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One Thousand Sims, an SL Rally proposal

Hi! Over the past month, I’ve been chatting with lots of sailors about a new kind of long-distance sailing event. I think it might be fun, accessible to just about everybody, and maybe… just perhaps… it could help to build Sailing in Second Life.
I gleefully admit I’m ‘stealing ideas’ here from many people, including Naeve, Tig, Becky, Carmen, Manul, Tory, Axle, Francois, Orca, Isis, Elbag, Taku, Chaos, MTW, and many, many others. The idea is not well thought-out yet though and it might not even work, but I’m posting the proposal here to start a discussion and consider what to do with it based on everyone’s feedback.

OKOK; With that truly tortuous preface, here is what I’m thinking:

“The Second Life Sail Rally”

The Rally idea (aka “The SL Global Challenge“) would be a single long distance sailing event that traverses approximately 1,000 sims, broken into a series of stages that go from one marina to the next over a few weeks. The event will be open to all sailboats and any SL user at any skill level. It can be sailed solo or by a team, it will be largely self-paced, and the ‘rules’ should be very simple. I’m considering a pretty absurd logo and motto: “One Thousand Sims, One Thousand Sailors.

(Cough… I know what you’re thinking: “Jane’s gone off the deep end, again“).
Well, maybe that’s true; I actually dunno yet. I need some advice and input from SL sailors.

The Rally isn’t actually a race; and it’s not just a long cruise, either. It’s well… an adventure.

Sailors would ‘compete’ in any kind of boat, and the registered Rally boats could be sailed by either individuals or by ‘teams’ that worked together and substituted for each other. That way it’s flexible enough so anyone can participate.

Nonetheless, one thousand Sims is a very long distance. To make it reasonable and fun, the Rally would be broken up into a series of  short “legs.” Each leg will start from a designated raceline or waypoint on the route and take less than one hour to complete. The sailing time for each segment would be recorded and displayed in a spreadsheet online.

After each leg is finished, at their convenience the competing boats would  set sail again, using the previous finish line as the new start line for the next leg.

During the Rally, a web database might display each boat’s geographic position and document their ‘lap’ time in addition to their cumulative time scores across all the completed legs.

Any boat that successfully finishes the entire Rally will complete a thousand-sim course and deserve major bragging rights for that accomplishment. The entire 1,000 sim event will be scheduled so that it is convenient for sailors, but competitors should finish all legs within a time-limited frame of perhaps two-three weeks.

In my opinion, anyone who finishes this Rally is a sailing superstar. This is a rally endurance challenge, not really a boat race. Nonetheless, in the true sailing spirit of challenges met and obstacles overcome, prizes and publicity would go to multiple ‘winners’ in different categories, to be decided.

That’s basically the idea: A Mega-Rally with a huge group of sailors forging across 1,000 sims that interconnect a dozen marina locations, all laughing along the way with minimal pressure, heading to a common finish point that celebrates Sailing in Second Life.

As I said, maybe this sounds totally over ambitious, and essentially “nuts.”  I’m sure some think it totally undo-able.
I should know better, right?

So why am I proposing this?

Well… it’s simple.

1. The event combines interests of nearly all Second Life users;
2. It would showcase many clubs and marinas that some sailors rarely visit;
3. It would build cooperation and communication across sailing groups;
4. It helps merge the SL “racers” and “cruisers” in into a fun event that combines both racing and cruising features;
5. The winning boats in some categories might easily be new builds. That would give the yacht yards free, well-deserved publicity.
6. the Rally symbolizes another step in the expansion of sailing across the continents of Second Life.
7. The Rally builds the “distance race” idea (sailing from one point to a far-off raceline over the horizon).
8. The open, “Rally” format makes rules less important, and emphasizes a big fleet, lots of cooperation, and minimal stress with a fairly wide-open timeframe.
9. The Rally is a single event that can go on ‘behind the scenes’ for a few weeks. It will not interfere with any other regatta or Cup.

OK, Now… what’s Jane Fossett’s hidden agenda proposing this event? (Grin. Thanks for asking.)
Simply stated:

Along with many others, I want open waterways in Second Life.
If this Rally is popular and successful, it could be a platform that allows sailors to petition Linden Lab to keep the navigable waterways open.
Unless navigation waterways are a priority, unless they are open and sacrosanct, our community cannot grow.

That’s my agenda here: I want 1,000 sailable sims from Gaeta to Spoondrift (and all similar intercontinental waterways) to be a priority. 🙂 .
We are a community of individual sailors who have discrete and personal goals, but I believe we share some common ideas.
I think one of the most basic beliefs we hold in common is that sailing channels around Linden continents should remain open, free, and accessible to all.
I actually believe Linden Lab thinks that too… but they need our encouragement to define their priorities.

So… if you also agree we need open waters,
or if you just want a fun cruising adventure with no hassle and meet many sailors…
or you want to join a huge Rally competition full of laughs and discovery…
Well, this might be your event.

Let me know what you think, and help plan it! I’ll start threads to discuss the next steps on and

Oh… and what boats are good for this event?

In the Rally, I’ll be sailing a Trudeau Twenty…
errrrr… or maybe a Nemo…
Wait, wait!… a Wally…
cough… or any boat made by Juli Gothly or Corry Kamachi…
nono, a Dutch Barge!
(where the hell is my “Becca’s Baby Sloop?”)
Manul, can your raft do this?

I admit I have no idea what boat wins this kind of 1,000 sim adventure!
That’s part of the fun!