Five in Fables

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After four weeks of intense ONE WORLD sailing by more than two-dozen SL teams, on February 4th-5th Waypoint YC, New Port YC, and Free Adriatic will all join to co-sponsor the ROUND FIVE Regatta.

The setting for this quint-essential event will be Sansara’s primordial Sea of Fables, one of the original sailing sites in Second Life. Please don’t confuse old with slow, however; This past summer Fables got a mega fashion makeover, a big steroid injection, and (where needed) a major brain transplant!

Now it’s time to see if Fables can stand all the hype and live up to reality…

It’s time for ROUND FIVE !!!

Here’s the chart, and believe me, we’re setting the stage…
Now just hold on to your seats!

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See you in ARAFURA !!!

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