BREAKING NEWS: Tim Warrhol Takes Fizz Silver!!!

Tim Warrhol takes Silver

After two months of intensive sailing in qualifying rounds hosted by a half-dozen Yacht Clubs in SL, the Silver Cup Finals were held today, and after six grueling heats Tim Warrhol emerged victorious as the winner of World Fizz 2009’s Silver Cup.

The fleet that converged today on Turnbuckle included six truly outstanding contenders who had demonstrated not only their sailing talent and proficiency, but also a hard-earned gritty tenacity to repeatedly come out on top of whatever race scenario the Fizz Committee threw at them. Dahral Huet, Tim Warrhol, Seraina Benelli, Toraba Magic, nobuko Criss and Kentrock Messmer;  you’ve seen these names before, many times.

Through six technically challenging races that lasted more than three hours, these sailors repeatedly did battle together. After five rounds, only the thinnest of point-margins separated the top contenders.

In fact, the outcome remained a real toss-up until the final race. Two false starts in that sixth heat rachetted up the tension even further, as everything came down to one last sail. Tim Warrhol rose to the occasion, however; he burst to the fore and lead the fleet around the course, wrapping up the regatta with a masterful win that paid off in silver.

As the crowd surged forward with wild enthusiasm and applause, I was not able to hear all of Tim’s utterance as he crossed the line, but Liv Leigh will confirm that… for the record… Tim’s winning comments included “My ass hurts...” Following this personal revelation, he turned to the skipper who finished after him and shouted: “NOBUKO…YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND!!!!!”

Whether these two statements are indeed related to each other must await a careful analysis of the video.



Tim W woot

4 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Tim Warrhol Takes Fizz Silver!!!

  1. Rowan Aurbierre

    Congratulations Tim!!! Woootttt!!!!!!!

    Kentrock Messmer
    Rowan Aurbierre

  2. Hmm.. I expect those 2 comments to be totally unrelated, but the first one for sure might well become a classic in SL Sailing.

    Congratz to Tim, who emerged from a tough fight today, in a regatta that was undecided between 3 people until the last race.

  3. My ass did hurt. With the points after 5 races being what they were, I needed one or more boats to finish between Toraba, Dahral and me. When I finished and looked behind to see Nobuko in 2nd, she was indeed my new best friend! The final point spread was 1 pt. WHEW!!!

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