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March 3 Leeward Cruise Will Sail SIYC to DYC

March 3 Leeward Cruise

Once again I’d like to give a big shout-out to the Leeward Cruise group. LCC is by far the oldest and largest active sailing group in all Second Life, and I’d wager it’s the most fun too. Chaos Mandelbrot and Kittensusie Lander are the sailors in charge of this ongoing major regatta, and each week they get tons of support from a growing group of appreciative skippers.

T12m beta

This Tuesday (March 3) Chaos Mandelbrot’s LCC fleet will do it all again. The fleet will collect on the docks of Seychelles Isles Yacht Club in Glacis Isle.  The club is in a full sim, so skippers can rez boats with ease, and accommodate a large, rowdy crew. 🙂 The fleet will take off at 5:00pm SLT sharp, so get there early!

(What? you don’t have a boat?
Hey, no problem!!
No one is left on the dock!!)

MAR3 2015 LCC-- SIYC to DYC 1024

That’s the course for the March 3 cruise, above.

The fleet will sail South along the Eastern shore of Nautilus, then take a turn around the Fastnet Light Memorial in the center of Blake Sea. They’ll next tack South and West to skirt Nautilus City, finally turning North through Brenda’s Channel. From that point it’s a straight shot up to Knaptrackicon and Danshire Yacht Club, the gateway to Dire Strait.

If you are new to SLSailing and and don’t know the routes yet, don’t worry. LCC has you covered. 🙂 Diamond Marchant will give you a Navigation HUD that includes all the waypoints, so you can’t get lost! (Make sure you ask Diamond about her super sail-designs too 🙂 )


Once you reach Knaptrackicon, make landfall on any of the docks there. You’ll then easily know where to go.  Just look for the after-sail crowd already dancing to BennyThe Boozehound‘s music stream!

LCC july 24 2012


New Owners For Sailors Cove Sims

FIYC 022

This past week Patrick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe transferred their sims to other owners within the United Sailing Sims. This effectively brings Sailors Cove Estate to a close. Although the change was necessary and well-handled by Patrick, it’s also a sad event in many ways; Sailors Cove was arguably the nicest place one could live and sail in all Second Life.

I have many fond memories and funny stories about Sailors Cove to share, but today I’d just like to repost the three announcements that mark the new transition.

Posted by Patrick Leavitt to the Fishers Island Yacht Club and Sailors Cove groups on September 15 2013:

The Winds of Change are hitting FIYC and Sailors Cove!

First off, I happily want to name JoyofRLC and David Wetherby as our new Co- Commodores of FIYC. Fanci sends her congratulations too!

Secondly, I am announcing that Sailors Cove Estates is being sold. With Fanci literally fighting for her life from cancer we need to sell. Fanci said it best a little while back: “Its not that we want to sell its that we have to sell.”

I have been working hard on doing what is best for all of the residents at Sailors Cove, Fanci and the Yacht Club. There have been many hard decisions along the way. One of them being where we will call home for FIYC. I decided that the Annex on Sailors Rest is a prime spot worthy of our flag. You may think that is crazy but with the sale of Sailors Cove comes some very cool things in the future. I’ll talk more on that in a minute. 

I have decided that the current home of Clipper bay is not the best location for the Future FIYC. I asked the builder of the club to pick it up so that Clipper Bay can be used for the implementation of the Fanci’s Deep project mentioned below. We are looking at moving it to Sailors Rest if the prims will allow that.

We have been talking with several of our friends of the USS, negotiating for a favorable price for the estate. I am pleased to say that our friends have stepped up and an agreement has been reached. Fanci and I wanted owners that would appreciate what we have built here and try to keep the Estate close to what it is now. We feel we have done that.

Fanci and I want you to know that we have been honored that many of you have chosen to live here at one time or another. What Sailors Cove is today is because each and everyone of you, residents and slip renters, Shop renters and weekend sailors have made Sailors Cove what it is today. I hope you are as proud of that as Fanci , myself and our wonderful Management staff have been.

I would like to introduce the new owners of Sailors Cove. MarkTwain White, Nber Medici (of the Hollywood Complex) and Ey Ren (of the SL Norway sims). Thank you for helping Fanci and may your endeavors be good.

We will be sending out more specific information in regards to the distribution of the Estate. But for now I will be addressing the FIYC yacht club and a new area that will be called Fanci’s Deep on the north Eastern side of the estate. The new theme will be established with a four sim square. It will be a Mer community underwater and on the
surface the new area of the contested waters. Meetings are being held between the USS and Linden Lab. By the time the dust settles on the transfer of Sailor’s Cove to Mark, Nber and Ey the problems in the Blake Sea Contested Waters area should be solved. Part of that solution involves moving the pirate sea battles to Fanci’s Deep. So Fanci’s Deep
will be a key area to improve conditions and relations between three communities: sailing, pirate, and merfolk. That will help the situation immensely.

You may think this is a strange thing but Fanci has always wanted to establish a Mer community in Sailors Cove. She has been very vocal in the USS group to try and find solutions on the problems in the Blake Sea and the WW2 problems. This kind of helps both sides.

Change can be hard, but in this case change is good. I appreciate your prayers and hope they continue for Fanci and her battles. I am excited for the future of SL sailing and where Sailors Cove is going next and that the Blake Sea become a great place to sail once again.

Patrick Leavitt
Rear Admiral FIYC


Posted by Nber Medici to the Sailors Cove group on September 15 2013:

We (MarkTwain White and Nber Medici) wanted to reach out to you, the residents and friends of Sailor’s Cove. Our comments here are primarily addressed to those individuals that are residents of regions that have been transferred to us (not the regions that Ey Ren now owns). We are committed to maintaining the lovely nature of this area that I am sure you have come to love.

In the short run, the rent boxes have been redirected to pay us, so when you pay your tier simply do it as you always have. We will be replacing them with our own, but will need to have time to do that. For those of you that pay by PayPal, please make your payments to either or to depending on who owns the region. If you are currently paying by PayPal, we encourage you to consider a subscription payment.

Joy Canadeo will help you if you need assistance or please feel free to contact either Nber or MarkTwain. Nber is usually more available than MTW.

Keep Fanci and Patrick in your thoughts and prayers as they are in ours.

Fair Winds

Nber Medici
MarkTwain White


Posted by Joy Acker to Forum on September 16, 2013:

To FIYC Members & Friends

You will probably have seen Patrick’s messages about the changes to Sailors Cove and FIYC that are so sad, but so necessary.

We would just like to say “hello” to everyone. We are all too aware that we will be attempting to fill some very big shoes. Fanci and Patrick have built something wonderful. While changes are sadly necessary, we hope to preserve as much of the spirit of it as we can. But to do that we will need everyone’s help and support, so get ready! We will also be doing a lot of listening and getting all the advice we can on how best to move the club forward. Meanwhile the Club’s programs continue: weekly races & new sailor coaching.

Some details are still being sorted out. Patrick’s messages make it clear that FIYC will continue; and will have a clubhouse. Mark & Ey have written separately about the estates and you can see how supportive they are being. We will keep you informed of everything as we progress.

Finally, please take a moment to offer a prayer for Fanci and her battle.

Joy Acker & David Weatherby
Co-Commodores, FIYC.

SC Mar3 2011


Chaos Mandelbrot yesterday announced that the Leeward Cruise at 5:00pm SLT on September 24 would be a tour of the USS estates. “With all the changes to the United Sailing Sims I thought we would do a lap of all (I think I got them all) the sections.”

Here’s the chart; see you Sep 24, 5:00pm at the NYC sim start point. 🙂

LCC 24-Sep-2013