Leeward Cruise Feb 11: DYC to Allie’s Alley!!

LCC Jan 7 2014 05

Cruising conditions have been pretty great recently!

Come join the Leeward Cruise fleet on Tuesday for a great tour of Nautilus waters, followed by an apres cruise party hosted by Allie!

Here are the sailing orders from LCC’s Admiral Chaos Mandelbrot:

February 11, 2014
Leeward Cruising Club 5pm

Allie’s Alley is not your ordinary art gallery. There is no door at the entrance because she didn’t know how to put one in, so she made the whole wall phantom. Just walk through it.. To return to the beach, walk back through the sunken ship with the brown hull. The TP unit is between the rabbi and the snow.

Tunes courtesy of the Bennythe Boozehound !!

Here’s the Chart:

LCC 11 Feb 2014

Here’s the landmark for the start: Danshire Yacht Club.

and Here is the landfall destination: Allie’s Place.

SW at 15 knots
on a Trudeau this is /x set wind 225 7.5
On a bwind this is SW then 15
On a Quest this is wind dir 270 and wind speed 15

No one left on the dock!
Ut mare quod ut ventus.

— Chaos Mandelbrot

LCC Jan 7 2014 01


2 responses to “Leeward Cruise Feb 11: DYC to Allie’s Alley!!

  1. Wish i could have done it, but it was 1am for me and im waking up at 7, next week ill try to be there:)

  2. Missed you, ZZ, but not to worry. On August 12, there will be another cruise party at Put-in Bay Marina– with a short TP to Allie’s Alley! If I don’t accidentally destroy my build, this time the exhibit is geared to LCC with a whole wall dedicated to Kitten.

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