Second Sol 2013: Patchogue II Practice Boat Vendors

Waypoint patchogue 2009

The S4L Second Sol Regatta is just two weeks away!

As most sailors already know, Second Sol 2013 is a Sail4Life fundraiser regatta that will hit the water June 14-23.  Over two weekends, teams of 1-4 sailors will race in new Trudeau Patchogue II sailboats, graciously donated by Jacqueline Trudeau.

So far there are sixteen teams signed up to compete (that’s a lot!), but at sailors’ request I’ve added a new timeslot to accommodate the tardy teams that forgot to register. 🙂 There are still a few race slots available!

If you want join this fun event, here’s the signup page:


When you register:

— you’ll get a free Patchogue II sailboat,
— you’ll be part of one of the largest, most fun sail events of 2013,
— everyone on your team will get a goody bag full of wondrous stuff (I picked it out myself 🙂 ) and…
— through Relay For Life you’ll support the largest independent cancer research initiative on planet Earth.

So come sail Second Sol with us; for a few hours you can match wits with your friends world-wide, and at the same time support a global initiative to cure cancer in our generation. You have something better to do? 🙂

Practice Boats

The race boats have already gone out to the team leaders for the first sixteen boats. For all their crew who want to practice on their own, we’ve set up two Patchogue II Demo Dispensers. One is at the Trudeau Yacht Yard, and the other is on the dock at Danshire Yacht Club in Knaptrackicon.

practice vendors

More Info

If you decide to race, crew, or just come and watch the Second Sol Regatta, please also join the S4L 2013 Regatta group in-world for more details. You’ll need to use that tag to get a practice boat too.

Also, the race teams should now start following the SEC SOL 2013 REGATTA THREAD on In the next few days I’ll post all the timeslot teams and additional race info.

Patch II

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