Second Sol 2013 begins June 14


The Second Sol Regatta begins Friday June 14. Twenty teams of sailors will compete in two rounds of qualifying races, broken into five different time slots to accommodate the large size of the entry fleet. Round One is June 14 – 15, and Round Two is June 21 – 22. The winners of the timeslot races will then meet for a Final regatta shootout in North Sea on June 23.

Here’s the list of team leaders and team names with their sail numbers and their Round One group assignments.


FRI 12:30 NYC/ Atlantic
013 JoyofRLC Acker — FIYC 1
012 Pensive Mission — DYC Mowmows
002 Diamond Marchant — NYC1
008 EmmanuelMara Resident — MSRSC TeamDM

SAT 09:00 North Sea/ Breadnut
003 lesbo charisma — Team Arimto
006 ariel gallais — Moon’s love cats
020 Us Vemo — Kingfisher
018 Mami Charmann — WYC1

SAT12:00 TrYC/Farragut
007 Allie Tomsen — Seafarers
011 Sara Solo — Sea Lions
019 Bear Silvershade — Shadow Seekers
009 Ronin Zane — Grumpy Old Men Yacht Club

SAT 15:00 DYC/ Queequeg
021 KalEl Tryce — Bistro on Blake
014 Aquarius Paravane– Echo Beach Bums
004 SerenityAeon Resident — Blue Marlins
005 Victor Cruiser — Wind on face

SAT 18:00 FIYC/ Plum Gut
015 Alain Gloster — Eureka
010 Chaos Mandelbrot — Penguin Racing Team
017 SachBee Resident — WYC2
001 Arrekusu Muramichi — Kazenojin Seiringu

Here are charts for each of the five timeslots in Round One. (Note: North Sea has two additional charts that may be used at the RD’s option).

On June 21-22 the fleet will sail the second half of the qualifying series. I’ll post the details for Round Two on Monday!

patch practice

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