Hepurn Hotlaps

Hepurn Hotlaps

Kudos to Hannelore Ballinger, Elbag Gable and Mowry Bay Boat Club for hosting the sixth Hotlaps 2013 site!

The new course uses the Linden raceline in Hepurn, and you can get all the details to sail a Hotlap by clicking the poster above the green buoy on the starboard side of the line.

Mowry Bay Hepurn raceline

(Note: The posters are phantom and semi-transparent, so they aren’t an obstruction to sailing.)

There’s a large rez-enabled parcel on Linden water that begins 35m south of the raceline, so sailors should have no trouble getting their boats underway. The Green buoy also contains Hay Ah’s version of the WWC setter, so if you want the correct wind to sail a lap just click on the buoy and say “use hotlaps 2013.”

Here’s Hanne’s chart:

Mowry Bay Boat Club Hotlaps 2013

The course is classically designed with upwind, downwind, and reach legs. It resembles the old MBYC1 “Triangle” course that sailors raced in the Mowry Sprints regatta (you can read about that race here, here, and here).  It’s interesting to note the old MBYC1 course was used for racing and hotlaps as far back as 2006-2007. However, by comparison Hanne’s new course is over twice as long, it takes better advantage of the Linden waterways, and it is a better test of basic boat performance. It’s a great design. 🙂

There’s one unique aspect to this course compared to the other five Hotlaps installations. Hepurn Hotlaps uses a SW wind (15kn, 225deg), so the first leg of the course is a downwind run. Since Hotlaps are solo time trials and the legs are nicely balanced, I’m guessing the ‘spinnaker start’ in Hepurn will make no difference. We’ll see!

So here we go with Hepurn, Now We Are Six!

Now We Are Six

Hotlaps Locations:

Plum Gut






(click one for a link.)


You got ten minutes?
You could sail a Hotlap!  :-)

mowry mar5 2008

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