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Linkous and Bertrada Racelines

Linkous and Bertrada

Kudos to the Linden Department of Public Works! This past week they opened two new Linden raceline parcels that should greatly expand sailing opportunities in SL!

Zindra Zailing

The first is an 80m raceline in Linkous sim. Linkous is located in Zindra‘s Ursula Bay, a broad expanse of open water that’s interconnected with the other  water regions on the Adult Continent.

This is great news. Although Zindra opened quite some time ago, it’s never had a raceline. That fact made it hard to build a community of committed sailors on the continent. Nonetheless, sailors were always interested in sailing Zindra, and several “roadtrips” were organized to cruise the Linden waters. Xi Landia was a prime mover to get an SL Coast Guard station in Ursula Bay some time ago, and Leeward Cruisers made a point to hold grand excursions on Zindra’s seas on more than one occasion. When I ran around the coastline last week, I was happy to see an LCC flag flying from a nearly dock!

But let me give the biggest shoutout to Kip Zabaleta (Óláfr). He’s a Leeward Cruiser, but he is also associated with Hillcrest College in Zindra’s Hessen and Vanauken sims. Kip’s trying to teach sailing from Hillcrest’s docks, and he clearly saw the need for a community-based Linden raceline someplace in the area. I think that made sense for everyone, and Linkous seemed a good, central location.

Zindra raceline

If you look at the map, the new Linkous raceline has a N-S orientation, with a default wind from the West at 15 knots. (you can add your own notecards for any other conditions). There are also new windward/ leeward buoys in Truland and Gurbsyk, and new reach buoys in Mullinax and Trinoo (see the chart above for colors and coordinates).

For sailors’ convenience there’s a Linden Rez Zone in the NW corner of Linkous, but it’s not yet open to rez boats (I’m guessing that problem will be remedied soon). It’s no big bother though; if you want to sail Linkous, you can easily find a rez point on the East shore of Ursula Bay or rez down at Hillcrest’s docks as indicated on the map above.

Bay City Marine

Bay City now has a major raceline in Bertrada too!

Bay City Alliance

Bay City is one of the oldest, smartest, and most creative communities in Second Life. It’s located on the far West end of Sansara continent and it has it’s own Linden harbor, the Gulf of Lauren. It even has it’s own yacht club, New Port. Until recently however, Bay City was disconnected from most sailing events because it was geographically isolated and it was truly impossible to sail from Gulf of Lauren to any of the other great sailing regions on the continent.

Well, thanks to Linden DPW that has all changed. Beginning two years ago, LL expanded Bay City. They then added several dozen new coastal water sims that form both a Southern and a Northern waterway passage, linking Bay City to major seaways East in Sansara.

This was a fantastic boon to sailors, as it added many more options for long-distance cruises and personal sailing fun. However, even though the waters were now open, Bay City’s sailors were still limited; there was no local raceline. The closest one was 25 sims away from New Port Yacht Club.

The best spot for a new raceline close to Bay City wasn’t obvious. If you look at Gulf of Lauren, it’s a great ‘harbor,’ with considerable space to cautiously navigate between local traffic boats and other obstructions. However, there’s no area you could dedicate to a full size race line, with adequate water for a competition fleet to maneuver before and after the race gun goes off.

Bertrada Raceline

It made more sense to put the line in Bertrada, a sim on the Northern Coastal Waterway. As you can see from the diagram above, Bertrada lies in a row of 10 contiguous water sims, and it’s nicely suited for windward/ leeward racing. The new line is therefore oriented North/South and it has a default East wind of 15 knots (but sailors can add their own notecards). The red arrows above also identify two new race buoys, a yellow nun in Grifo and a blue nun in Luitgard.

The raceline in Bertrada is also well situated for longer distance races. As shown below (pink arrows), a fleet traveling East can turn North in Cyclops sim and sail through the ANWR connector to Heterocera. They also have an option to go South through the islands and into L-Shaped Lake.

The line’s also positioned to accommodate distance races starting West (green arrows). The fleet can turn at the mark in Grifo and then proceed into the Gulf of Lauren, go through Shermerville Strait, and continue as far as Bay of Space Pigs or beyond.

sansara Dec 2012 annotated 1351

The new addition will strongly enhance the sailing options in West Sansara, and it’s a pretty great Christmas present from Linden Department of Public Works to SL Sailors everywhere.

So when you have a moment, go try out the lines in both Linkous and Bertrada. And if you happen to sail over any Rodents on a sea floor artistically arranging the plants, placing an ancient shipwreck, or programming exotic sea creatures… please stop for a sec and say THANKS to the Moles. That’s DPW working for you. They are building content, and they are trying to guess what will make you smile. They do a darn good job at it. 🙂


Bay City Celebrates Year Four on Sunday

In May 2008, Blue Linden gave the word, and a shiny-new community called Bay City arose from the primordial Pink Slime on the West Coast of Sansara. Actually, I think the Moles had a lot to do with it… 🙂

With the exuberance and innocence of true pioneers, the residents of that new land took up the task and constructed one of the most enduring and creative community partnerships in all Second Life.

This Sunday is their birthday, and everyone’s invited to come celebrate–

Bay City’s Fourth Anniversary!

Marianne McCann sent me the details:

Join us in a parade on Sunday, 20th May, starting from the bandshell in Bay City – Harwich and travelling down Route 66 and Park Place to the Bay City Fairgrounds at North Channel!

Click to enlarge

When: Sunday, May 20th at 12:00 p.m. (Noon) SLT
Where: Meet at the bandshell in Bay City – Harwich, with additional room in Bay City – Dennis, Bay City – Tisbury, and Bay City – Edgartown. The parade will begin promptly at 12:30 pm. SLT.

Parade viewing: Don’t feel quite like the march? There are several handy parade viewing areas! Here are LMs to two of them:

Parade end: The Parade concludes in North Channel — but hang around for fun and festivities at the Bay City Fairgrounds!

Live music will be starting at 1:30 p.m. SLT for the Fourth Anniversary Music Extravaganza!

Performing will be Bay City’s own GOSPEED RACER of KONA STREAM from 12:30-1:30 p.m. SLT, followed by Local kid CHRISTOV KOHNKE from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m., BLUEMONK RAU from 2:30-3:30 p.m. SLT, and finally ROSEDROP RUST from 3:30-4:30 p.m. SLT.

Here’s the SURL:

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s a short snip of the goings-on at the 2010 Anniversary Parade! 🙂

Grid Flounders, Sansara’s Colon, and ACA33 Trophy

Hi! there are many news items to talk about, but on this holiday weekend I’m just going to give you a short list of head’s up posts. I’ll get you the details when I stop crashing on the grid! 🙂

Grid Tsuris

There was a little girl, who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead,
And when she was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. (1807-1882)

Ok, I need to begin with a moment of primal angst. By all sailor reports, the Second Life grid was truly horrid this past week. With a few exceptions, whenever I tried to sail on either mainland or private estates, I ended up regretting it. Glorfindel Arrow, Bunnie Mills, Gemma Vuckovic and Francois Jacques all bemoaned the problem in web posts, and I assume everyone who didn’t complain was likely stuck someplace sitting on the Linden seafloor, suffering in silence.

By contrast, Noodle recently posted a note calling attention to a race with eleven Q-2m’s. I agree with Noodle; the Q-2m is a study, no-nonsense Bwind racer and it’s a great choice for a low-lag, large fleet. However dispite that this week several Q-2m races were cancelled after every single starting boat crashed on the courseYikes!

That may sound excessive, but I had the same troubles. I actually hit an all-time personal record testing the new Wildwind ACJ-45. In 12 sequential sailing attempts, I crashed every time on the first sim border I encountered.

Gee, Wildwinds are stable boats; I’m certain that string of crashes was SL-grid related.

Cait racing Quest-2m

I have no particular insight here about what’s going on to produce such turbulent weather. However I do know this is a frustrating setback for SL’s virtual sailors, since there are regattas underway, scheduled races to be run, and new boats literally aching to launch.

Months ago, Linden Lab seemed to recognize this problem. They announced a policy to prioritize grid infrastructure and performance. I appreciate that is a big task though and it may take time, but along the way it’s pretty critical for LL to provide us all with updates and to stay in communication with SL’s wide user-base. I’m not starting any negative rant here; I truly enjoy SL and I know LL has made efforts over the past year.

Nonetheless, there’s little-or-no evidence of that progress or commitment in the grid this past week. Every sailor I spoke with recently gave their personal version of the question I keep wondering:

“When we get thrown under the waves by a server issue,
how long does LL really expect us sailors to hold our breath?”

I know, I know; the question’s rhetorical.


Blondin Linden leaves SL

Last night Nber Medici announced to the sailing community that Blondin Linden was leaving Linden Lab.

Phew; this is sad news for sailing, and its part of the concern voiced in my comment above. Over the past few years Blondin was a big help, and he came through on many issues that concerned sailors. I disagreed with him on several items over the past two years, but I think all sailors respected the process, and acknowledged “the proof” would be the final product. Well, in recent months I saw many instances where Blondin came through. He went beyond what sailors needed, and even beyond what sailors asked for. Blondin helped build SLSailing.

I know we all wish Blondin fair winds and a safe harbor in future adventures that lie ahead. I also hope Linden Lab will continue working with the broad sailing community in a positive, open, and mutually constructive spirit.

ACA33 Trophy Narrows the field

OK, Kids, let’s assume the water is clear and the sky is blue in the near future. Gee, I hope that’s the case anyway, since the ACA33 Trophy competition is heating up! Here’s the official results from the first round open time-trials; they’re relayed by Uber-dog Quirky Torok, and confirmed by Regatta Race Director LDeWell Hawker:

The ACA Elite Cup

1    Miwha Masala   IDMM10 –  00:09:14.64
2    Carmen Foden   ID28 –  00:09:20.09
3    Viciously Llewellyn   ID57 –  00:09:21.35*
4    Lothor Vlodovic   IDLV42 –  00:09:21.35*
5    takabou Destiny   ID1112 –  00:09:21.79
6    Silber Sands   ID75SS –  00:09:22.12
7    Bolt Bashly   IDBolt –  00:09:22.89
8    KazumaHs Destiny   IDKH32 –  00:09:23.20

* Ordered by tie breaker. Both will receive 3rd Prize

The ACA Intermediate Trophy

9    Cher Bravin   IDCB08-G –  00:09:24.11
10    Kurt Calamity   IDKC02 –  00:09:28.71
11    Elbag Gable   ID48EG –  00:09:33.46
12     joro Aya   IDslut –  00:09:34.91
13    Bea Woodget   IDBW90 –  00:09:35.90
14     Jimboo Shelbyville   IDJ_S+ –  00:09:40.43
15    Naeve Rossini   ID36DD –  00:09:41.03
16     Laycee Deed   IDmeee –  00:09:41.64

ACA Light Trophy

1    Ox Seetan   IDOS43 –  00:08:57.83
2    Fadamuito Boa   IDFB63 –  00:09:26.18
3    Orca Flotta   IDORCA –  00:09:43.79
4     Colin Nemeth   ID#008 –  00:10:39.24

All the above racers will go through to the next rounds!

ACA33 Trophy Finals Course (AKA Obama's Birth Certificate)

The Elite Group will do the next round of shoot-out matches in the idyllic, tropical sailing surrounds of Fruit Islands. 🙂 All contestants will have flight and living accommodations paid for by Linden Lab (If you doubt that, just push that ‘Teleport’ button to transport, and ask Mom for a sandwich if you get hungry. It’s all no-charge)!

Once the noise from all the air-horns clears from the Semis and the final racers are chosen, the fleet moves to Blake Sea for the last-dance — match race — final-fix for the ACA33 2011 Gold Card Crowd. 🙂

The Light Fleet and Intermediate Race Group will also do their ultimate Tango-test in Blake that weekend, so it promises to be a hot time in the home port this June! 🙂

Hawk’s spent much time quietly working with all the Elite semifinalists; I keep getting feedback from the racers that this is looking like a truly great regatta conclusion. Even more important, it looks like ACA33 Trophy will leave an enduring legacy — a fleet with knowledge, skill, and excitement over Real Match Racing. 🙂

Nice Going, Hawk, Quirky, and Elbag!

Southern Passage Facelift

I know I’ve posted a lot recently about the changes in Sansara and Bay City, but hey, after so many months (actually, years) of talk about it, I’m pretty excited over the new additions. As I commented before, the upgrades are actually better than anything the residents or sailing community petitioned for, or hoped for in discussions with Michael and Blondin Linden.

TOP: Southern Passage Coast; BOTTOM: Intestinal Villi

The Southwest coastal sim terraforming is one great example.  I commented earlier that the new coastal simset was full of ‘rugged rugations.’  At that time I was thinking of the coastline of the State of Maine…

Well, actually, I admit that’s not completely true. I was also thinking it looked like a close-up of the Large Intestine. :-).

Nonetheless, I liked the way it looked. Michael Linden admits he did the initial claymation for those sims, bt it looks like he had more plans in store. :-). After the Leeward Cruisers stormed past the sims on Tuesday, DPW’s dredging crew went back to work and the Moles took over.

The new coastline is, well… fantastic! On the day the new changes went in I received at least a half-dozen messages from excited sailors, all urging I stop by and celebrate the new coastline! I don’t know any of the construction details, but it looks like Garden Mole’s fingerprints are all over it. 🙂
(Hey Garden Mole? WOOTS!!!)

Here’s an overview map of the coastline change. Go take a look; you’ll love it!

What am I talking about? Well, Go visit the first sim West as you sail over to Abbotts. It’s named Okeanos, and it has a circular driveway (cough; I mean waterway) that surrounds a volcano.

I admit I’m pretty jaded after four years here looking at SL builds, but… I’m also a soft-touch for funny, edgy, off-beat humor. If you look closer at Okeanos, you’ll discover the sim is full of it. If that’s Garden Mole’s input, then Woots! (Garden? ‘We are not worthy’ 🙂 ). Some of the humor and fine design-touches look like Michael Linden from Half-Hitch in Blake Sea too, so maybe the accolades should get spread around a bit. 🙂 I’m sure others had input as well, so please just go visit and then tell me how badly I got it all wrong. 🙂

Anyway, in Okeanos there’s a ramshackle boat house on the inland side of the volcano with a badly dilapidated, unsafe dock. You’ll find lots of free Linden beer bottles around, but since its a G site, so you’ll have to settle for ‘Ginger-Beer.” 🙂

I’m pretty sure most reading this are aware of the long-standing discussion and concern about print-media journalism, and how digital communication (like SL) is methodically destroying that 1500 year legacy. 🙂 Although I write a lot, I needed to smile while commenting here, since inside the Okeanos boathouse you’ll find lots of reading material!

OK I admit it; my favorite was the Mole Travel Guide to Blake Sea: Dining Spots. Just above that you’ll find a copy of the Holy (oops)… I mean the “Moley” Bible.

I’ll let you find your own way around the sim and fall into the traps by yourself, but please don’t forget to visit the volcano, complete with it’s own “diving board” and the too-loud screaming from the perils that lie within 🙂 …

Along the coastal waterway please note there’s an Okeanos lighthouse beacon to guide you. It has a fun animated ladder, and a mildly inappropriate binding post at the top for those “personal moments of public disgrace” (just remember to get your Ginger Beer first). 🙂

The sea floor wasn’t neglected by the Moles either. There’s abundant Flora and Fauna, but let me give you a tip. I ran into a huge catfish circling around the lighthouse… Well, I thought catfish were fresh water scavengers; you know?

I was getting ready to write a complaint about it to DPW, but I tapped the catfish on its shoulder to get a publishable quote for the press release…

It didn’t turn out well! My advice is: leave that fish alone!

Gee, I have a lot more to tell you about, but lets stop there tonight, so I can figure out how to handle this catfish. 🙂

Kudos to Leeward Cruisers

LCC cruisers navigating Mallard Channel in 2010

I just wanted to put in another plug for Leeward Cruising Club. Cate Foulesbane, Kittensusie Landar, and Chaos Mandelbrot are doing a wonderful job coordinating several cruises each week. A few dozen people usually show up, and they can sail any boat they chose, or join another skipper’s crew. The LCC cruise course is always different, and often highlights a new or interesting maritime region. It’s a great way to learn what’s going on across the grid waterways.

Last night’s cruise tried out the Sansara Southern Passage that I mentioned a few days ago, sailing from New Port Yacht Club in Bay City across the new coastal sims to Abbotts. From there the fleet turned Northwest along the interconnected inland waterways and crossed the whole length of Bay of Space Pigs.  They then turned North to enter the L-Shaped Lake where they finally made landfall at the B & T Outpost on the  Northern shore in Marunogere.
DJ Borday was waiting there, spinning tunes! 🙂

As I mentioned above, the LCC cruises are usually very well attended, and last night was no different! I showed up late, so I didn’t have time to snap pictures of the fleet, but I did save the view from my minimap; if you look at the image to the right, you can make out a long string of sailors at the ‘back of the pack’ as they make way from NewPort into the Southern Passage.

It’s a lot of work to plan and coordinate such an ambitious schedule of sailing events every week, but the trio of Cate, Susie, and Chaos do it with style, skill, and humor. Pretty wonderful stuff, Leeward Cruisers!


Before I close this note, let me add a side comment. When I wrote about the Southern Passage, I complimented the Linden design in part because the hazardous ‘4-corner’ sim borders (the point where 4 sims converge) were tucked out of the way.

During last night’s cruise we saw a good example of ‘problem‘ 4-corners in the L-Shaped Lake region. If you look at the figure below, you see that most 4-corner points in the Lake are on open water near the shore (yellow arrows), in spots where a boat sailing to windward might gybe. There’s actually a worse problem in Kiha, the sim at the southeast corner of the Lake. Kiha has five islands, so there’s little room to navigate as you work you way through. Unfortunately, the islands are arranged so Kiha has three of these ‘4-corner’ sim convergence points (the red arrows below).

I understand why land owners might prefer this arrangement, and that’s their right; I’m not arguing for any campaign to re-terraform any established regions. I’m just bringing up this point again so sailors know where the hazards are, and I’m perhaps suggesting that estate builders use caution when they design future coastal regions around these dangerous spots. 🙂

This might be a information topic to include in packets distributed by the Open Seas Project.

Sansara Southern Passage

Bay City's New Port Yacht Club

Over the past several months the Linden Department of Public Works has been working gangbusters on upgrades, additions, and lots of innovations across the Sansara continent. Many of these changes involve the waterways, and although Sansara was once called the ‘Old Continent,’ it’s quickly turning into a shiny, new showcase for cruising, sail-racing, diving… and pretty much any other water sport you can think of.

click to enlarge

A few weeks ago I posted about the the new “Northern Passage” there. It’s a string of coastal water sims that run along Sansara’s Northwest continental shelf, linking Bay City’s Gulf of Lauren with the “ANWR Connector” waterway that goes to Heterocera Atoll.

Oh; in case you’re not familiar with all the names and locations in that part of the SL grid, well, no worries; Sansara now has the best maps of any continent in Second Life! A few weeks ago I posted Icarus Fallen’s recent, wonderful cartography, and if you’re interested, his maps are a great place to start. Icarus makes truly beautiful charts that are based on input from many people; the maps include all the current, consensus names of Sansara’s diverse land and water regions.

Although the the Northern Passage is too recent to show up on Icarus’ chart, you can get the info about it here. It’s a fantastic addition that finally links Bay City’s New Port Yacht Club with the extensive water regions further North and East. Unfortunately, that route doesn’t permit easy access to the Sea of Fables and Ice Bay, two of the largest and most popular sailing areas in the continent.

Well, two days ago that problem was solved! A new waterway, the “Southern Passage,” just came on line. It’s a 10-pack of very thoughtfully-planned coastal sims on the Southwest side of Sansara, linking the Bay City water in Luna Palisades with the eastern boating areas that connect through Abbotts and Rosedale. The new waterway was first mentioned nine months ago during Linden Office Hours, and woots, it was worth the wait! 🙂

click to enlarge

The chart above shows the new simset outlined in red (East Luna is also new, but outside the outlined area).

I commented above that the new Linden coastal sims were ‘thoughtfully-planned,‘ and I meant it. It’s worth dropping by to take a look at the details of the new installation.

You can see some of the features on the above map. For example, click to enlarge the graphic then look at the new sim edges. You’ll see that DPW put the region boundaries slightly on the land side of each water sim; that means you’re less-likely to hit a sim border with your boat when you’re trying to gybe near the shoreline.

If you race a lot, you know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably noticed that most maritime estates give parcel owners a thin edge of water along with their property. That’s very understandable, but it also inevitably means there are sim boundaries and/ or ban lines exactly where a boat needs to gybe when moving upwind.

Well sailing fans? That issue wont happen in Sansara’s new Southern Coastal Passage!

Since I’m already whining here about sim border crossings and sailboats, let me add another point. I’m pretty sure most sailors would agree the ultimate danger to frail watercraft in SL are the ‘Four Corner” points. Those are the spots where four sims come together to form a ‘singularity‘ on the map. Hitting a four-corner with a fast, script-heavy boat while you have crew aboard is generally considered pathologically reckless behavior in SL.

Well never fear, because LL DPW has your back. 🙂 Look where the four corners are in the new Southern Passage! Nearly every one is nicely positioned in an out-of -the-way spot that won’t interfere with either sea (or land) activities.
Nice design! :-

And please, go look at the terraforming of the newborn sims too; its just getting underway, but what’s installed is actually quite nice. There are several islands on the West end of the passage with good channel depth between, and there’s a natural peninsula breakwater where the sim-passage turns South. There are also seawall palisades on either side of that waterway as it passes the Sandboxes, and then there’s a wonderfully rugged coastline full of inlet rugations as you approach Abbotts. I know it’s all still largely unfinished, but wow, I love it! Kudos to LDPW for a very nice, detailed job, and for all the obvious thought that went into the addition!

click to enlarge

Before I end, let me also give another big shout-out to the great people from Bay City. Over the past few years their work with LL and DPW helped build a great community in West Sansara, and the new Northern and Southern passages will provide a great opportunity for sailors grid-wide to go visit, sail, and plan regattas with the Bay City dock crowd. 🙂

As I’ve commented before, big Kudos go the Marianne McCann for all her patient advocacy for the new water links this past year, and let me also give a hi-five to Holocluck Henley too. I made it over to the new sims as soon as I heard the waterway connection was ‘going live.’ No surprise, Holo was already there 🙂 and was kind enough to give me an inspection tour of the install. It still had that fresh paint smell. So…

Nice work, Bay City, Sansara Sailors, and LL DPW.


Let’s Sail!

When you visit, be sure to watch where you're going; I took a bad turn!