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Second Sol Closing Party is Sunday

All good things must come to an end sometime… ūüôā

Second Sol Closing Party poster

Image courtesy of Dil Spitzharpoon

MoonCats Win Second Sol Crown

Cats WinThe sailing was tough in North Sea on Saturday, but five great teams donned their foul weather gear and raised sail to fight it out one last time to decide the winner of the Second Sol Regatta.

Here’s a brief rundown on the racing action.

Race 1 Results: Course A

In R1 the Blue Marlins took the lead initially, but then Poseidon Linden reared his ugly head, and all the race boats crashed!

Blue Marlins lead R1

Only one team, Moons Love Cats,  had the presence of mind to re-rez and officially cross the raceline. The judges initially considered abandoning R1 and re-running the first race. However, as soon as one boat legally crossed the Finish line, that choice was not an option.

R1 Race Results
1: Moontears Vought ID16 — 00:17:24

2: SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — not Finished
3: diamond Marchant ID2 — not Finished
4: Alain Gloster ID15 — not Finished
5: Ronin Zane ID9 — not Finished
Lap Times:
Moontears Vought ID16 — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:17:15
SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — Start: 00:00:00 — Last lap: not finished
diamond Marchant ID2 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: not finished
Alain Gloster ID15 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: not finished
Ronin Zane ID9 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: not finished

Race 2 Course B

R2 began with a remarkable start; four boats simultaneously crossed the line with times of +00:01 or +00:02, with NYC just slightly behind at +00:07. It was a pretty great demonstration of the sailing skill of the Finalist Fleet.

R2 Start DilSpi

Alain Gloster’s Eureka quickly took the lead and held it, shutting down a strong challenge by Blue Marlins, with¬†Moon Cats placing third. Crashes again disrupted the races, but not to an extreme degree.

R2 start 036R2 Race Results
1: Alain Gloster ID15 — 00:12:19

2: SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — 00:16:30
3: Moontears Vought ID16 — 00:17:33
4: Ronin Zane ID9 — not Finished
5: diamond Marchant ID2 — not Finished
Lap Times:
Alain Gloster ID15 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:12:17
SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:16:28
Moontears Vought ID16 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:17:32
Ronin Zane ID9 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: not finished
diamond Marchant ID2 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: not finished

Race 3 Course C

The third heat on Course C was the best of the Finals set, full of strategy and close tacking. The image below shows how close the fleet was half way through the race, with boats converging from opposing tacks. In fact, Armano led SerenityAeon by only four seconds as they crossed the Finish Line!

R3 close tacking

R3 Race Results
1: Moontears Vought ID16 — 00:13:48

2: SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — 00:13:52
3: Alain Gloster ID15 — 00:14:23
4: Ronin Zane ID9 — 00:14:42
5: Diamond marchant DSQ – DSQ
Lap Times: 
diamond Marchant ID2 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:08:15
Moontears Vought ID16 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:13:38
SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:13:50
Alain Gloster ID15 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:14:21
Ronin Zane ID9 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:14:37

Race 4 Course C

R4 used the same couse as R3, and once again the race was very tight and hard fought. So much so, that coming around Ziziphus Island three boats converged in near-collision (see below)! Woots!

R4 Race Results
1: Moontears Vought ID16 — 00:14:17

2: Alain Gloster ID15 — 00:14:28
3: diamond Marchant ID2 — 00:15:13- DSQ
4: SerenityAeon Resident ID4 — 00:19:38
5: Ronin Zane ID9 — not Finished
Lap Times: 
Alain Gloster ID15 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:14:21
Ronin Zane ID9 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:14:37

R4 entanglement

At the conclusion of four heats, the¬†Moon’s Love Cats¬†team emerged as the clear winner, racking up three first place wins out of four heats. Here’s the Results table, calculated with Sailwave. With one discard, Moon’s Love Cats scored a ‘perfect’ 3.0 and won First Place. Eureka came in Second Place with a strong 6.0 showing, and Blue Marlins was right behind with a score of 7.0. The sim conditions had the greatest impact on Ronin Zane and Diamond Marchant. Their Grumpy Men and NYC1 entries sufferred lag and repeated crashes, resulting in Fourth and Fifth position totals.

Second Sol Finals Scores

Scoring Comment

The judges had an extended discussion about how to deal with Race 1, since all the boats crashed in that heat. However, under the ISAF Rules of Sailing the solution was  straightforward. Rule 35 states:

… If one boat sails the course as required by rule 28 and finishes within
the time limit, if any, all boats that finish shall be scored according to
their finishing places unless the race is abandoned. If no boat finishes
within the time limit, the race committee shall abandon the race.

In other words, the race committee must abandon and potentially re-run a race when all the competitors fail to Finish. However, in R1 Armano re-rezzed the Moon boat and drove it across the line, legally finishing the course. Once he did¬†that, under Rule 32.1 the race was valid for scoring purposes and the race committee could not simply abandon it. Here’s what Rule 32.1 says:

32.1 After the starting signal, the race committee may…¬†abandon the race…¬†as appropriate…¬†because of foul weather…
However, after one boat has sailed the course and finished within the
time limit, if any, the race committee shall not abandon the race
without considering the consequences for all boats in the race or

Rule 90.3(a) also emphasizes this point:

90.3 Scoring
(a) …¬†A race shall be scored¬†if it is not abandoned and if one boat sails
the course in compliance with rule 28 and finishes within the time limit,
if any, even if she retires after finishing or is disqualified.

The Race Committee might have added a fifth heat to the series in lieu of abandoning R1. I think that would violate the regatta rules (and probably ISAF racing rules too), but I bring it up here to make a point. Even if the fleet raced a fifth heat with Alain finishing First and Armano Last, the Finals Rank would still be the same, as shown below.

SecSol 5 heats

Moon’s Love Cats finished the four heat Finals with a decisive record of 1-3-1-1, and they well earned the Second Sol Championship. I’d like to argue their victory was ‘predictable,’ since they also won every single qualifying race they sailed with Armano as team skipper.

Image courtesy of Orca Flotta

However, going back over the records for the past several weeks of Sec Sol races, the truth is that all five teams won their Finalist spots with near-perfect race scores in the Qualifying Rounds. Going into Saturday’s event it was a real toss-up who would emerge this year’s winner.

I think that says something great about the extent of interest, skill and enthusiasm of so many sailors that make up the Sailing Community in Second Life. Thank you to all of you who helped make this year’s S4L race event huge fun.

I’ll have a lot more to say about this as we get closer to the Award Ceremony and Second Sol Regatta Closing Party this Sunday, July 28 @ 13:30 in Eden Estate!!



The 2013 Second Sol Champions!


Sail4Life Kudos


After several months of Crowds, Kiosks, Cruising, and Competition,  the major fundraising events of Sailing4Life came to a final climax with the July 13-14 RFL Weekend celebration.

Please give a rousing WOOT for the 2013 Sail4Life/ Relay For Life Team! Here they are~~~

Chaos Mandelbrot, Team Captain
Fanci beebe, Co-Captain
S4L 2013 auction 11Aislen Keynes
Allie Tomsen
Armano Xaris
Bitterleaf Menges
Caf Binder
Charlz Price
David Cani
Diamond Marchant
emillie placebo
fiona haworth
hay ah
S4L 2013 auction 10jane fossett
kentrock messmer
kittensusie Landar
mialinn telling
nber medici
om charron
RJ Kikuchiyo
Vickie Maidstone

S4L’s camp installation on RFL SPIRIT and RFL REFLECTION was rather fantastic. The classic maritime build re-created New York’s Fire Island lighthouse, surrounded by open grassy spaces and traditional wooden docks that looked out on a full sim of sailable water.

s4l 2013 camp 03a

The design was beautiful in its own right, but it also served as the backdrop for a boatyard-full of great yachts and finely-crafted maritime items, all donated by the wonderful artisans of Second Life. Any sailor could pick up a trailer-full of great gear by simply dropping a bid at one of  several dozen kiosks on the sim. And of course, all the proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.

Major kudos gotta go to RJ Kikuchiyo  for his vision and masterful design for the installation.  Diamond Marchant also took a major role arranging the displays, communications, and sailing regi0n, and the RFL judges gave Diamond the Third Place Award for Design!  Woots!!

But the biggest applause this year goes to all the great sailors, estate owners, and builders that supported S4L. The whole community joined in to help make the fundraiser a great success.  Thank you!

S4L 2013 camp 01


Sail4Life Weekend

S4L 2013 campRelay For Life will top off this year’s fundraiser effort with the Annual Relay Weekend on July 13-14.¬†The RFL sims will open at 10:00 am SLT on Saturday, and there’s a huge program of events planned by all the different SL teams.

RFL sims  You can get a copy of the event schedule here.

The sim map for RFL weekend is shown on the right. A continuous walking track winds its way through the campsite exhibits, and visitors can dedicate luminaria to loved ones along the way. The Sail4Life team is camped in the Northwest corner of RFL SPIRIT sim, extending into RFL REFLECTION sim.

The theme and centerpiece for the build is RJ Kikuchiyo’s Fire Island Lighthouse¬†(see the header image above).¬†It’s a truly wondrous build with a beacon that dominates the RFL skyline for a great distance, and it reflects the spirit of the whole SL Sailing community.¬†The Fire Island build is accurate, detailed and unique, and RJ’s donated it to Sail4Life as part of this year’s silent auction.

S4L 2013 auction

Speaking of the auction, you’ll find silent auction posters all over the lighthouse grounds, and a host of winable boats filling the docks too. Be sure to bring your wallet; there’s a lot of great stuff up for bid this weekend! If you want to see the list, go to the Sail4Life team page and click on the “Auctions” tab. ūüôā

s4l 2013 camp 03

The auction will be over on Sunday July 14 at 11:00 AM SLT, so be sure to get your bids in early or you’ll miss out!

t12 s4l

Taku and Jane at S4L 2012

And while you are trying to decide what to bid on, don’t forget Sail4Life is also holding a marathon sail in RFL REFLECTION sim. The sail is a tribute to all the RFL participants who will be walking the length of the simset over the weekend.

If you’d like to be part of the continuous marathon sail, you can sign up for a timeslot here and then rez any boat you wish from the Sail4Life dock.

S4L 2013 camp 01

See you at the Sail4Life Camp!!