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FRANCOIS JACQUES MEMORIAL TROPHY for 2018 will sail on Friday November 2

This week Commodore Gemma Vuckovic of  Nantuckett Yacht Club-SL announced plans for NYC’s annual Francois Jacques Trophy event. Here’s her initial Notice of Race:

FJ Race Poster
Friday 2nd November 2018 3:00pm SLT

Francois, our dear departed NYC Commodore, was adamant that racing was “for all”. Her motto was “Ladies & Gentlemen, Have you sailed today?

On Friday 2nd November we will race in her memory and for the Francois Jacques Memorial Trophy, an annual event.

Please register early to make our planning easier, and depending on the number of entries we will use one of two Plans.

Plan Aup to 10 entrants.
There will be three preliminary races.
A low point scoring system based on finishing position will be used. One discard race will be allowed, and the combined points of the other two races will be calculated.
The top 8 racers overall will be the finalists for one last race, and the winner will receive the FJ Trophy and his or her name added to the perpetual Honours Board.

~~ OR – (depending on the number of entries) ~~

Plan Bover 10 entrants.
Racers will be split into 2 groups, and each group will have two races.
The top 8 racers overall, based on time, will be the finalists for one last race. The winner of that race will receive the FJ Trophy and his or her name will be added to the perpetual Honours Board.

Shields-v2.0This year we will race the Shields v2.0 by Burt Artis. We chose this boat for several reasons:
1. It is FREE.
2. It is easily obtained.
3. It’s easy to sail, yet competitive to race.
4. It’s a popular boat with SL sailors.

CHARTS, the WIND & USB-programmed waypoints will be released 2 weeks prior to race day.
A course has been specially designed for the race.  It’s one that should bring out all the best qualities of competing skippers, yet also easy enough to be fun.

Mini Olympic 2018

As we want as many competitors as possible to enter, we will be using a wind with no hidden surprises.

THE TROPHY(s) & Prize(s)
The overall winner will be awarded the Francois Jacques Memorial Trophy, and have their name placed on the perpetual Honours Board. The two runners up will also receive a trophy.
Hughes Enterprises have graciously donated $L6000 for the First prize. Other sponsors are welcome to contribute additional prizes.

We have created the two plans above to cover the eventuality of some people crashing. One crash does not mean an end to your chance of winning.

Results of the heats will be announced promptly to enable the final to be held.

We need your entries as soon as possible please, by notecard to either Gemma Vuckovic or Justin Blade in Second Life.

Gemma Vuckovic
Commodore, Nantucket Yacht Club-SL
Justin Blade
Head Race Director, Nantucket Yacht Club-SL