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2015 Cruiser Kudos

LCC Oct06 021

OKOKOK, this is just a mini-plug for the great Leeward Cruise Group in Second Life. They’re wrapping up another year of twice-weekly cruises, full of sim-busting adventures that are the highlight of SL Sailing.

Yup, it’s true: for many years now, a large, highly dedicated, and very funny fleet have hit the water in SL each and every Sunday and Tuesday, under the wise guidance of Chaos Mandelbrot and Kittensusie Landar. It’s the most popular and longest-running sail event in all SL! Chaos even made it to a Hollywood cameo:

So…. if you know SL already but you want to learn sailing…. one of the best ways to accomplish that is to crew on a boat with the Leeward Fleet. There’s always room with great sailors, and the fleet motto is “No one left behind.”

cruisers at Half Hitch


And if you’re a real-life sailor in Northern climes and you’re looking for a great digital emulation during the snowy season, well Second Life‘s a great place for you too! Come join us for Real Life cruising and racing online! 🙂

Come Sail Second Life with us!