S4L 12M Regatta Rules 2015

**Special Rules and Exceptions for this Event**

Please help us make sure the ‘Ruleset’ for this regatta is understood by all,
so the judging and protest review can be uniform, valid, and consistent.

Bea Woodget, Silber Sands and Joro Aya are the 2015 judges. They are the final word on judging policy and procedure. Soro Dagostino, Taku Raymaker, and Jane Fossett will act as Appeals Judges if indicated.

— Teams will race the latest version of the TRUDEAU 12 METER sloop, ‘as it comes out of the box’.
— Decorative textures for the hull or sail are permitted. J Trudeau and Diamond Marchant may provide extra hull and sail textures that can be used at the discretion of each race team.
— Racing boats should have the team’s preferred, unique sail number prominently displayed on the Main.

Some specific details:
— Teams are not allowed to use the ‘/1 pp’ (phantom) chat command (or equivalent) while racing.
— The use of simple ‘stop-watch’ timers is allowed.
— Simple landmark setters that show race mark locations as ‘world map teleport points,’ are allowed.
— Any additional gadgets that show extra info on boat position or physics is not allowed. If a team is unsure about use of a particular device, they should ask one of the judges or Regatta Officials well in advance of race day.

— Boats competing in the regatta will be registered to a “sailing team” that includes one or more people (yes, one person can be a ‘Team.”). — Each team will have an identified ‘contact person’ for official regatta communications. The contact person does not need to sail; they are just the ‘contact.’.
— For any particular race, the boat’s team will decide which team members should crew, and which will skipper (The minimum number aboard a race boat is a solo skipper; the maximum number is one skipper plus three crew).
— Even in the middle of a race, a team can decide to add or remove crew, or switch skippers.
— The number of crew aboard any boat at the START can be different from the number of crew crossing the FINISH line.
Please also note:
— Each competing race boat must use a unique ID registered to the boat’s team and identified by the raceline.
— All competing boats will sail with “Cruise Wind” parameters broadcast from the Start line windsetter. Manually setting “Trudeau boatwind” is not permitted. An RD may request that a Finishing boat run the ‘/x set’ chat command to show the boat had correct wind.
— A sailor can be skipper in only ONE timeslot on June 20, but any sailor is welcome to crew for a different team in timeslots when they are not skipper.

June 20 Qualifying Races:
A team must win a Qualifying event to advance to the FINALS.
The Qual events will be divided into four timeslots (0700, 1300, 1500, and 1800 SLT).
A maximum of four boats will race in each timeslot.
All races will be held in Northsea using the Breadnut raceline http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Breadnut/23/70/30
The boats in each timeslot will race on an Olympic course designed by Ldewell Hawker:
The wind will be from the SW at 18-20kt.
There will be four heats, with one discard (‘throw-out).
The winners of each timeslot event will compete again on Sunday June 21 in a FINALS event.
The details for the FINALS will be posted separately.

Competition boats should arrive thirty minutes prior to the scheduled race and check in with the Race Director.
All communication with the fleet will take place over the Twelve Meter Regatta group chat channel. Competing sailors should join that group and open chat for the race.
The RD will give five minute and one minute warnings prior to starting Countdown. Racing boats must raise sail within 15 seconds of the RD’s announcement that the clock is running.

— Boat Crashes: If a boat ‘fails’ for any reason, a skipper may decide to abandon it and launch a new copy of the boat at the nearest rez point before the crash. The skipper must announce the event to race officials, who will then provide wind parameters for the new boat (an RD will bring a windsetter to the rez site).
— Skipper Crashes and MOB: If a skipper goes off-world or becomes incapacitated for any reason, another team member can take the helm, or launch a replacement boat as described above. If crew fall overboard, new team members can go aboard as replacements at the skipper’s discretion.
— Failure to trigger the raceline: On rare occasions, competing boats will fail to trigger the raceline. When this happens at the START, the race is invalid and the fleet should be recalled. When this happens at the FINISH, The Race Directors should record the rank order of boats as they cross the line and use that data to score the race.

— The ISAF Race Rules will apply unless otherwise noted. Please see Reigen Zeplin’s “Second Life Adjusted Racing Rules of Sailing” for details – http://tinyurl.com/nwl8tsh

Rule exceptions and SL-specific additions will be listed in the S4L 12 METER thread on SLSailing.net, and also published on notecards to racers in-world.

Comments on ISAF Rules:
— Judges will use a two boat-length zone to resolve Rule 18 protests over ROW at racemarks. Rule 18 does not apply at start line marks, but will apply at the marks that define a GATE, except as stated in Rule 18.4.
— Rule 30.1 will be enforced:
“…(if) any part of a boat’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or one of its extensions during the last minute before her starting signal, she shall thereafter sail from the course side across an extension to the prestart side before starting.”
— Rule 31 will also be enforced:
“31 TOUCHING A MARK While racing, a boat shall not touch a starting mark before starting, a mark that begins, bounds or ends the leg of the course on which she is sailing, or a finishing mark after finishing.”

–NOTE: The Trudeau 12M has a phantom boom; it can not cause a collision. A collision only occurs when a non-phantom part of the boat strikes another non-phantom object.

— The Qualifying Timeslot Races will use the ISAF Appendix A Standard Low Point scoring system. Four races will be held in each timeslot, and each competing boat will get one discard.
ISAF Appendix A 8.1 and 8.2 will be used to resolve any ties.
The boat with the lowest score in each timeslot will advance to the Finals Round. Details of the Finals Round competition will be published separately.

Good Luck!

JFos – revised June 8

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