ACA33 2011 CUP

Speaking for and the ACA Racer Group, today Quirky Torok formally announced details for the long-awaited SL ACA33 2011 Cup. Quirky will again serve as Race Committee Chair, and LDeWell Hawker will act as Uber- Race Director for the series.

You can get all the details and updates over on the ACA Racer website; I’ll just cheerlead a bit here, and add a brief summary of the highlights Quirk and Hawk have planned.

This year the ACA regatta will host races in two separate classes; skippers can chose to compete sailing either the ACA33 3.0 or the ACA Light.

The first phase of the competition will be held during the first two weeks in May in Fruit Islands. The format will be an elimination round based on individual time-trials, and competitors will do solo laps on a windward-leeward course designed by Hawk. The eight skippers with the fastest official lap times sailing ACA33 3.0 will then advance to an Elite Cup Group. The next eight (those ranked #9-#16) will form a separate Intermediate Trophy Group.

The top eight ACA Light sailors will form yet a third group, and they’ll also advance to the next round in their own division.

These three groups will then sail semifinal rounds scheduled between May 23 and June 5. The format and race rules will be tuned to best suit each group. At the end of this phase, each fleet will be left with only four sailors standing.

The three sets of four ultimate skippers, the magnificent dozen, will then converge on Blake Sea where they’ll  go head-to head in a Finals match shoot-out hosted by Starboards Yacht Club.

Three victors will emerge!

As I’ve discussed before, the ACA33 3.x is a pretty marvelous race boat. I think Caf Binder did a rather amazing (and somewhat relentless) job bringing the IACCv5 to life in SL. It’s as good as it gets in SL for a solo, hi tech racer emulation, and I think the close match of Caf’s performance numbers to the real life boat prove that point big-time. 🙂

I wrote many articles on the SL-VT races last year. It was a great competition, but sailors were racing ACA v2.x back then, before Caf’s boat hit the water. As I watched each race, I kept thinking that those great sailors deserved a new boat; they were better than the hull they were racing.

Well, this is an old story now; Santa Claus came, and ACA33 3.0 hit the water. 🙂 Caf’s vision produced a pretty wondrous racer. It’s a boat that meets and respects the aspirations and abilities of SL’s racing skippers.

So… this Cup race should be one damn good challenge. 🙂

Go read the details Quirky posted, and then go register here to race.

Oh! and don’t forget to join the ACA 2011 Trophy Group in SL! Here’s the in-world key: secondlife:///app/group/151bc3da-5e97-b3e2-aaca-5e0533785c92/about

In case you need additional motivation, here’s a view of SYC Commodore Chad Sawson’s ACA33 portside aft-quarter, courtesy of Dil Spitz. 🙂

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