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Five Weeks to Second Sol Regatta!

patch2betaSecSol Update

Woots! The Second Sol Regatta is still five weeks away, but plans are heating up, and all the details are falling into place.

Second Sol is a Sail4Life fundraising regatta that will cover two weekends, from June 15-June 23; you can read all about it here. I wanted to take a moment today to throw in a couple quick updates!

1. The Regatta was initially designed for a maximum of 16 racing teams divided into four different timeslot groups for the qualifying rounds on June 15 and June 22. Well, as of today there are more than a dozen teams already signed up and we still have more than a month to go. At the request of several sailors, I’m increasing the enrollment to 20 race teams, and adding a fifth timeslot. That last timeslot will race on Friday June 14 and 21, at a convenient time to be determined. If you want to switch to Friday, send a message to Jane Fossett in Second Life. 🙂

Waypoint patchogues 2009

2. I’m also very happy to announce the Patchogue II raceboat is on the water in beta this week, and it looks pretty great. 🙂 Today KalEl and I tried hard to break it, but the boat proved tough and stable. We sailed back-and-forth across many sims with winds >31 knots this morning. patch2beta Kal-JaneHowever, with a couple reefs in the sail and the team hiked all the way windward, the boat sailed like a real champ; we hit a speed-over-ground of over 34 knots! (And you thought Trudeaus were slow?) 🙂

Beta testing is slated to end soon, and all the teams signed up for Second Sol will get their own new Patchogue II’s delivered on May 25. That will give the fleet a full three weeks to practice before the Regatta opens!

So if you want to join in and race Second Sol with us in June, welcome aboard! Second Sol will be a great chance to Sail for Fun, Sail with Friends, and Sail4Life.

SecSol2013 poster 02b

Solstice Challenge Begins

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Today the S4L Solstice Challenge officially opened, with a Regatta Party hosted by Elbag Gable in Eden Celebration sim. The event was rather wondrous, and well-deserved Kudos go to Elbag and all the great people in Eden, North Sea, and Fruit Islands!

And what a party it was! The first hour was a rather incredible lightshow by Tyrehl. It was so popular that at one point a full 67 people were crowded into the sim! (I didn’t think that was possible!)

courtesy of Dil Spitz

The second hour was a performance by Lightning’s ABBA tribute in SL, held at the Eden concert stage. It was a pretty fantastic kick-off to the weekend of sailboat racing coming up!

Chaos slept through it 🙂

As most readers know, Solstice Challenge is a weekend race regatta to raise contributions for Relay For Life, one of the major SL fundraisers. There are sixteen great teams sailing in SOLSTICE, and each paid a donation “entry fee” to join the race. Many others in the sailing community then generously chipped in too, matching the racer’s contributions or paying to sponsor boats, greatly increasing the fundraising total.

The response has been pretty great so far, but hey, you can still donate any time you want over the weekend to support your favorite team or the whole fleet. There will be Sail4Life kiosks at all the spectator platforms for each race!

Here’s a list of the teams that will be racing on Saturday in four timeslots. Each qualifying event is hosted by a different SL Yacht Club, and the timeslot fleet will sail that club’s home water. The four timeslot winners will then meet on Sunday morning in Sailors Cove for a FINALS shootout to pick the regatta winner!

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Solstice Challenge Weekend!

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Woots! Here we go!

The Solstice Challenge S4L fundraiser kicks off on Friday, June 22 with a wonderful party hosted by Elbag Gable in Eden Celebration. It begins with a Big Bang, courtesy of a massive fireworks show that should get the race skippers excited for the upcoming competition!

That will then blend in to a performance by SL’s Lightning ABBA tribute. 🙂 This should be something great; please come and celebrate Sail4Life’s Solstice Regatta!

Summer SAILstice

Summer SAILstice is a global celebration of the start of summer. Last year over 17,000 sailors kicked off the sailing season by hooking up with a SAILstice event! It’s not just for RL sailors, though. Virtual sailors are welcome to join hands with the SAILstice community as well.

Dale Irata from SL’s Island Yacht Club has made it easy to get connected, and you can even support Sail4Life while you do it. Just click on any of the in-world posters that have the above logo and you’ll get all the links and info. While you’re there, you can even pick up a S4L Teeshirt!

There’s no excuse if you’re not signed into SL, though. 🙂 Here’s a link to Dale’s SL SAILstice webpage that will tell you what it’s all about!

In fact, SAILstice was the theme and inspiration for the upcoming New York 30 Solstice Challenge regatta on June 23-24. You can sign up to race as your SAILstice sailing event, and Dale will even throw in a special regatta version of the SAILstice Teeshirt!