Solstice Challenge Race Regatta – June 23-24

On behalf of Sail 4 Life (and with a considerable degree of excitement) Jane Fossett, Kentrock Messmer, Hannelore Ballinger, Armano Xaris, Dale Irata, and Taku Raymaker wish to announce the

New York 30 Solstice Challenge

June 23-24, 2012

Sailing teams will compete aboard New York 30‘s in a series of fleet races over the weekend of June 23-24. Since this is a regatta fundraiser, each race team will make an entry donation to compete, and each team will also receive a free race boat courtesy of Trudeau Yachts. Several generous individuals have additionally pledged thousands of $L in matching donations for each team that signs up for the race! 🙂

The Solstice Challenge qualifying rounds will be held on Saturday, hosted by several yacht clubs and sailing estates. These initial fleet races will be grouped in timeslots that are convenient for the competitors as well as global SL spectator yacht-enthusiasts.

The winners of Saturday’s races will advance to a Finals sail-off competition on Sunday that will decide the ultimate Regatta Team Champions.

The regatta is a fundraiser for SL Sailing’s main charity, SAIL 4 LIFE, and the race committee will be raising donations from the community in many fun ways as the event develops.

So if this sounds good to you, here’s more information about the Solstice Challenge, and details on how you can sign up:

1. Sailors will compete in teams of 1-5, racing the new Trudeau New York 30 sailboat.
2. Each race team will pay a $L5,000 entry donation to a Relay For Life kiosk.
3. In return, the team will receive one free, brand-new NY30 sailboat generously donated by J Trudeau and a canvas duffle bag full of celebrity sailing bling. 🙂
4. Sailors who want to race should start by filling out the online entry form here. The boat will then be delivered to you in-world.

As race-day approaches, the competing sailors will receive all the details about race location, rules and groupings. This is a fun, charity event, so the organizers will try hard to accommodate team race preferences for start time, venue, etc. Updates, details, and forum discussion will post to the NY-30 Solstice Challenge Thread.

We’ll also make every effort to champion the super sailors willing race to help support the great Sail4Life cause.

Solstice Race Committee: Jane Fossett, Kentrock Messmer, Hannelore Ballinger, Armano Xaris, Dale Irata, Taku Raymaker. 

4 responses to “Solstice Challenge Race Regatta – June 23-24

  1. Reblogged this on Marina Sport Racer Sailing Club and commented:
    MSRSC-Team DanceMaster will be sailing there!

    Team members and new comers welcome!

  2. Jane, maybe you can guide folks to the Summer Sailstice page to sign up for free prizes also! 🙂

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