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Woodstock 2013 Draws Huge Crowd

woodstock2013 004Kudos to Bennythe Boozehound, Runa McMillan, Charlz Price and Fiona Haworth for the wonderful Woodstock event on June 1 to support Sail4Life. Woodstock was a fantastic day-long concert and party that recreated the 1969 Woodstock Festival, featuring an incredible soundtrack mixed by Benny.

yasgurs farmCharlz and Fiona staged the event on a separate region (Yasgurs Farm)  rented for the occasion. They put in a huge effort to make the concert area and surrounding sim a suitable flashback setting for the sixties music.

woodstock2013 ChazThe result was pretty amazing. The original Woodstock Festival in 1969 became legendary when 450,000 young people descended on Yasgur’s farm for the event. That number was nearly ten times what the event planners and local townspeople were expecting. 🙂

Well, yesterday it happened again in Second Life! Beginning Friday night, people started to flood into the sim, ‘camping over’ until the concert started on Saturday. That turned out to be a pretty smart move, since the moment Benny stepped up to the mike to get the show underway, the sim hit max capacity. 🙂

For the next twelve hours there were 80-90 avatars down on Yangur’s Farm, and it was nearly impossible to get in! (kudos go to Kal for piping the audio feed into Blake Bistro, to keep the restless crowd from storming the gate). 🙂

After a day of trying, I finally did wedge my way into the sim and caught the last two hours of the show.  It was totally groovy. 🙂

woodstock2013_005Great job Benny, Runa, Charlz and Fi!