Nemo II World Series Promo!

Kudos to don Berthios for his latest video. This one is a promo for the SLAC World Series, featuring the Nemo II at Nantucket Yacht Club- SL!

Talk to Don or Francois Jacques in Second Life for the details!

2 responses to “Nemo II World Series Promo!

  1. Brilliant! It’s just amazing the technology, the workmanship, the originality of the sailors.
    Leeward Crusing Club Photos are now in one spot!
    Jane – Can you change up the Cruising URL ? Thanks !

  2. Hi Tory! I updated url!
    I have a bunch of pics from last Tuesday’s cruise,
    but considering what Cate was wearing,
    I thought they might be inappropriate. 🙂

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