Leeward Cruise sails ‘Gilligan’s Island’

It may seem a bit early for Halloween, but who cares!

Admiral Chaos Mandelbrot is planning a Gilligan’s Island themed cruise for his LCC excursion on Tuesday, September 1 at 5:00SLT !! This should be fun!!

So go grab your boatshoes and pick a good cruise boat; the fleet takes off from Sailors Rest in Blake Sea at 5PM sharp! (and no one’s left on the dock!).

Here’s the rest of the course:

LCC_2015-09-01 Gilligan's IsleIf that’s confusing, no worries, mate! The Apres Cruise party is here. 🙂

Come as you are…
Come crew if you have no boat!
Come as Ginger, MaryAnne, or Thurston Howell if you must!

See you at Sailors Rest at 5PM SLT!

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