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2015 Sail4Life 12 Meter Regatta

2015 Sail4Life RACE Regatta

Relay for Life (RFL) is Second Life’s major charity fundraiser.  RFL supports cancer research, and sailors play an important role through SAIL4LIFE, the RFL team that unites sailors grid-wide in this important endeavor.

So, please,  get up off your collective butts and join me in a rousing mega-shoutout for Winnie Sweetwater! Winnie is the Chair of SAIL4LIFE again this year, and wow, she’s done a great job! With the support of her stellar S4L 2015 team, Winnie’s organized a remarkably fantastic program of events this spring to support S4L!


In fact, if you have a pulse and a temperature greater than room air, I’m guessing you prolly already know all about this…

But hey,

Just maybe here’s something new:

With Winnie’s approval, I’m thrilled to announce the ‘official’

June 20-21, 2015

So forget all the Prozac! This is what you really want! 🙂 Let’s SAIL!

Regatta Sail teams are going to compete aboard the new Trudeau 12 meter racer in qualifying trials on Saturday, June 20. To accommodate sailors worldwide, the Saturday races will be split into four different timeslot events that host four boats each.

The winners of Saturday’s timeslot race series will then advance to a Finals sail-off competition on Sunday, June 21. The Finals Time will be determined in advance by the skippers, to make sure the event planning works for everyone. 🙂

As part of that planning, to make things easy all the races this year will be held in the wonderful expanse of North Sea, and hosted by that legend of SL Sailing, Elbag Gable. Tactical maven Ldewell Hawker (Hawk) will be in charge of race course design, and the incredible Hay Ah will make sure the racework infrastructure goes as planned. 🙂

This regatta will be great fun for both sailors and spectators. However, we also know it’s likely to be an ultimate shoot-out event that brings together the very best sailors in all Second Life; in past years, scant seconds determined victory. Under that kind of intensity, judging ends up pretty critical. I’m therefore absolutely thrilled to announce that the 2015 judging team for this regatta will be Bea Woodget (#1 judge), Joro Aya, Silber Sands and Soro Dagostino. I think they are the all-time dream team for virtual sail-racing. 🙂

Woots! In fact, overall I think the combo of staffing, location, a cutting-edge boat, and hands-on support could truly make this regatta the ultimate ‘be-there‘ sail-race event of 2015!

Are you ready to join in?
Well, here’s how:

  • Go to the ENTRY FORM and sign up! You’ll see all the details there.
  • This is a Team Race, and each team entry is asked to pledge $L5,000 to support S4L as the entry fee. The team can make that donation later, any time prior to the race, in any kiosk.
    Please Note: We will have several wonderful donors supporting this regatta, so any team that needs sponsorship to help pay the Entry Fee should just contact Jane Fossett; we’ll figure it out. 🙂
  • Each team that signs up will receive a FREE 12 METER YACHT courtesy of Jacqueline Trudeau. 🙂 That covers your entry fee right there!
  • Each team will also get personalized, numbered sails for the regatta hand-crafted by Diamond Marchant. Alain Gloster’s already signed up, and he gets sail 01 ! Alain’s has all the experience and skill, and given his recurrent near-miss performance over the past few years, I’m pretty sure his Eureka entry will be the boat to beat in 2015! 🙂
  • Here is the in-world URI for the 2015 S4L 12 meter regatta group! Please join, if you’re a racer or a fan! secondlife:///app/group/8f139750-7e6a-038f-2d5d-2c51f6cbdd26/about

Anyways, joining-up is as simple as that!

The regatta will need tons of help event-organizing and team-building, so PLEASE contact Jane Fossett if you can help! I’m trying to reach everybody, but hey… I’m slow… so please drop me a message if I haven’t called you yet and you can join in. 🙂

I’ll post links to discussion threads and in-world support groups for the regatta very soon, to make sure everyone can get involved!