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Interview with Hay ah

Interview with Hay Ah

by Liv Leigh

Imagine an avatar with a wild, wild haircut, imagine complex calculations. Imagine someone with a passion for mathematics who tries to solve the big questions of our little virtual universe. There’s a name that goes with this picture and it’s not ‘Albert’… Liv Leigh interviewed Hay Ah, the startline lady. A story about the ongoing battle against lag, about new features to come. A story about beach, Beach Cats and how Bittersweet Lime may have saved the J-Classic’s port-to-port races.

“I never knew about lag before I started scripting the racelines, I was innocent and happy.”

Liv Leigh: Most of us know you as the startline woman… But there must be a way you got into sailing and into scripting for it. How did it start?
Hay Ah: Well, I wanted to start scripting immediately when I was in sl, but it was way too hard for a newbee scripter to start.
Hay Ah: So I ended up partying and shopping for 3 months.
Hay Ah: Later i started with changing little scripts and eventually progressed.
Liv Leigh: I see, do you have a background in RL programming?
Hay Ah: Not really, I liked mathemathics in school, those problems were like puzzles to me.
Hay Ah: I knew how to edit some php scripts and java but that was it.
Hay Ah: I learnt everything from the lsl wiki.
Liv Leigh: That’s pretty impressive, considering the impact your items have made in the community so far. Especially in the relatively short period you’ve been providing them. Why did you choose for sailing as a platform to script for?
Hay Ah: Well, I was present in the sailing community since about summer ’08. I always liked beach living. I liked the openness of the community and off course I liked learn to sail in SL.

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