every time I look across the strait and see the seasons changing in Little Bear.

Patrick, I am so sorry for your loss. I believe with time that the pain of losing someone as special as Fanci will ease, but she is one that we shall never forget. Fanci, Thank You, I will miss you, we all will.

Chad has also written a few words that I would like to share with you.

Chad Sawson

Thanks Ais…

It is rare that one finds a true friend, let alone a friend in another country. And on top of that finding this special friend in an online virtual environment.


How fortunate we all were to have encountered Fanci Beebe and all that she was. Fanci became a sister to me and I cannot grasp not being able to banter with her now. We spent hundreds of hours working together with Sail For Life. Not one of those hours unenjoyable… Her humor rose above all even during the difficult times. Her dedication and work benefited thousands of people. She was simply amazing!

No one stands out to me more than she did, as a person that always looked to help and support our sailing community. Her eyes were always on the good of the whole and that was reflected by the way she hosted Sailors Cove. She strived to bring the cream of the crop into our sailing community and keep them engaged through the many community outreach activities she did and was involved in.

My heart goes out to Patrick… Times have been and will be difficult for him. In closing, I ask that everyone that Fanci touched…. Take a good look at how she influenced you and your experiences here in SL. And….


We loved you Fanci! Fair winds and calm seas! Farewell best friend…………..

Rowan Aurbierre

Thank you very much Aislin and Chad.

We are going to hear a few words, and a song, recorded for us by Mamaa Saiz. Mamaa was another of Fanci’s favorite singers, and he performed regularly here. Unfortunately he couldn’t be with us today, but wanted to make this recording for Fanci. After his song, we will hear our next speaker, Jojamela Soon. Jojamela was one of the owners of Sailors Cove Theater, and one of Fanci’s oldest and dearest friends.

(Mamaa Saiz sings)

Jojamela Soon

Fanci was my friend. She would throw me carrots and berries and try not to step on me.

All the years are just a jumble to me now, it seems like just yesterday that Patrick introduced her to me, There are too many memories of sailing and beaches and dances and music to share.


For six years she was always there for me, supported me, loved me. But it wasn’t just me. She was so full of love and care.

She was creative, from her art in RL to the art she created in SL, the beauty within her emanated from her and we were the beneficiaries.

She was with me through terrible times and major changes in my RL life and always in touch, even after I left SL, calling and checking on me, keeping me up to date with the news and happenings, encouraging me to come back and visit when I could.


I spoke with her a week before she passed, she called me at home and I could hear the pain in her voice.

She told me of her love for Patrick, of her love of Sailors Cove.

We talked about our families, children and grand children.

In my heart I knew she was saying goodbye and it hurt so bad, but I’m also so grateful to her for that last call. I had the chance to tell her how much I loved her one last time.

Life is not the same, I keep expecting her to call with the latest news. We shared so much of our personal lives outside of SL. I will miss you Fanci my sister, my friend, SL will never be the same for me without you in it.

Thank you Joy, and Patrick who I love so dearly, I wish I could hug you and tell you that it will be ok, it will.

Thank you everyone who contributed to this event. Kentrock my friend, the floor is yours.

Rowan Aurbierre

We will now have a moment of silence for 2 of our dear friends, Fanci Beebe-Leavitt and ChippyAnn Kamm, another Sailors Cove Resident who passed this year.

(…a minute of silence…)

Kentrock Messmer

Hello, it’s good to see so many of Fanci’s friends here.

Fanci was such a happy friendly person her friends list must have been in the thousands. I met Fanci back in 2007; it was the first week I was in SL. I typed in sailing in search and ended up here. After renting a dock Fanci and I talked for a long time.


She told me all about the Sailors Cove and sailing. Fanci was an artist in Real Life and she brought that artistic vision here to Sailors Cove. She was very meticulous about every detail here. This is still the most beautiful estate I have ever seen in SL. Rowan and I have made Sailors Cove our home for 90% of the time we have been in SL.

Fanci made you feel at home here. She built a wonderful community of great people. I was so honored when Fanci asked me to be her Commodore. I accepted because Fanci needed help. We had the FIYC round of the One World Regatta coming up and Epi was too sick to be online.

That first regatta was very stressful, but Fanci was there with a funny comment or a kind word that kept me calm and smiling.

After the racing and race committee meeting was over it was a wonderful feeling to go to Fanci’s after party in full swing feeling like a part of “The Team”.

A lot of people liked to help Fanci because she made it so much fun. Her team could really throw a party! The Halloween party was always her favorite. She went all out on that one. The Christmas party was always beautiful. I think St Patrick’s Day was St Patrick Levitt’s Day in Fanci’s mind. 🙂 Then Valentine’s Day and all the Sail for Life events. Fanci always had a million things going on.

Fanci was very dedicated to raising money for Sail for Life. She put an enormous amount of time into organizing the Sailors Cove and Fishers Island Yacht Club events.

I was always amazed at how successful her events were. The millions of Lindens she raised over the years is quite a tribute to the generosity of Fanci’s friends and this community.

When Rowan and I began helping Fanci with the Estate I realized just how busy she really was in SL and RL. We talked on Skype almost every day. When Fanci logged in she would be getting “Ding Dinged” as she put it with instant messages, so she would log off to talk. It was usually around lunch time, I really looked forward to shooting the breeze with Fanci and “The Kids” her 2 beloved poodles.

We would be talking and Fanci would say hold on I am getting “Ding Dinged by the Kids”, rabbit in the yard or lost squeaky toy or other urgent doggie mater. I miss our talks so much..

Words cannot describe how I miss Fanci.

I am not going to say good bye because I believe we will meet up again in the next life. I think Fanci, Epi, Delinda, Francois and ChippyAnn are there now having a wonderful time.

Now I would like to give the podium to Patrick, Fanci’s long time partner, Founder of Sailors Cove and Co-Founder of Fishers Island Yacht Club.

Patrick Leavitt

Thanks Kent

Thank you everyone for being here. Today we celebrate the life of my beloved Fanci. She loved second life and made many friends along the way. The fact you are here today is proof of that.

It is fitting that we have her memorial here at the venue. She fought long and hard to keep this going and honor what Jojamela had built. She loved music in SL and in fact it was at a Louis Landon concert that we met. We were inseparable from that moment on over 6 years ago.


I cant say it was always easy for us, but we always had plenty of love to see us through. We were in love as much as two people could be which transcended this virtual world. I miss her terribly and I know many of you do too.

She loved to laugh and love. She was an artist in RL and it showed in her work here in Sailors Cove. She so enjoyed changing the seasons and especially the Haunted house at Halloween, and the skating rink at Christmas. She loved her winter holidays.

She kept saying how her life changed in an instant. She would want us to celebrate that we are still living and to make the most of it.

I had a realization while trying to figure out what to say here today. It was that Fanci would not want to be a burden to anyone anywhere. That she would want to go quickly. She did just that.

She wanted to stay and be in world just one more time. Go Sailing one more time, Go Dancing one more time. She loved Second Life and all of her friends here. She wanted to talk to you all one more time.

It is fitting to close with the words from her profile that caught my attention so long ago:

~ You’ve got to work like you don’t need the money ~
~ And love like you’ll never get hurt ~
~ You’ve got to dance as if there’s nobody watching ~
~ It’s got to come from the heart if you want it to work ~

God Bless everyone and thank you for all of your support, love and friendship. She loved us all and saw the best in people, even beyond our Avatars.

Thank you for supporting the Fanci’s deep project that Mark so graciously started. Thank you to the new owners of Sailors Cove your actions were a blessing to Fanci and her family.

I have been blessed with many wonderful friends that really have helped me through some difficult times. Thank you all.

Fanci and I have been ecstatic to have the only real and honorable SL Coast Guard group in SL  join us here on Bull Rock. So, it is my pleasure to introduce Captain Ansaja Guardian who will now take the podium.

Cpt Ansaja Guardian (SLCG)

Thank you Patrick

Admiral Laxness is deeply grieved to be unable to make it here today, and has asked me to speak in his stead.


The passing of Fanci Beebe-Leavitt death is a huge loss, to SL, and to the boating community. She has always been a huge supporter of enjoying the water responsibly, and as such supported the SLCG and our mission of boating safety…

It is our privilege to honor her memory by giving her a salute of respect. We wish her fair seas….

( SLCG salutes )

Rowan Aurbierre

Thank you Ansaja.

I’d like to share a poem I read recently. It is called Sea Fever, by John Masefield.

I must down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking.
I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
I must down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
To the gull’s way and the whale’s way where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover
And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

This concludes our memorial today. Thank you to all our speakers and performers. A special thank you to Drwyndwn Tyne who created this setting for us today. And thank you all for coming. There is a memorial book to the left of the stage, please take a moment and sign it if you wish.

Thank you all very much!

Also, while you are signing, pick up a memorial rose from the basket – we will drop these at the end of the sail at Fanci Deep. You can also pick up a rose from behind the bleachers.

And now, time for the sail!

( Amazing Grace on Bag Pipe)

Joy Canadeo

As a resident said to me recently Fanci is most likely up there saying Stop your crying and go Sailing!!!

(Fleet of 30+ boats leaves for a cruise to Fanci’s Deep)


Fanci memorial 001


Condolence Book
( -7pm Oct 27th)

alis Ildor:   R.I.P

Ardour Allen:   Sincere sympathies from those who knew and admired Fanci for all she did, without the benefit of knowing her personally.

Baldi McMillan:   My thoughts and prayers to all. Fanci touched and blessed so many with Her presence,surely She is at peace and in the care of the Lord. God be with you Patrick.

Ey Ren:   Deepest condolences and warm thoughts in your time of loss, Patrick. ~Ey


Jean Swashbuckler:   Patrick, Fanci has been and will always be in our thoughts and prayers. She was a true friend and mentor. We will miss her deeply. TexasKat and I send our heartfelt best wishes in this time. Our thoughts are with you and Fanci’s family.

Pippa Rexen:   You were like my SL sister. I owe you so much. Peace will always surround your memory. Love Pippa

Rubyleaf Dryke:   My heart goes out to you in this moment of grief and longing. A truly great person.

Timotheus Garnet:   Deepest condolences and warm thoughts to all concerned!

Tim & Kirsten Stormy Panthar:   My deepest condolences to a dear friend. May she rest in peace.

Oona Riaxik:   I love you, Fanci. Goodbye. Play among the stars with Chippy and Hallie. You will remain in my heart always. Bisous!


Dori Helstein:   Love and peace to all that loved Fanci; and to Patrick & her family the strength to carry on. A rare beautiful woman, an angel. Bye friend.

Laure Levenque:   Patrick, Fanci had an incredibly compassionate heart and shined a warm, bright light to all those around her. I will never forget her. May you be comforted and at peace. Much love, Laure Levenque

Mialinn Telling:   My deepest condolences to Fancis family, Patrick and friends. May she rest in peace. – Mialinn

Jon Regent:   Patrick, My condolences. Fanci was a wonderful lady.

Ome Audeburgh:   Patrick, I don’t know you; I never met Fanci – but I do know your pain and I’m so sorry.. *hugs you tightly*

Malate Banufong:   Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead Scribbling on the sky the message She is Dead. Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves, Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves. She was our North, our South, our East and West, Our working week and our Sunday rest, Our noon, our midnight, our talk, our song; I thought that She would last forever: I was wrong.

Frangipami Imako:   When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. ~Kahlil Gibran

Vikeesh Resident:   Chaque fois que je mettrais un bateau à l’eau, j’aurais toujours une pensée pour le travail inestimable de Fanci.Patrick soit fort dans la vie à l’image du combat mené par Fanci contre la maladie. Elle restera dans nos cTmurs et nos pensées. Every time I would put a boat in the water, I would always have a thought the inestimable work of Fanci. Patrick is strong in the life just like the fight led by Fanci against the disease. She(it) will stay in our hearts and our thoughts. RIP Fanci.

Roan Blackburn:   Dear Patrick….our sincere condolences. She will be missed terribly. Roan and Don Berithos

Kristen1077 Resident:   My deepest Sympathies. Fanci will be greatly missed. If you need anything please let me know =)

Janusz Quartz:   ”On passe une moitié de sa vie à attendre ceux qu’on aimera et l’autre moitié à quitter ceux qu’on aime.”(Victor Hugo) Janusz Quartz

Carmen333 Seda:   May you find peace and solice in this very hard time.. I am happy to have had an opportunity to know Fanci.. she was amazing!!

djneko Blackheart:   We see hope in the morning light Where Her love shines like the dawn. Heaven is the best place where she should rest so worry no more. May God grant you perfect peace., we will surely meet her again, i miss you miss franci

Maurice Minotaur:   Dear Patrick … I was informed with deep sadness that your dear Fanci passed away . I would like to express my condolences and I wish you all the courage to go through this hard time. With great emotion… Maurice Minotaur

Peeter Tamerlane:   I dont know parsonally Fanci… I just like this sims, what give for me peace and fun, beauty and friendships, clear free sky for flying, and heath cleaning water when I sailing here… Soo who is Fanci? Maybe this is she… soul of SL… Thank you..

Leah Kappa:   Patrick, My deepest condolences and my prayers are with you and her family on this devistating loss…she will be missed dearly…Leah

Eon Peterson:   For Fanci, bless her. Such a lovely person and will never be forgotten. Our love, condolences and sympathy to Patrick and her family. Eon and Godiva Peterson

Veritas Raymaker:   Fanci, thank you for the love and joy you brought to our community. May your soul find perfect rest in our Lord. from the crew of the SS Galaxy

Franko Koenig:   My wife and I would like to say you and Fanci family our deepest condolences. She will stay in our hearts and memories for ever. We wish you Patrik the strength for this hard time. We will pray for you. Franko Koenig & Celine Shoreland

Anu Daviau:   My very deepest condolences to you, Patrick, and her Family. “By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered, and confidently waiting, come what may, we know that God is with us night and morning, and never fails to greet us each new day.” Anu Daviau

Mystery Huntress:   Our prayers and condolences to Patrick and Fanci’s family. Fanci was an amazing lady and will be dearly missed. God speed and fair winds in heaven Fanci. ~Mystery and Ambro

Seaplane Jonson:   Deepest condolences for your loss, Patrick. Fanci was a wonderful person, and will be missed by so many.

Sarandel Llewellyn:   Fanci was loved by all.. She will be remembered in the hearts of all sailors.. I wish Patrick and her family the best in the coming days, and you all will be in my thoughts and prayers.


Jdgirl1969 Resident:   i never had the pleasure of meeting Fanci but her work and personality are legendary. i am no stranger to the loss you feel and offer my condolences and sincere love to both patrick and family

Dolphin Dancer:   Fanci will be missed sorely by those whose lives she touched. A fair wind has taken her to a place of peace. Thoughts and prayers to Patrick and her family Dee in SL Anna in InWorldz

Datura Avril:   I’ve never had the privilege of meeting Fanci. Yet, if the spirit of these lands was imbued by her, I find myself wanting. How much more must you feel her absence. With deep compassion,

Datura RlL Bogbat:   My deepest sympathies, my thoughts are with you and ger family. best wishes for a wonderfual person

jes Eilde:   we were very sorry to hear about Famci. Whenever we spoke she was always helpful and polite. Best wishes and condolences

Winnie Sweetwater:   To describe Fanci in a single word, it would have to be caring. She cared about those around her and her community not superficially but with heartfelt authenticity. My sincere condolences to Patrick and her family. I will miss her very much

sundhi Joubert:   Our deepest sympathies, Patrick. Fearless and Sundhi

SkyeSunset Resident:   We are so sad to hear this news. Our hearts are broken. We loved Fanci so dearly. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Patrick. Logan & Skye Willow

LucyAL2881 Resident:   If it is irue that we are defined by what we give to others, then we need look no further to find how you should be defined: your legacy is all around us here. One regret only:   that there was so little time for me to know you better. Lucy Reverie

Thanasis Keng:   R.I.P.

Gator Peterman:   When I began to notice you were not much on anymore, I figured you were on a holiday. But when the holiday did not seem to end I wondered what was wrong. I learned what was wrong not long after that. I am sure you are in good hands now, no tears:)

Corie Charisma:   Her candle is Sailors Cove, the flame all those who loved Fanci, carry on her legacy in prayer, thought, kindness. Thank-you Fanci for the hand of friendship. Fair Winds Smooth Sailing & sprinkle a change in seasons over heavens gardens too. 🙂 Corie

TwitchyEars Resident:   A Gentle Soul with a Heart Full of Love. So kind to me and my partner. We miss her much. Our condolences to Patrick and her family. Izzy and Prim

Hades Inaka:   Deepest condolences for your loss, Patrick. Fanci was a wonderful person, and will be missed by so many..Hades Inaka

ForeverSundays Resident:   I miss you…will miss our rl talk the most about kids, and love.. I think youd be happy Justin and I fond each other xoxoox Franci thank you..

foneco Zuzu:   May We be Blessed in Heaven by Your smile and Love as We where on Earth

BeeJee Boucher:   i will miss Fanci, xxx

Fiona Haworth:   Fair Winds Fanci. You will be missed.


Fiona Socair Foxtrot:   rest in peace, Socair Foxtrot

Kent Shippe:   Our deepest condolences, she was a wounderful person, she will live on in our thoughts. ~ Kent and LilleMy.

Kejwla Anwyl:   May you take comfort in knowing an angel is watching over you. Little & Kejwla Anwyl

eleao Resident:   To Fanci, person before, Angel now … well. You may have left us and left this void in our hearts, but the passage of our history that you wrote will be forever, until we meet again to go out to sea, sailing in boats made of clouds, this time without goodbye. Miss you, and see you soon

Drwyndwn Tyne:   Patrick, I wish I could ease your pain. Fanci was my best friend in SL. She was a great lady and an inspiring personality. I will miss her deeply.

Old Bailey:   Few people touch the hearts of so many with their kindness and friendship and laughter. Fanci was one of those few and shall be remembered with warmth and affection. Bailey and Jeanne

Hellsmut Resident:   My deepest condolences to a wonderful friend.

Silber Sands:   My condolence to You, Patrick and all who were close to her. I rarely met a person with such a huge and warm heart like Fanci had. She always showed her deep friendship and love to the people. I wished I could do anything to ease Your pain.

SerenityAeon Resident:   Fanci, we never met but i have seen your beautiful work in Sailors Cove and everyone i am talking to is telling me what a wonderful person you have been. My best wishes on your journey and always fair winds. Serenity

Driff Beardmore:   I will always remember you, with every changing season and each blanket of newly fallen snow.

Krys4sl Resident:   I wish you the peace and continue sailing in the place where you are now. Thank you for all.



Fanci Beebe Memorial Service October 27

Fanci Beebe-Leavitt and Francois Jacques RFL Mar2012

Memorial Service

to honor the memory and
celebrate the life of

Fanci Beebe-Leavitt

Sunday, October 27 10:00am SLT
Fishers Island Theatre
Fishers Island sim (29,127)

Following the service, there will be a short cruise from Fishers Island.
The fleet will sail past FIYC in Sailors Rest and end in Fanci’s Deep,
where sailors can leave flowers and remembrances for Fanci.

Fanci Memorial Sail October 27 2013

Thank you to Joy Canadeo, David Wetherby, Chaos Mandelbrot
and many others for their efforts arranging this memorial service.


Fanci Beebe passes.

fastnet memorial

Patrick Leavitt wrote:


Fanci Beebe has passed away.

On Friday October 4, 2013 around 12:35pm my soul mate and best friend Fanci Beebe lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. She passed peacefully at home with her family next to her.

It seemed like she was doing better and that her treatment was going to give her more time, but sadly that was not the case. The news leaves us all with a great void; Fanci touched so many lives. I know I will never be the same person again and I suspect many of you feel the same.

She loved Sailors Cove and FIYC. She was a strong stubborn woman and she always worked to make Sailors Cove something special. It was not just the way Sailors Cove looked; it was how we all treated each other as a community. Fanci wanted all to feel they were welcome in Sailors Cove and that they had a home there. She always went the extra mile to make new friends comfortable.

Fanci also had a soft, vulnerable side that probably only a few of us knew. She loved me unconditionally, and I am very thankful that our last words expressed the love we held for each other.

I want to thank every one of you for your support of Fanci and for all your wonderful notecards and IMs. Thank you too for supporting the new owners of Sailors Cove. Your support has gone a long way in us helping her family.

This has been my comfort through all of this, I hope you understand:

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.
For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come
Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
Romans 8: 35, 37-end


Words escape me at this time, so I won’t comment further tonight, but please note:

David Wetherby and Chaos Mandelbrot will arrange a fleet sail in Fanci’s memory this coming week, and RJ Kikuchiyo will add Fanci’s name to the Memorial at Fastnet Light. Joy Canadeo will organize a memorial service in a few weeks’ time, where we can join and remember Fanci together.

I liontaib Dé go ghcastar simm.


FIYC Anchors in Sailors Rest

FIYC at Sailors Rest -1900pCo-commodores Joy Acker and David Whetherby tell me that Fishers Island Yacht Club -SL is now firmly ensconced in it’s new Sailors Rest home, on the shores of Blake Sea.

Kudos to Drwyndwn Tyne, who completed the new installation in record time. It’s an authentic build with a host of nice features, but I’ll let Joy Acker tell you the details!

FIYC at Sailors Rest -1024p


New Owners For Sailors Cove Sims

FIYC 022

This past week Patrick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe transferred their sims to other owners within the United Sailing Sims. This effectively brings Sailors Cove Estate to a close. Although the change was necessary and well-handled by Patrick, it’s also a sad event in many ways; Sailors Cove was arguably the nicest place one could live and sail in all Second Life.

I have many fond memories and funny stories about Sailors Cove to share, but today I’d just like to repost the three announcements that mark the new transition.

Posted by Patrick Leavitt to the Fishers Island Yacht Club and Sailors Cove groups on September 15 2013:

The Winds of Change are hitting FIYC and Sailors Cove!

First off, I happily want to name JoyofRLC and David Wetherby as our new Co- Commodores of FIYC. Fanci sends her congratulations too!

Secondly, I am announcing that Sailors Cove Estates is being sold. With Fanci literally fighting for her life from cancer we need to sell. Fanci said it best a little while back: “Its not that we want to sell its that we have to sell.”

I have been working hard on doing what is best for all of the residents at Sailors Cove, Fanci and the Yacht Club. There have been many hard decisions along the way. One of them being where we will call home for FIYC. I decided that the Annex on Sailors Rest is a prime spot worthy of our flag. You may think that is crazy but with the sale of Sailors Cove comes some very cool things in the future. I’ll talk more on that in a minute. 

I have decided that the current home of Clipper bay is not the best location for the Future FIYC. I asked the builder of the club to pick it up so that Clipper Bay can be used for the implementation of the Fanci’s Deep project mentioned below. We are looking at moving it to Sailors Rest if the prims will allow that.

We have been talking with several of our friends of the USS, negotiating for a favorable price for the estate. I am pleased to say that our friends have stepped up and an agreement has been reached. Fanci and I wanted owners that would appreciate what we have built here and try to keep the Estate close to what it is now. We feel we have done that.

Fanci and I want you to know that we have been honored that many of you have chosen to live here at one time or another. What Sailors Cove is today is because each and everyone of you, residents and slip renters, Shop renters and weekend sailors have made Sailors Cove what it is today. I hope you are as proud of that as Fanci , myself and our wonderful Management staff have been.

I would like to introduce the new owners of Sailors Cove. MarkTwain White, Nber Medici (of the Hollywood Complex) and Ey Ren (of the SL Norway sims). Thank you for helping Fanci and may your endeavors be good.

We will be sending out more specific information in regards to the distribution of the Estate. But for now I will be addressing the FIYC yacht club and a new area that will be called Fanci’s Deep on the north Eastern side of the estate. The new theme will be established with a four sim square. It will be a Mer community underwater and on the
surface the new area of the contested waters. Meetings are being held between the USS and Linden Lab. By the time the dust settles on the transfer of Sailor’s Cove to Mark, Nber and Ey the problems in the Blake Sea Contested Waters area should be solved. Part of that solution involves moving the pirate sea battles to Fanci’s Deep. So Fanci’s Deep
will be a key area to improve conditions and relations between three communities: sailing, pirate, and merfolk. That will help the situation immensely.

You may think this is a strange thing but Fanci has always wanted to establish a Mer community in Sailors Cove. She has been very vocal in the USS group to try and find solutions on the problems in the Blake Sea and the WW2 problems. This kind of helps both sides.

Change can be hard, but in this case change is good. I appreciate your prayers and hope they continue for Fanci and her battles. I am excited for the future of SL sailing and where Sailors Cove is going next and that the Blake Sea become a great place to sail once again.

Patrick Leavitt
Rear Admiral FIYC


Posted by Nber Medici to the Sailors Cove group on September 15 2013:

We (MarkTwain White and Nber Medici) wanted to reach out to you, the residents and friends of Sailor’s Cove. Our comments here are primarily addressed to those individuals that are residents of regions that have been transferred to us (not the regions that Ey Ren now owns). We are committed to maintaining the lovely nature of this area that I am sure you have come to love.

In the short run, the rent boxes have been redirected to pay us, so when you pay your tier simply do it as you always have. We will be replacing them with our own, but will need to have time to do that. For those of you that pay by PayPal, please make your payments to either or to depending on who owns the region. If you are currently paying by PayPal, we encourage you to consider a subscription payment.

Joy Canadeo will help you if you need assistance or please feel free to contact either Nber or MarkTwain. Nber is usually more available than MTW.

Keep Fanci and Patrick in your thoughts and prayers as they are in ours.

Fair Winds

Nber Medici
MarkTwain White


Posted by Joy Acker to Forum on September 16, 2013:

To FIYC Members & Friends

You will probably have seen Patrick’s messages about the changes to Sailors Cove and FIYC that are so sad, but so necessary.

We would just like to say “hello” to everyone. We are all too aware that we will be attempting to fill some very big shoes. Fanci and Patrick have built something wonderful. While changes are sadly necessary, we hope to preserve as much of the spirit of it as we can. But to do that we will need everyone’s help and support, so get ready! We will also be doing a lot of listening and getting all the advice we can on how best to move the club forward. Meanwhile the Club’s programs continue: weekly races & new sailor coaching.

Some details are still being sorted out. Patrick’s messages make it clear that FIYC will continue; and will have a clubhouse. Mark & Ey have written separately about the estates and you can see how supportive they are being. We will keep you informed of everything as we progress.

Finally, please take a moment to offer a prayer for Fanci and her battle.

Joy Acker & David Weatherby
Co-Commodores, FIYC.

SC Mar3 2011


Chaos Mandelbrot yesterday announced that the Leeward Cruise at 5:00pm SLT on September 24 would be a tour of the USS estates. “With all the changes to the United Sailing Sims I thought we would do a lap of all (I think I got them all) the sections.”

Here’s the chart; see you Sep 24, 5:00pm at the NYC sim start point. 🙂

LCC 24-Sep-2013


Hotlaps 2013 Progress

HH jan 2013 header

The Hotlaps 2013 lap entries are growing; in the first nine days, seventeen skippers logged a total of eighty-six laps that are split across the four courses.

jan 8 sailors HH The skipper’s names are listed in the box to the right, and the colors match the time-trial entries that are included on the summary spreadsheets for each Hotlaps course.

Plum Gut has the largest number of laps so far, with fifty-three lap times logged for fifteen different boats (see below).

The Melges-24 is the tentative “Index Boat” for handicap comparisons, so it deserves special comment here. The average Plum Gut lap time is 8:46, based on seven runs by Armano, Yala74, and Kris. Although the number of entries is still small, the scores are consistent and tightly grouped with a standard deviation of only 10 sec. We’ll see if this changes as more laps get added, but so far the M-24 Index looks valid and reliable. Let’s see if that holds up as sailors add more data points.

Jan8 hh

Please click to enlarge

Below is a quick ‘Summary Table’ of Handicaps for the fifteen boat classes entered so far.

HH Summary Jan8 2012Knaptrackicon still needs Index laps, so it’s handicap factors are blank at the moment. However, where the data is available, the scores of the other three lines are pretty consistent. The WildWind boats are by far the speediest, with Wildcat45, RCJ-44, and TR30 all earning handicaps of 1.10-1.15 (meaning they are 10-15% faster than M-24). In contrast, the newly reworked JG-44 looks like it’s coming in with lap times that are roughly 15% slower than M-24 on all three courses. The Mesh Shop boats and the ACA33v3 look like they fall in the middle, while the Trudeau fleet, Caf Binder’s Jangars, Manul Rotaru’s BeachTri, and Balduin Aabye’s Bolero all come in at the back of the pack with scores 30 – 40% slower than the Melges.

Of course, a slow boat is not a “bad” boat. Several builders argue that slower boats are more realistic in SL waters, but that’s a discussion for another time. 🙂 The point here is that the handicaps are generating meaningful data, and we’re on track to fill in many of the blank spaces on the above form. 🙂

Yesterday I sent out posters to advertise Hotlaps. They are full mod/copy, so please stick one up in an appropriate place (like your local gas station bathroom). The notecard embedded in the poster gives details about Hotlaps 2013, including landmarks, charts, and links. The notecard is networked, so the Info will automatically update as we add more Hotlaps locations, and as Hay Ah adds new lap features to her racelines.

Hotlaps 2013 info

You got ten minutes?
You could sail a Hotlap! 🙂



Handicap Hotlaps Kickoff

Handicap Hotlaps lets sailors practice their skill on a short, standard course and then post the results online. The previous article includes a long list of links to a variety of old discussions about Hotlaps and the related boat handicap scores, but reading all that stuff  can get very boring, very fast.

But hey, do you have a few minutes? Forget about reading that stuff… Let’s go sail some Hotlaps instead! 🙂


Handicap Hotlaps 2013

All you need to do is go to a raceline that’s set up with a Hotlaps course and rez your boat. The first three Hotlaps racelines are located in Plum Gut, Knaptackicon, and soon Breadnut (as soon as Hawk puts up the posters).  Over the next few days I’ll add several more.

Here’s how it works.

When you go to a Hotlaps line you’ll see two posters. Click on the top one that says “Hotlaps 2013.” It gives you a notecard with all the details for that line.

Plum Gut Handicap Hotlaps 1005

That note will include the current Hotlaps chart for the line, and it will also tell you how to set the wind. (Here’s a tip: the Handicap wind is always 15 knots with no variance, but the wind angle depends on the orientation of each raceline and course. In Plum Gut the angle is 0.0°, in Knaptrackicon it’s 180°, and in Breadnut it’s 225°. Check the notecard to be sure which wind is correct at a particular race line.)

North Sea Hotlaps 2013 v105

Breadnut Hotlaps Course

Once you have the chart and the wind, you can sail a solo lap whenever its convenient for you by following the race course instructions. Once you complete the course, you’ll end up with a lap time (lap time is Finish Time minus Start Time). If you think that result is an ‘average, good‘ time for you in that boat class, then please take an extra moment to post your score online.

You can do that very easily by clicking the poster above the green buoy, the one that says “Enter your lap time here“. That will give you a web link to a data entry form.

DYC Handicap Hotlaps 2013 v106

Knaptrackicon DYC Hotlaps Course

Just add your skipper name, your boat class and your net lap time, and you’re done. Then you can go back and run the course again, or switch to a different boat!
Actually, you can run as many Hotlaps in as many different boats as you want; the more the better. Every time you submit a data lap time it helps define the relative performance of that boat class.

Please remember one thing: don’t just submit your best score on a race course; Hotlaps wants all your average, good scores. We are trying to determine the “average, good” lap time of an “average, good” skipper sailing many different boats!

Mo’ Hotlaps

Kudos to Hawk and Kentrock for all the help planning and setting up the first three Hotlaps courses. Hay Ah’s also promised to look at ways to improve the Hotlaps interface, so online scores will be better integrated with the raceline. 🙂

I’ll add Hotlaps to two more racelines this week, and Liv Leigh will soon add a Hotlaps course at Tradewinds. If you have a raceline, you can add your own Hotlaps course too. Just let me know so I can give you the info and add that site to the list!

Well, that’s enough reading; let’s sail!


FIYC Poinsettia Ball December 16

Fanci Beebe announces:

Get those ball gowns and tuxes out of storage!
Time to get all decked out in your best and dance the time away

This year’s FIYC Ball will be a

So get gorgeous and come help us make some smiles this holiday season!!
Invite your friends!!
Everyone is welcome!!
Prize for best in formal wear!

FIYC Christmas 5

Fishers Island Yacht Club
5th Annual


Sunday December 16th
1pm ~ 3pm slt

Come and join us for Magical Event for a very worthy cause

Sailor’s Cove Does Halloween 2012 !!

In the immortal words of Fanci Beebe:

 They’re baaaaaaaaackkkkkkkk!!!!!!

From ghoulies and ghosties,
Long-leggety beasties,
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us.


Please keep the following dates on your calendar open;
the Gorey Details for each event will follow soon!

*** Friday October 12
(but please feel free to come by and watch us moving in.. more added daily)

FIYC Halloween 2008

*** Saturday October 13th 1pm slt

*** Friday October 26th 8pm slt & Sunday October 28th 3pm slt

*** Saturday October 27th 7pm slt.
Prizes for best costumes and more

EVERYONE WELCOME!!! Bring your friends!!

**** Event Details to follow*****

Solstice Appeal

The Solstice Challenge Regatta held four qualifying events in different time slots on Saturday, June 23. The winners of those four timeslot race groups all advanced to a final race series on Sunday, June 24 in Sailors Cove.

That added up to 25 races involving 16 boats, and each boat could hold as many as five sailors. It was great fun, and a large number of sailors, spectators, and plain-old good friends came to the events and watched the competition.

The sailing conditions were very good over the weekend as well; only a few of the qualifying races were disrupted by grid problems or crashing boats, and the fleet took it in stride. During the Finals on Sunday there was significant lag in Plum Gut, the starting sim. This was certainly no surprise, given the fact that each of the four boats had four or five sailors aboard, and a large crowd was clustered on the perimeter of the starting area watching the boats cross the line.

The race teams all took this in stride, however. after all, this was certainly not the first nor the last big race for them. These teams were real pros. 🙂

Courtesy of Dil Spitz

As further evidence of the wonderful knowledge and experience of the fleet, in each of the four final heats a number of protests were called, involving a variety of Race Rules. The protest committee (Silber Sands (#1 Judge), Joro Aya, Bea Woodget, and Samlara Vintner) had their hands full as they efficiently – and expertly – adjudicated the protests and weighed the penalties.

After two hours of racing, the first-place slot came down to an incredibly exciting,  photo-finish duel between NEW HORIZON (skippered by Armano Xaris)  and FASTER PUSSYCAT (skippered by Trapez Breen).

Although I’ve already posted the race times, you may have to wait another day or two to find out who truly won. Just as the lead boats crossed the Finish line, NEW HORIZON protested PUSSYCAT and Armano’s protest was allowed by the Judges. The sailors aboard FASTER PUSSYCAT loudly disagreed with that ruling however, and moved to Appeal the judge’s decision.

Protest appeals are fairly common in RL sailboat racing, and they often happen in major SLSailing regattas as well. Given all the time, effort and enthusiasm invested by the competing teams, it made sense to give this protest a second look and affirm or reverse the protest committee’s original decision.

So, with the unanimous agreement of the Solstice Race Committee and Finals Protest Committee, the following notice was released yesterday:


The Solstice Race Committee grants the Triumphal Yacht Club team FASTER PUSSYCATS KEEL KEEL the right to an extraordinary appeal in Finals Race #4.

In yesterday’s Finals fourth heat, Trapez Breen and Armano Xaris were involved in a protest event on the last leg as they approached the Finish line.
The Judges considered the protests, and ruled in favor of Armano’s NEW HORIZONS. PUSSYCATS was scored ‘DSQ.’ 
 However, sailors aboard PUSSYCATS immediately asked to appeal the judges’ finding.

For this Regatta, the Appeals Committee consists of members of the Race Committee that are present for a given heat and available to hear the appeal motion.
In this case, Kentrock and Jane are both members of the Race Committee and were also present ‘on the water’ during heat #4.
They witnessed the event-in-question and heard the judge’s discussion. However, neither Kentrock nor Jane were judges for yesterday’s regatta.

As Regatta Chair, I rule that Jane Fossett made an error yesterday by not formally hearing PUSSYCAT’s Appeal. 

The Race Committee/ Appeals Judges will correct that error now, and hear the appeal this week.
Kentrock and Jane will represent the full Race Committee in that process.

Here is how we will manage the hearing: In the next 24hr, each skipper will submit a notecard to Jane Fossett explaining his/her understanding of the event-in-question, the protest, and the race rules as they apply.

The Finals Race Judges will also submit a notecard on their rulings in this instance.

Kentrock and Jane will then review that information.
They will also consider the material already posted online about this protest, the transcripts from all the chat threads during the race,
and the opinions of sailors as needed.

Kent and Jane will then post an Appeal decision.

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