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Leavitt Names Emmons FIYC Commodore

Originally posted to on April 18, 2008

Patrick Leavitt is the Linden owner of Sailor’s Cove/ Lawson Landing Estate; until yesterday he was also Commodore of Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC) (read below to see what happened). On April 17, Patrick met with SL Sailors and addressed a series of their questions regarding Sailor’s Cove Estate.

Jojamela Soon published a full transcript after the meeting. COM will summarize a few major points of the meeting here as well. However, since SC/ FIYC has a new website, after today COM will stop covering regular events at Sailors Cove in deference to their ‘home team.’  (SLSAILING.COM of course will continue to report on issues of general interest to SL Sailors wherever they occur in SL)

FIYC Location

The meeting took place at FIYC’s new clubhouse in Anchor Cove and was well attended by members of Sailor’s Cove and the SL Sailing community. Those in attendance raised a number of issues for discussion, and a few of the major points are summarized below. Please see the full transcript at the end of this article for details that might not be appropriately emphasized in the summary.

The meeting quickly got down to business when Beejee Boucher asked Patrick about 3 things… Sailing, airport and connecting”
Beejee’s question arose in part from comments Patrick made at SC’s recent town meeting, where he stated a desire to construct a small airport within the Sailors Cove. Today Patrick qualified those prior remarks by saying:

“It is just a thought I had since i like seaplanes… but it really is only a thought… nothing around residences and nothing any time soon. The thing with that is room around the estate and if we really want to commit that kind of resource to it… the problem too is that they are script heavy… and that would definalty hurt sailing… so its a low priorty and just a fun thought”

Patrick then addressed the issue of connecting Sailor’s Cove waterways with the United Sailing Sims that lie Southwest.

He began by saying “I have to admit that I have not talked with anyone outside of Sailors Cove about the connecting since the blow up,” adding “I think everyone knows that i have always been interested in that… We just have some more things to discuss… and we will.”
“ok one thing for example… is that we have a unique identity, I just wnat to make sure we keep that without being lost in the all encompassing USS banner… and to be honest MTW [note: MarkTwainWhite is a partner in USS] is very accomidating and interested in our relationship… I jsut want to be sure we are set here at home first.”

COM (JF) then asked: “Can you tell us the status of management negotiations with the SC partners?”
Patrick Leavitt replied: “Sure: I had go to a RL lawyer so be sure that it is handled fairly… a lot of the delay was my lawyer catching up. They should have received a letter this week… and the negotiations go on. … Just to be clear… Those negotiations are for their settlement to send them on their way. I look around and sail around and see their handy work. They will be compensated fairly.”

COM (JF) later asked:” …You are not selling your share and will remain sole owner?
Patrick Leavitt replied: “Correct Jane

Liv Leigh next asked a sailing question: “I have noticed.. Epi has replaced the marks… all… and they rezz late now.”
The group had an extended discussion about the nature of this problem, its impact on sailing, and the possible fixes. Patrick concluded the discussion by saying “We will do whatever needs to be done to get right” and Epicurus Emmons made it clear he was actively working on it.


Patrick next made a surprise announcement:
“I wish to take this opportunity to name Epi as the commodore of Fishers Island Yacht Club… I have delayed in this so I can get to know Epi… and He has done a great job and is a great leader.”
The crowd of sailors at the meeting erupted in applause, shouts of approval, and congratulations to Epi for the great job he was doing.

To clarify the change in leadership, COM (JF) asked: Epi will become one of the Owners of FIYC Group?
Patrick responded: “Not an owner, but we will set him up as a seperated commodore status”

[Note: Following the meeting COM reviewed the new Commodore Role in the FIYC Group. The FIYC Commodore is granted two “abilities” by the Owners. The Commodore can (1) invite new members and can (2) Eject members from FIYC.]

COM (DD) asked a follow-up question: Isnt it normal for a Commodore of a yacht club to be one of the owners of the group?

Patrick replied: “Good question Del…Tell you what, Epi and I will look at that. but I’m a little nervous at the moment of to many owners in a group…but that is a good question”

[Note: Jojamela Soon on April 14 posted her intention to resign as FIYC co-owner. The only two remaining FIYC owners are the SC management partners, Patrick Leavitt and Fanci Beebe.]

Epicurus Emmons then humorously interjected: “I will behave Pat 🙂 as co-owner but for me its not that important as long as i can make notices”

[Note: according to the FIYC Group Roles, Race Directors and Officers can send Notices, but the Commodore Role itself does not have that ability. The Commodore can only invite/ eject people from membership.]

Patrick Leavitt further stated “Lets look at it some more. One of the issues is that theatre is using that group too

[Note: Jojamela Soon uses a separate Sailor’s Cove Event Calendar that does not overlap the FIYC racing calendar (although the the separate calendars can be merged). She is stepping down from an ownership role in FIYC, in apparent agreement to keep sailing and events separate.]

COM (JF) next voiced a common SC mantra: For sailors, By sailors”
Epicurus Emmons said: “Sailors and music lovers”
Patrick Leavitt replied: I can see where your coming from with that request [note: presumably referring to Delinda’s question about the Commodore as co-owner]
Patrick continued: “For the moment I think the Fizz cup takes president and is the most important thing at the moment…
As the meeting drew to a close he added “Did I mention for the moment…hehe…”

On that somewhat ambiguous note, the meeting was adjourned.


Edited Transcript of FIYC Meeting April 17, 2008

[13:04] Patrick Leavitt: HI everyone, I want to thank you all for coming.

[13:05] Patrick Leavitt: you may notice that I like it simple and hate the big crowd feel

[13:05] Patrick Leavitt: I want to answer any of your questions and jsut chat as we go

[13:05] Patrick Leavitt: I’m very excited at the job Epi has done getting things going

[13:06] Patrick Leavitt: and we have so many of you helping out and race directing

[13:06] BeeJee Boucher: thats 10 linden epi

[13:06] Epicurus Emmons: :))

[13:06] Patrick Leavitt: I’m so excited that the place just feels like home too

[13:06] Patrick Leavitt: and that is from all of us making that happen

[13:07] Patrick Leavitt: Any specifics I need to cover first

[13:07] BeeJee Boucher: 3 things i thjink

[13:07] BeeJee Boucher: sailing, airport and connecting

[13:07] Epicurus Emmons: ehhhhm le tme thing

[13:07] Patrick Leavitt: The Big 3

[13:08] Delinda Dyrssen: I was going to say something but go ahead Beeje

[13:08] BeeJee Boucher: no i just droped 3 things, youi just say your thoughtsd

[13:08] Patrick Leavitt: Lets start with the airport

[13:09] Patrick Leavitt: it is just a thought I had since i like seaplanes

[13:09] Patrick Leavitt: but it really is only a thought

[13:09] BeeJee Boucher: i like the idea

[13:09] Patrick Leavitt: nothing around residences and nothing any time soon

[13:09] BeeJee Boucher: i have 2 seaplanes

[13:09] Epicurus Emmons: ty for that info beejee

[13:09] Hans Zinnemann: I fancy an airport

[13:09] Patrick Leavitt: Beej is the seaplane coast guard

[13:09] Delinda Dyrssen: can you give one to me Bejee I dont have one

[13:10] Liv Leigh: does it fit into the theme of the area.. i mean waterplanes can be moored like boats

[13:10] BeeJee Boucher: i think it good be a addition to sailing as long as it doesn interferve with sailing

[13:10] Patrick Leavitt: THe thing with that is room around the estate and if we really want to commit that kind of resource to it

[13:10] Patrick Leavitt: Exactly

[13:10] Delinda Dyrssen: OK I havea techincal question

[13:10] Patrick Leavitt: the problem too is that they are script heavy

[13:10] Patrick Leavitt: and that would definalty hurt sailing

[13:11] Patrick Leavitt: so its a low priorty and just a fun thought

[13:11] Lisp Hax: /that was my question… impact on lag

[13:11] Delinda Dyrssen: since its Sailing first…. whenm you fly say abovea certian altitude..dows it still cause lag on the surface?

[13:11] BeauZeau Zhao: any word on the price of void sims dropping?

[13:11] Patrick Leavitt: Yes

[13:11] BeeJee Boucher: but justthinkin outloud

[13:11] Lisp Hax: any script is going to affect the load on the sim

[13:11] BeeJee Boucher: a one of race of some sort copuld be possible

[13:12] Patrick Leavitt: sure, the scripts are all ontop of the parcel its over

[13:12] BeeJee Boucher: if well organized

[13:12] Patrick Leavitt: anyway

[13:12] Patrick Leavitt: on to the second big one

[13:12] Patrick Leavitt: COnnecting

[13:12] Delinda Dyrssen: well.. I think if t here were a low amount of people using planes it wouldnt be a problem.. but if it were a public airport… we may get to many flyers

[13:13] Lisp Hax: /cool the NIMBY argument already.

[13:13] Lisp Hax:  🙂

[13:13] Patrick Leavitt: I have to admit that I have not talked with anyone outside of Sailors Cove about the connecting since the blow up

[13:13] Patrick Leavitt: I think everyone knows that i have always been interested in that

[13:14] Patrick Leavitt: We just have some more things to discuss

[13:14] BeeJee Boucher: im wondering what the big probloem is

[13:14] Fearless Freenote: Hear hear

[13:14] Patrick Leavitt: and we will

[13:14] BeeJee Boucher: its just one sim

[13:14] BeauZeau Zhao: hey fearless…

[13:14] Patrick Leavitt: yes, it seems very simple

[13:14] Fearless Freenote: yo BZ

[13:14] Glida Pilote: I’m sure MTW is in favour

[13:14] Patrick Leavitt: ok one thing for example

[13:14] BeeJee Boucher: what politics are there that makes it seem so difiiclult

[13:14] Yuu Nakamichi: phone, grtta

[13:14] danielle Gardiner: that would be wonderful to connect

[13:14] Surfwidow Beaumont: like the channel between Nantucket and Santa Cruz

[13:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: doesnt have to be anything special

[13:15] Liv Leigh: yes surf, and they stay 2 distinct areas

[13:15] Fearless Freenote: I’ll buy that void sim and put up a toll station

[13:15] Liv Leigh: but people can sail around

[13:15] Liv Leigh: if they want

[13:15] Patrick Leavitt: is that we have a unique identity, I just wnat to make sure we keep that without being lost in the all encompassing USS banner

[13:15] Delinda Dyrssen: I would pay a toll

[13:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: maybe 2 void sims

[13:15] Delinda Dyrssen: if it was reasonable

[13:15] Surfwidow Beaumont: in a row to make it a clearly defined ‘new territory boundary’ 🙂

[13:16] BeauZeau Zhao: you have to put fearless on the show

[13:16] Patrick Leavitt: and to be honest MTW is very accomidating and interested in our relationship

[13:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: ‘new terriatory’

[13:16] Liv Leigh: patrick.. in RL territories border to others

[13:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: sp groan

[13:16] Patrick Leavitt: I jsut want to be sure we are set here at home first

[13:16] Liv Leigh: and they maintain it=dentity

[13:16] BeeJee Boucher: im not afraid of our image as a sim

[13:16] Surfwidow Beaumont: yeah

[13:16] Liv Leigh: all you need to do is negotiate, make the connection work

[13:16] Jane Fossett: with that introduction… Can you tell us the status of management negotiations with the SC partners?

[13:16] Patrick Leavitt: Sure

[13:16] Liv Leigh: you can have your own policies besides

[13:16] BeeJee Boucher: but im a cruiser, i like lonmg distances to sail

[13:17] Fearless Freenote: dittto

[13:17] Patrick Leavitt: I had go to a RL lawyer so be sure that it is handled fairly

[13:17] Delinda Dyrssen: dito distto

[13:17] Delinda Dyrssen: ditto

[13:17] Patrick Leavitt: alot of the delay was my lawyer catching up

[13:18] Patrick Leavitt: they should have received a letter this week

[13:18] Patrick Leavitt: and the negotiations go on

[13:18] Patrick Leavitt: just to be clear

[13:18] Patrick Leavitt: Those negotiations are for their settlement to send them on their way

[13:19] Patrick Leavitt: I look around and sail around and see their handy work

[13:19] Fearless Freenote: Are you planning on any more void sims?

[13:19] Patrick Leavitt: They will be compensated fairly

[13:19] Patrick Leavitt: Fearless yes we do have plans for more voids

[13:19] Liv Leigh: without TD i hope 🙂

[13:20] Patrick Leavitt: I may have missed some other questions

[13:20] Liv Leigh: i have one

[13:20] Liv Leigh: a practical.

[13:20] Liv Leigh: that is closely connected to fizz cup

[13:20] Patrick Leavitt: Liz what is TD?

[13:20] Liv Leigh: the functioning of race courses and their marks

[13:20] Liv Leigh: time dilatation

[13:20] Hans Zinnemann: TD = Time Dilation

[13:20] Patrick Leavitt: oh ty

[13:21] Liv Leigh: beyond your powers now

[13:21] BeeJee Boucher: oooh nerdy talk

[13:21] Liv Leigh: i have noticed.. epi has replaced the marks

[13:21] Liv Leigh: all

[13:21] Liv Leigh: and they rezz late now

[13:21] Fearless Freenote: What’s that in eeengleesh

[13:21] Patrick Leavitt: The use of scripts and prims are a constant issue

[13:21] Epicurus Emmons: I already linked them to transparants Liv

[13:21] Liv Leigh: ok

[13:21] Patrick Leavitt: the darned Havok 4 is just a bear too

[13:21] Liv Leigh: greats

[13:21] BeeJee Boucher: i read a cool solition from MTW on the forum for that

[13:21] Alain Gloster: Mark 10 is still rezzing late

[13:22] Patrick Leavitt: We did learn one thing yesterday

[13:22] Liv Leigh: yes td.. (sailing through mud)

[13:22] Liv Leigh: is an LL issue

[13:22] Jane Fossett: Epi??? I sent you a note about fixing the marks?

[13:22] Liv Leigh: not an SC one

[13:22] Surfwidow Beaumont: i think the sky markers discs used in the ACA wre a very good idea

[13:22] Patrick Leavitt: that some of the new sims were located in Texas while the rest of the older ones are in San Francisco

[13:22] Patrick Leavitt: We are requesting all of them to be in one location

[13:22] Surfwidow Beaumont: were*

[13:22] Jane Fossett: no… this is a mark issue

[13:23] Liv Leigh: well.. i just hope the new marks are better visible. i only found them beack because i knew all courses

[13:23] Jane Fossett: Are they fixed correctly?

[13:23] BeeJee Boucher: u suggest that will be check asap

[13:23] Liv Leigh: i was sailing blind

[13:23] Alain Gloster: not yet..we were racing on them an hour ago

[13:23] Liv Leigh: they rezzed at 20 m on a 15m/s boat

[13:23] Patrick Leavitt: Hans how did the races go today?

[13:23] Yuu Nakamichi: do you think this will improve sim corssing, PL?

[13:23] Jane Fossett: PL? Will you fix the marks? it takes 6 prim, 5 minutes.

[13:24] Hans Zinnemann: The 3 racers really enjoyed them but they said there was some bad conditions

[13:24] Alain Gloster: still pretty laggy with the mud effect

[13:24] Epicurus Emmons: Yes Jane I went for the MTW solution for now and rezzed linked transparant prims under the bouys. terraforming a small reef under them might also happen in time

[13:24] Jane Fossett: k.

[13:24] Jane Fossett: Fizz cup is next week.

[13:24] Liv Leigh: yes but if i take svar s blackett strait solution

[13:24] Patrick Leavitt: I’m sorry Jane We will do whatever needs to be done to get right

[13:24] Alain Gloster: a couple of biuys seem a little better but are still rezzing right when I was next to them

[13:24] Liv Leigh: the mark doesn t rezz

[13:24] Liv Leigh: i steer towards the underwater hill

[13:24] Jane Fossett: terraform under them

[13:25] Jane Fossett: you will see them on the mini map

[13:25] Patrick Leavitt: THis is probably a good time make another announcement

[13:25] Epicurus Emmons: ok i will talk to our terra formers this weekend

[13:25] Patrick Leavitt: SOme of the problems will be covered under the Racing and Nautical arm of our manangement structure

[13:25] Patrick Leavitt: What I mean by that is

[13:26] Liv Leigh: i will be practicing here.. and on other locations.. early to avoid td issues. i can keep you updated

[13:26] Jane Fossett: k

[13:26] Lario Fontaine: if you deed them to group, the will appear as pink dots in the mini map

[13:26] Patrick Leavitt: That I wish to take this opportunity to name Epi as the commodore of Fishers Island Yacht Club

[13:26] Epicurus Emmons: k ty liv

[13:26] Epicurus Emmons: Thank you thank you

[13:26] BeeJee Boucher: do we call him commodor now ??

[13:26] BeeJee Boucher: or is he stil Epi

[13:27] Alain Gloster: Sir will probably do BeeJay

[13:27] Patrick Leavitt: We have more people to put inkey possitions that will happen intime

[13:27] Epicurus Emmons: i go back to my gay seat

[13:27] Patrick Leavitt: COngrats Epi

[13:27] BeauZeau Zhao: does he get the goldbraid on his shorts now?

[13:27] BeeJee Boucher: let me put on my epinator shirt

[13:27] Patrick Leavitt: I have delayed in this so I can get to know Epi

[13:27] Patrick Leavitt: and He has done a great job and is a great leader

[13:28] Patrick Leavitt: Epi do you wnat to say a word

[13:28] Epicurus Emmons: wow thanks for the compliment

[13:28] Delinda Dyrssen: Epi will do a fine job

[13:28] BeeJee Boucher: 2nd that

[13:28] Patrick Leavitt: not that you had any warning

[13:28] BeeJee Boucher: Bad Boy Sailing 🙂

[13:28] Epicurus Emmons: Well what we did at FIYC till now was very much a teameffort

[13:28] danielle Gardiner: already is

[13:28] Epicurus Emmons: so thank you all

[13:29] Epicurus Emmons: and its great to be back

[13:29] Patrick Leavitt: Smiles

[13:29] danielle Gardiner: wb not that I was here before lol

[13:29] Patrick Leavitt: So as you can see we have much to do for the FIzz as well as the deal with the other issues

[13:29] Jane Fossett: question for COM: Epi will become one of the Ownders of FIYC Group?

[13:30] Surfwidow Beaumont: hey you could have some portraits on the walls epi can wear his balzer :)))

[13:30] Jane Fossett: ‘owners’

[13:30] Surfwidow Beaumont: like Starboards

[13:30] Surfwidow Beaumont: blazer*

[13:30] BeeJee Boucher: no way

[13:30] BeeJee Boucher: we must keep the club classy

[13:30] Patrick Leavitt: Not an owner, but we will set him up as a seperated commodore status

[13:30] BeeJee Boucher: no pics of epi

[13:30] Jane Fossett: oh.

[13:30] Surfwidow Beaumont: hehehe i was thinking more of who is who for nebs

[13:30] Patrick Leavitt: did I miss any questions

[13:31] Surfwidow Beaumont: newbs

[13:31] Surfwidow Beaumont: it helped me when i first went to starboards

[13:31] BeeJee Boucher: like a FIYC for Dummies

[13:31] Jane Fossett: COM: Will FIYC and SC Management commit to regular, open meetings with sailors, maybe on a weekly basis to begin with, in order to build a common consensus and to restore confidence in the Sailing community?

[13:32] Patrick Leavitt: Well with the Fizz coming up perhaps monthly meetings

[13:32] Jane Fossett: Thank you.

[13:32] Patrick Leavitt: But I think Epi and I both agree that we want that as well

[13:32] Epicurus Emmons: We will keep communications open

[13:32] BeeJee Boucher: one question

[13:32] BeauZeau Zhao: i have stupid suggestion

[13:33] BeeJee Boucher: where is Benny?????

[13:33] Patrick Leavitt: Good question Beej

[13:33] BeauZeau Zhao: where is elvis?

[13:33] Contra Koba: Benny is sleeping it off

[13:33] BeauZeau Zhao: i would donate a ship cannon, if people would fire it on rasing and lowering the colors

[13:34] BeauZeau Zhao: any enthusiams for that?

[13:34] BeeJee Boucher: me like canons

[13:34] Surfwidow Beaumont: is the tako scrapped now – it seems a shame

[13:34] Epicurus Emmons: But ohn sailing matters I hang around a lot at the office upstairs so visit me as much as you like for a little chat or ideas you have

[13:34] Hans Zinnemann: The Tako will never die!

[13:34] Patrick Leavitt: Can we fire it just because…..

[13:34] Fearless Freenote: At least on Sundays BZ

[13:34] Delinda Dyrssen: Everyone I would Like to introduce someone.. this is Dana Vamoer.. editor of and she just recently got into sailing… come inside say Heloo Dana

[13:34] Alain Gloster: I hope not

[13:34] Hans Zinnemann: Hi Dana

[13:34] BeauZeau Zhao: yep

[13:34] Surfwidow Beaumont: the fizz is ok but there are other classes

[13:34] dana Vanmoer: thanks delinda

[13:35] Surfwidow Beaumont: lets not get too over focused

[13:35] Surfwidow Beaumont: beach cats big cats big boatrs windsurfers

[13:35] Contra Koba: We have a cannon you can shoot at Fearless’ house anytime you want

[13:35] BeauZeau Zhao: you nmade hin poof

[13:35] BeeJee Boucher: 1st Surfboard races next monday

[13:36] Patrick Leavitt: Hey Contra, is benny asleep under the dock somewhere?

[13:36] Surfwidow Beaumont: and of course the tako

[13:36] dana Vanmoer: thank you fanci

[13:36] Epicurus Emmons: I would also like to start up RD meetings like we did have before (Hans remembers)

[13:36] Contra Koba: I think he might be in his shop sleeping on a pile of rags

[13:36] Contra Koba: I kinda forget where I left him heh

[13:36] Patrick Leavitt: lol. he partied for three days straight I think

[13:37] BeauZeau Zhao: anyone feed Elvis?

[13:37] Contra Koba: he’s a dancing fool no doubt

[13:37] BeeJee Boucher: we must protect benny

[13:37] Contra Koba: yes Elvis has a food bowl 🙂

[13:37] Epicurus Emmons: i hope benny is sober to participate in bigboat racing here, its just his thing

[13:38] Contra Koba: heh

[13:38] Hans Zinnemann: Not many questions for Pat I take it then?

[13:38] Contra Koba: he always goes the wrong way round the mark tho

[13:38] Patrick Leavitt: Hans are you going to be around for a bit?

[13:38] BeeJee Boucher: i have on emore thing

[13:39] Patrick Leavitt: sure

[13:39] BeeJee Boucher: its not a quastion

[13:39] Hans Zinnemann: I hope to live a bit longer yes Pat but you never know when that bus will hit.

[13:39] BeeJee Boucher: but can we limit the “jazz”

[13:39] Patrick Leavitt: for sure Hans….lol

[13:39] Hans Zinnemann: Do you mean over the next week or year?

[13:39] Delinda Dyrssen: whats wrong with Jazz Bejee?

[13:40] Patrick Leavitt: how about after this meeting

[13:40] BeeJee Boucher: nothing

[13:40] BeeJee Boucher: but not too much

[13:40] Hans Zinnemann: I will be around loads for ages, I really like SC.

[13:40] BeeJee Boucher: i love jazz

[13:40] Patrick Leavitt: and your zin will be around for ever dude!

[13:40] Delinda Dyrssen: loves the Zin

[13:40] BeeJee Boucher: but not as background

[13:40] Hans Zinnemann: Am off to Sie Fatherland in couple of days so will not be online then

[13:40] BeeJee Boucher: i like to listen to it

[13:41] Epicurus Emmons loves hans form his gay chair

[13:41] BeauZeau Zhao: heute SC, morgen Die WElt

[13:41] Hans Zinnemann: then Grand Theft Auto IV comes out so it will seem as if I am dead for a week or so

[13:41] Patrick Leavitt: so whos going to win the Fizz cup?

[13:41] BeeJee Boucher: i am

[13:41] Hans Zinnemann: Yah Beau ich hoffe

[13:41] Delinda Dyrssen shouts: I will win the Silver one!

[13:41] BeeJee Boucher: PROTEST

[13:41] Epicurus Emmons: M1sha

[13:41] Hans Zinnemann: “STARBOARD” excuse me please coming through!

[13:42] Hans Zinnemann: Is Ramchair taking part in it?

[13:42] BeeJee Boucher: K is this meeting overt?

[13:42] Patrick Leavitt: where is Armchair?

[13:42] BeeJee Boucher: lets party than

[13:42] Jane Fossett: AC’s been racing pretty intensively RL

[13:42] Surfwidow Beaumont: cup racing is too dependent on connection speeds and sim crossings 🙂

[13:42] Delinda Dyrssen: Patrick can I ask one quetion about Epis new Status as Commodore?

[13:42] BeauZeau Zhao: got struck by kightening

[13:42] BeauZeau Zhao: froin his sails

[13:42] Hans Zinnemann: yeah that’s why I can’t make the Fizz cup. Saturdays are difficult because RL sailing happens then

[13:42] Patrick Leavitt: I’m going to hang out a little longer if anyone else wants to talk

[13:42] danielle Gardiner: 2 pm Joaquin Gustav is playing at Jo’s he is wonderful

[13:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: if it was one giant SIm with a course within it it would be great 🙂

[13:43] Jane Fossett: Delinda?

[13:43] Patrick Leavitt: otherwise I guess were through for now, thanks for coming everyone

[13:43] Hans Zinnemann: is difficult to sail in SL when racing in RL because boat keeps tacking and can be a real pain!

[13:43] BeauZeau Zhao: bye all

[13:43] Epicurus Emmons: Go ahead delinda

[13:43] Jane Fossett: Delinda is asking a Q

[13:43] Delinda Dyrssen: isnt it normal for a commodore of a yacht club to be one of the owners of the group?

[13:43] Hans Zinnemann: Thanks Pat

[13:43] Surfwidow Beaumont: i often think people that would otherwise be great participants lose interest because of these issues

[13:43] Patrick Leavitt: Good question Del

[13:44] Surfwidow Beaumont: thats why void sims are so important

[13:44] Patrick Leavitt: Tell you what, Epi and I will look at that. but I’m a little nervous at the moment of to many owners in a group

[13:44] Patrick Leavitt: but that is a good question

[13:44] Delinda Dyrssen: ok ty

[13:45] Epicurus Emmons: I will behave Pat 🙂 as co-owner but for me its not that important as long as i can make notices

[13:45] Delinda Dyrssen: Bejee I cant dance right now.. Im going to go for a sail with Dana.. but I will later

[13:45] Delinda Dyrssen: thank you for offering though

[13:45] Patrick Leavitt: Lets look at it some more. One of the issues is that theatre is using that group too

[13:46] Jane Fossett: “For sailors, By sailors”

[13:46] Epicurus Emmons: Sailors and music lovers

[13:46] Patrick Leavitt: I can see where your coming from with that request

[13:46] Surfwidow Beaumont: one question why is the rez time outside of here endless

[13:46] Surfwidow Beaumont: a boat takes like 5 miutes to appear

[13:47] Patrick Leavitt: For the moment I think the FIzz cup takes president and is the most important thing at the moment

[13:47] Yuu Nakamichi: that would be general issues beyond the control of region owners SW

[13:47] Epicurus Emmons: hear hear

[13:47] Patrick Leavitt: did I mention for the moment…hehe

[13:48] Epicurus Emmons: for the Fizz I will ask some of you for assistance

[13:48] Jane Fossett: yes you did.

[13:48] Epicurus Emmons: looking out for sharks

[13:48] Patrick Leavitt: lol

[13:48] Epicurus Emmons: its called security

[13:48] danielle Gardiner: lots of sharks

[13:48] danielle Gardiner: I have to say

[13:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: maybe a linden concierge chap could come and fix that

[13:49] Surfwidow Beaumont: just seems a small thing that could improve the clubs potential

[13:50] Patrick Leavitt: Is that linden monitor still set up in Fishers Island?

[13:50] Epicurus Emmons: Its a estate management thing

[13:50] Patrick Leavitt: IT is the weirdest thing

[13:51] Yuu Nakamichi: are they happy to put all SC sims into either SF or Dallas then PL?

[13:51] Jane Fossett: For COM: When you met with the community a few weeks ago, you said that you had reached agreement to sell you interest in Sailors Cove to Tasha and Iza, but you didn’t trust them to follow through with the deal. Can you assure us you will still be the owner of SC in the future?

[13:51] Surfwidow Beaumont: A linden could probably say what is slowing down that rezzing

[13:51] Patrick Leavitt: Yes Yuu, that is not a problem

[13:51] Yuu Nakamichi: might help with regio crossings. the rez time might be more general issues, SW

[13:52] Patrick Leavitt: I was giving a chronological discription of the events

[13:52] Yuu Nakamichi: they say they have some serious issue with the central database

[13:52] Yuu Nakamichi: cluster, which they wnat to eliminate altogether anyway

[13:52] Delinda Dyrssen: Patrick tell them to move it ALL to Dallas

[13:52] Patrick Leavitt: The question of who owns Sc has never been an issue Jane

[13:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: its local to this clubs doorstep so quit important i think

[13:52] Jane Fossett: I quoted you correctly.

[13:52] Surfwidow Beaumont: quite*

[13:52] Patrick Leavitt: I own Sailors Cove.

[13:53] Patrick Leavitt: Linden Labs agree

[13:53] BeeJee Boucher: ok

[13:53] BeeJee Boucher: what do i own?

[13:53] Patrick Leavitt: The rest is the people who have purchased here

[13:54] Jane Fossett: I’m clarifying the issue. You are not selling your share and will remain sole owner?

[13:54] Patrick Leavitt: you own your land Beejee and everyone else as well. I am committed to that

[13:54] Jane Fossett: that is my Q for COM.

[13:54] BeeJee Boucher: ok thanks

[13:54] Patrick Leavitt: Correct Jane

[13:55] Jane Fossett: thank you.

[13:55] BeeJee Boucher: for me thats important

[13:55] Nekololi gives Delinda a big hug.

[13:55] Patrick Leavitt: You have purt your trust in me and I am honored with that

[13:55] danielle Gardiner: ty patrick

[13:56] BeeJee Boucher: yes i did that for the 2nd time

[13:56] BeeJee Boucher: i trust you too

[13:56] Delinda Dyrssen: someone say “meeting Adjourned” so I can go sailing please

[13:56] Patrick Leavitt: WB Beejee…again

[13:56] Patrick Leavitt: I second that

[13:56] Epicurus Emmons: youre excused Delinda

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3 responses so far ↓

  • 1 Jane Fossett // Apr 18, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    During yesterday’s meeting Liv Leigh brought up sore point for many sailboat racers: The marker buoys on race courses frequently rez late, so you often don’t see the mark until you are on top of it. This seems like a small point, and it is often hard to get people to pay attention to it and fix it.
    Racers, however, know this is not a small point at all… and next week is the Fizz Cup…

    Well, sports fans, after Liv brought the issue up, Epicurus Emmons fixed it nearly immediately. In fact Epi had already done the first half of the fix before the meeting.
    Next time you see him, buy that new Commodore a drink.
    Buoys now show up on mini-map!

    Terraforming under the orange buoy!

  • 2 Patrick Leavitt // Apr 18, 2008 at 10:01 pm

    Or two if he is off duty…

  • 3 Jojamela Soon // Apr 19, 2008 at 9:56 am

    At the time of the meeting the new FIYC Commodore role had just been put in place and all of the permissions had not been set. It was updated yesterday.

More Havok, Less Trauma

Originally posted to on April 2nd, 2008

On Monday and Tuesday, Havok 4 was implemented across the SL main grid. H4 is a major upgrade to the physics engine that’s critical for many things in Second Life, including sailboats.

This morning Vin Mariani and I did a few “first look” tests to check out how boats handle collisions on the main grid under H4.

H4 Bounce!
I’m sure you know the problem. You’re in the middle of a race and someone tacks in front of you. You try to veer away but your boat catches in their rigging. More likely than not, both boats end in a tangled mass of fiberglass and Mylar as the crowd looks away in horror. If you’re lucky enough not to crash off-world, you frequently need to stop, take a deep breath, and rez a new boat.

Well, sports fans, it looks like those days of sailing carnage may be a thing of the past with H4! This morning Vin and I repeatedly collided a Larinda Lite and a Full Tradewind into each other. We never “fused” or crashed. The usual result was a moderate “bounce.”

If you look at the sequence of images to the right, you’ll see an example. In A-B, both boats are asail, and Vin’s Larinda Lite collides with my Tradewind. As you can see in C-D, Vin’s boat just bounces off. In this case, Vin was thrown well over 100m, which seems pretty extreme. However, in all other attempts today, the bounce was much smaller and seemed fairly reasonable.

It’s worth noting that in all our collision attempts the Larinda bounced while the Tradewind was minimally affected; every time the Tradewind hit the Larinda head-on, the Larinda was pushed back. This may be due to a ‘mass effect,’ since the full-sized Tradewind is far more prim-heavy than the Larinda Lite.

The pictures below show another example of the collision effect under H4. In ‘A,’ Vin’s Larinda hits the Tradewind’s port bow at an angle. ‘B‘ shows that the two boats very briefly overlap, and then the Larinda ‘bounces back’ a small amount (‘C’). The extra space gives both boats enough room to slide past each other safely (‘D’).

Head on collision test

A similar bounce takes place when boats hit the End Of the World (EOW). The magnitude of that bounce appears equivalent to what occurred in H1. However, as they always say in science journals, “more research is indicated.