Sulu Adds a Hotlaps Course

three pines

Samlara Vintner’s designed the latest Hotlaps course for the  Linden raceline in Sulu. It’s a straightforward upwind/downwind course with an added,  short reach leg. Sailors need to pass through an upwind gate in Baltic, so it might take a little practice to figure out the optimal tack points, but that should make it fun.

The classic course should be great for Hotlaps using a standard 15 knot wind blowing from the SouthWest, and Slanty Uriza’s already logged an initial Melges-24 ‘index’ lap time of 0:09:33.

Sulu Hotlaps 2013 ver 1

If you want to try out the course (or match Slanty’s time), you can rez at  the Three Pines Sail Center in Oswego. There’s also a 50x50m rez zone in Sulu, located just West of the raceline. As usual, all the info you need to do a Hotlap is in the notecard above the green windsetter buoy. 🙂

One response to “Sulu Adds a Hotlaps Course

  1. Love love the chart!

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